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Podcast – “Mac Power Users”


Podcasts – I started listening to the “Mac Power Users” podcast a few months ago. This podcast has been in production for some time (2009). As of the date of this post, the most recent episode of the series is April 8, episode #422. It is hosted by David Sparks and Katie Floyd. Both are lawyers in their day jobs, and Mac advocates in their spare time.

Their shows have covered a wide range of interesting topics. I have learned quite a bit listening to these two and recommend their podcast to any who are Mac users.

Friend Nathan Lott (@nlott) suggested that I also mention the Mac Power Users group on Facebook. Many questions and tips are posted there every day. If you have a problem or a great tip to share, the Facebook group may be just the place for you.



The Secret History of the iPhone


Podcasts – I listened to episode #145 of the Internet History Podcast (I mentioned in an earlier article that this was one of the podcasts that I regularly listen to) just yesterday.  In this episode, Brian Merchant, Author of the book “The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone” is interviewed. While the episode could not touch on all of the topics covered in the book, the podcast did reveal some interesting things about the iPhone.

If you are interested in Apple and the iPhone the podcast is something that you may want to listen to. If it peaks your interest, you will want to read the book.

Podcast – Security Now


Podcasts – I have been listening to the Security Now podcast since it began. It has been published weekly now for over 10 years. The latests episode as of this writing is #626. While they began as short programs of under 30 minutes, they have rapidly grown to around two hours per episode.

The show is presented on the TWiT Network and features Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson. While, as the name implies, the focus is on computer security, they also will talk about Tech in general and Science Fiction from time to time. The more recent episodes cover the security news that has occurred over the past week (almost always something new). They sometimes address questions from their large international audience, with occasional deep-dives into an issue of computer technology or security.

The program is well done and I recommend it to anyone interested in computer security, or who simply uses a computer, tablet or smart phone.

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Enjoy the Podcast “Internet History”


Podcasts – I listen to a lot of podcasts, mostly when I am driving or when I am working around the house. I recently added the Internet History podcast to my list of subscriptions. You can subscribe to it though iTunes and the other common podcast sources. Each episode covers one topic related to the history of the Internet. Some are only 20 minutes long while others are nearly two hours in length. The episode published May 29, 2017 was episode 143 so there is a large inventory of back issues to listen to.

Their official description on iTunes is:

An interactive history project, producing a book on the history of the Internet era by crowdsourcing facts and first person accounts from listeners. Each podcast represents a new chapter focusing on some section of Internet history. 

The two episodes I have listed to so far, “How the Dot Com Bubble Happened” and “The History of the iPhone” were both well done and very interesting. If you are interested in the Internet, it’s history and the technology that enabled it, you might like this approximately weekly podcast.

The Podcast – “LifeAfter”

Podcasts – While this podcast has been out for some time, I just finished it yesterday. LifeAfter is another Science Fiction podcast from the GE Podcast Theater and Panoply. Their first production a year ago was “The Message. Which I thought was outstanding.

This year the product is “LifeAfter”. This is a 10 episode podcast with each episode lasting about 30 minutes. As with “The Message” only the last episode has any of the standard production information  – actors, directors, etc.

The story surrounds a popular voice messaging App. Something like Twitter, but verbal. And FBI employee’s wife died in a tragic accident months earlier. But he can’t get over her loss. He is amazed when he begins getting messages from his deceased wife over his phone.

I thought this was a good Science Fiction Mystery. It takes what we see today in Apps and AI and extends it to what might happen in the near future. It is both entertaining and insightful. I thought it was 5 hours well spent!

The series can be downloaded through iTunes and other sources.

A Weekly Dose of History


Podcasts – My wife and I recently drove to Las Vegas to visit with family. From Austin, that is a long, LONG drive (According to Apple Maps, almost 1300 miles) of 19+ hours plus rest stops. If you have ever driven through West Texas, New Mexico or Arizona, you will understand when I say that there is not a lot to see along the way.

One of the things that we did to help pass the time was listen to the “Stuff You Missed in History Class” podcast. These 20-60 minute podcasts are produced by How Stuff Works and began in mid-2008. We survived the monotony of the drive by listening to more than 30 episodes.

We are both interested in history and we like the broad range of topics covered on the show. Not all are favorites, but they were enjoyable and educational. If you like history, you will most likely like this podcast.

If you are interested, you can subscribe via iTunes.

Take a Deep Dive into History with “Hardcore History”


I listen to several podcasts on a regular basis. A friend introduced me to the “Hardcore History” podcast a couple of years ago. These very deep (read that as very long) podcasts produced by Dan Carlin and come out two or three times a year.

Yes, only a few a year, but then each podcast ranges from 3.5 to 4.5 hours in length. The most recent episodes can be downloaded for free, with older podcasts available for purchase (About $2 each).

The most recent eleven podcasts are available on iTunes. These podcasts are well produced and provide a deep look at each topic. Most subjects span three or more episodes. The latest trilogy of podcasts, “King of Kings”, deals with the the Kings of Achaemenid Persia.

If you like history, I strongly recommend these podcasts.

Forward Thinking – Are Robots electronic persons?


One of the podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis is “Forward Thinking“, one of the productions of How Stuff Works. I wanted to bring this up not only to promote this podcast as it constantly covers areas that I find interesting, but in particular the episode “Are robots electronic persons?” brings up many relevant topics.

Issues addressed include ethics, the impact of robotics on jobs, and liability. We are on the cusp of a revolution in how we live. We need to start thinking about and discussing these issues now.

Mac Geek Gab, a Tech Podcast for the Mac User


Back in August of 2015 the Capital Macintosh User Group (CapMac) had Bryan Chaffin from the Mac Observer as the guest speaker. During his presentation he mentioned a couple of podcasts that the Mac Observer produces. His presentation was interesting and I have long listened to tech podcasts so I subscribed to their “Apple Context Machine Podcast” and “Mac Geek Gab Podcast.” I have since enjoyed listening to these two weekly

As the Mac Observer promotion explains:

  • The Apple Context Machine is Mac, iPhone, and iPod news and
    analysis that puts the facts in perspective, brought to you
    with a sense of humor. Hosts Jeff Gamet and Bryan Chaffin put
    the Apple world into context.
    to the RSS Feed
  • Mac Geek Gab – Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come
    together weekly to discuss things of interest to Mac geeks,
    yet present them in a way that’s both entertaining and
    informative for the average listener.
    Subscribe to
    the RSS Feed

As I mentioned, I have found both of these podcasts interesting, