The New Space Race: Elon Musk Will Beat Everyone to Mars

I agree with Mr Beyer that SpaceX seems to have the edge on the race to Mars. At the very least, the SpaceX announcements have spurred others to focus more seriously on Mars missions.

I think that we are once again entering an exciting time for space exploration.


A few weeks ago, Elon Musk announced his ambitious plan to have SpaceX send an unmanned Red Dragon capsule to Mars in 2018. Yesterday, he upped the ante, saying that he anticipates sending the first manned mission in 2024, which would arrive in 2025. There is still much that is unknown about Musk’s plans. All we know right now is that he is shooting for that 2018 launch when Earth and Mars are closest, then another mission every 26 months. The overall architecture for the venture might be revealed as early as September – one thing is for sure: the 21st century version of the space race is on…

Who is SpaceX Racing Against?

marsone3 copyA Dutch non-profit company called Mars One is also planning for a colony on Mars. Their road map calls  for crew training to begin next year with their first unmanned mission launching in 2020. A rover mission would…

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