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USA, Texas, Fredericksburg – Twisted Sisters Bake Shop

(See my other Food related posts) – On a recent trip we passed through Fredericksburg, TX and decided to stop there for breakfast. We chose the Twisted Sisters Bake Shop located at 111 S. Washington St., Fredericksburg, TX.

The Twisted Sisters has a spacious customer service space. We chose some items to eat there for breakfast and others to take along and enjoy later in the day.

Their indoor dinning space was open and accommodated several guests. Even though it was a Sunday morning the cafe seemed to be very busy with both dine in and takeout customer. Several seemed to be regulars.

From this case we got one of the cupcakes in the pink wrapper (Tres Leches I think).

From this case we picked the Apple Coffee Cake in the top left corner. The Cupcake and Coffee Cake were saved to later in the day.

The real haul was made from this case. For breakfast we shared one of the Cinnamon Rolls at the top left and we each had one of the Ham & Cheese Croissants at the center top. i also took one of the Cranberry Scones on the bottom left for later in the day.

They offered quite a selection of food and drink. You cans see their menu here. I, of course, had a cup of coffee with my breakfast.

We were very pleased with everything we bought. The items were fresh and very tasty. I would certainly recommend stopping at the Twisted Sisters if you are in the Fredericksburg area.

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USA, Oklahoma, Tulsa – Merritts Bakery

While recently driving back from Nevada, we took a detour through Tulsa, Oklahoma. We came across Merritt’s Bakery while we were there. It doesn’t look fancy from the outside, but inside there were a variety of goodies awaiting us.

There are three Merritt’s locations in the Tulsa area. The one shown above is the Midtown location at 3202 E. 15th St., Tulsa,Oklahoma. Merritt’s came into being in 1979 when Larry and Bobbie Merritt bought The Cake Box.

As you can see from the image above, Merritt’s has a lot of bakery items to offer.

We selected a few items for breakfast and took advantage of a small seating area inside the bakery to sit and enjoy. Other items went with us to snack on while we drove home. There was a very nice selection and everything we tried was excellent.

As you can see from the image above, we picked out several tasty items. If you visit their ‘Gallery‘ page you will find a long list of goodies for order.

Tulsa is probably not a city we will travel through often. We definitely will remember Merritt’s though. Anytime we are in the locale we will arrange to stop.

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USA, Nevada, Las Vegas – Magnum Coffee Roastery

(See my other Food and Location related posts) – I have liked Coffee for many years, Recently I have finally converted my wife to appreciate a good brewed cup as well.

While were recently in Nevada we looked for a new coffee roasters to try. We found a gem in Magnum Coffee Roastery. We visited their location at 1335 E. Sunset Rd. Suite A, Las Vegas, NV.  Magnum is a family-owned business with the home-base at 1 Java Blvd.
Nunica, MI 49448.

The Las Vegas location is spacious with a variety of coffee and tea for sale. We have become fond of flavored coffee and Magnum has some good ones. While were were there we purchased four flavors. The local favorite is ‘Vegas Golden Knights’. We also bought ‘Hilanger Grogg’ (butterscotch with a hint of liqueur), ‘Cinnamon Hazelnut’ (Cinnamon & roasted Hazelnut), and ‘Love Potion #9’ (Chocolate, Hazelnut & Cinnamon).

We have enjoyed all four and had ‘Love Potion’ again this morning. If you visit their website you will find a wide variety of both coffee blends and flavored coffee. At the time I am writing this post there are 114 choices of flavored coffee.

if you enjoy coffee and are near a Magnum Coffee location I recommend that you try some of their coffee!

USA, Nevada, Las Vegas – The Cupcakery

TC -1 IMG_1473

(See my other Dessert related posts) – A while back when we were in Nevada my brother-in-law suggested we try The Cupcakery. It is located at 9680 South Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89123.  That is just behind Hot’n Juicy Crawfish.

TC-2 IMG_0012

It is also located very near two other very good bakeries – Le Paris Brest Cafe and Gama Mexican Bakery & Cakes. As the name implies, this bakery specializes in cupcakes of all kinds.



TC-3 IMG_3036

Their selection was not as good as we would have liked, but we were there in the afternoon. It is best to order in advance to get what you want.

TC-4 IMG_8377

We were able to pick out a few that were very good. I can’t remember what the flavors were now but we liked them all. Cupcake flavors vary from month to month. Check their online order form to see what is currently available. At the time I write this there are 27 different cupcakes available for order at $3.60 each.

The Cupcakery opened in January of 2006 and sold more than 275,000 cupcakes during their first year in business. If you like cupcakes, check this place out if you are in the Las Vegas area.

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USA, Nevada, Henderson – Chef Flemmings Bake Shop

CFB-1 IMG_3105

(See my other Dessert related posts) – When we were in Nevada recently we visited Chef Flemmings Bake Shop. the bakery is located at 7 S Water St Suite B, Henderson, NV 89015. The bakery has been open in this location since 2008.

Chef Flemming has served as a pastry chef at nine high-end luxury hotels in Las Vegas. He also been a pastry instructor at the Art Institute in Las Vegas. 

This bakery is “Inspired by our Danish heritage, our full-service retail bakery creates pastries and specialty cakes for our community.

CFB-3 IMG_0065

We tried a few different items. From the case above we had a Cherry Chocolate Crumb cake (bottom second from left), a cinimon roll (middle row second from right), Blueberry muffin (bottom row far right), and a cheese danish. They were excellent!

CFB-2 IMG_0818

We didn’t stop there though. We also had macaroon cookies (top shelf, second from left) and a whoopie pie aka moon pie (second shelf second from left). Again we enjoyed them all.

As you can see from the photos above they offer a variety of baked goods – pastries, cakes, cookies, and breads. You can check out their full menu. This is in downtown Henderson and only a few minutes drive from where we normally stay. I am sure we will be visiting it again on our next trip.

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USA, Nevada, Henderson – Le Paris Brest Cafe

LPB-1 IMG_5389

In one day we had three great finds: Crêpe Expectations, Gama Mexican Bakery & Cakes, and Le Paris Brest Cafe. Not only did we visit them all for the first time on the same day, but they are within easy walking distance from one another. In fact, all three are just down from The Original Rolled Ice Cream.

Le Paris Brest Cafe is located at 9550 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 110, Henderson, NV 89123. They carry a wide variety of pastries and French baked goods.

LPB-2 IMG_1883

The inside of the store is small with most seating outside.

LPB-4 IMG_3232

We actually visited the bakery more than once during our stay in Nevada and tried several different items. From the case above (some items changed from day to day) we tried the Black Forest cake, Tiramisu Cake, and Chocolate Eclair.

LPB-3 IMG_6866

From the case shown above, we tried the Ham & Cheese Croissant (croissant, butter, ham, & swiss cheese) and the Croque Monsieur (ham, swiss cheese, and bechamel sauce).  Needless to say, we loved every item that we tried.

I think we tried one or two other items as well. I think we visited the bakery three times. Beyond the baked goods, the location also has a variety of sandwiches, salads, crêpes, and beverages. You can check out their menu for a better idea of what is available.

This is definitely a place we will be returning to when in Nevada again.

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USA, Nevada, Las Vegas – Coca-Cola Store

CS-1 o

When we were in Nevada recently we took the time to visit some of the tourist spots on the Vegas Strip. The first place we visited was the M&M’S Store. Fortunately just down the street was the Coca-Cola Store.

This store is located at Coca‑Cola Store Las Vegas, 3785 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

The store has Coca-Cola branded merchandise of all kinds.



CS-6 IMG_7132

One of the features of the store is the small cafe on the second floor.

CS-7 o-3

While you can get a variety of Coke products, the first thing we tried was the “Taste of the World” assortment of 16 Coke products from around the world.

You get two trays each with eight glasses of beverage.

Some of these were pretty good. Some were left after a brief taste. The one we liked the least was “Beverly” from Italy.

We ended up buying root beer ice cream floats to clear the taste.

CS-3 MG_4584

Even in the cafe, you had Coca-Cola merchandise around you. While the cafe was busy, they had the tables spread out for social distancing.

CS-2 IMG_5121

I never knew so many things were imprinted with the Coca-Cola logo!

CS-4 IMG_3179

Much of their merchandise was clothing oriented.

CS-5 IMG_3070

if you are a Coke fan you will likely enjoy a visit to this store. On Trip Advisor is it rated at 4.5/5 and on Yelp at 4/5. Even during the COVID-19 outbreak, it was busy. The staff was careful to only let in a few customers at one time. Even with this control we only waited about 10 minutes in a widely dispersed line. I can only imagine how packed it would have been otherwise under normal circumstances.

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USA, Nevada, Las Vegas – Crêpe Expectations

CE-1 IMG_9845

When we were in Nevada a few weeks ago we ventured out to visit Crêpe Expectations. It is located at 9500 S. Eastern Ave Ste 18, Las Vegas, NV. Owner-chefs and married couple Larry Cox and Ana Topete began with a food trailer in early 2010. By May they had moved into their current location. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer a variety of beverages including beer and wine.

CE-4 IMG_4031


It has an interesting look to the establishment. They certainly like the color purple.





CE-3 IMG_0658

We were actually able to sit inside and eat. Not many restaurants were yet open for inside dining.





I had first thought that all they would have is desserts. I was surprised to find that they had ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’ style crêpes as well. Their menu contains nearly 30 different crêpes.

CE-2 IMG_3320


I had the “Marco Polo” (Above – Mild ground Italian sausage, scrambled egg, and Jack cheese). It made for a very good breakfast.

CE-5 IMG_4828

We also had two other crêpes. The one to the right is “The Simple Delight”. It came with a choice of cinnamon, vanilla, or lemon sugars. The one shown is with cinnamon sugar.


CE-6 IMG_6945


The third crêpe we tried was ‘The Perfect Combination’ shown to the left. This was made with fresh strawberries and a chocolate drizzle.


CE-7 IMG_1510

In addition to the inside dining area, they have a nice covered area outside.

When we were there there were several customers. We enjoyed all three of the crêpes we tried. If you like crêpes you will like Crêpe Expectations!

As an added benefit when we left Crêpe Expectations we looked in at the neighboring establishment Gama Mexican Bakery & Cakes. In the same strip mall all within easy walking distance are Le Paris Brest Cafe and The Original Rolled Ice Cream. These are all great finds!

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USA, New Mexico, Albuquerque – Swiss Alps Bakery


(See my other Dessert related posts) – We were traveling through Albuquerque, NM a few days ago, and found the Swiss Alps Bakery. It is located at 3000 San Pedro NE, Suite F, Albuquerque, NM 87110


It does not look like much from the outside but they have some very good baked goods.


Among the items we tried from the display shown above were: a Cherry Danish (second shelf from top to the left), an Elephant Tail (second from right on the bottom), and an Elephant Toe (second from left on bottom). They were all very good!


They had other items as well. Beyond the baked goods, they offer a variety of breakfast items, Sandwiches, Paninis, Pizza, Quesadillas as well as Soup & Salad. Check out their full menu.

In addition to the baked desserts, the bakery also makes different loaves of bread on a daily basis. They also do specialty cakes and pies. The Swiss Alp Bakery is open 0700-1600 Mon-Sat, and 0900-1500 Sundays.

This will be a place we will visit again! If you are looking for good baked good give the Swiss Alps Bakery a try.

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USA, Colorado, Vail – Vail Mountain


(See my other post from our 2019 Road Trip) – While in Vail, CO we took the ski lift up to the top of 11,570 foot Vail Mountain.


The mountain top does not look quite so high in these photos, but Vail itself is at 8,120 feet. There were several people riding up to the mountain peak. Some had bicycles to ride the trails, others were going just for the view.

We saw several people either riding or hiking down the trails on our short ride to the top.


The top of Vail Mountain is host to a very nice facility. It includes restaurants and shops.

There are facilities for the adventurous and those young at heart. Not only were there these rope courses, but there were zip lines and a tobogin ride.

There were nice views from the top of the mountain You could easily see some of the other ski slopes.

You could make out some of Vail spread out in the valley below the mountain. We thought that the cost of the ski lift was well worth it. We wish we had waited to have lunch at the top of the mountain. We will remember that for our next visit.

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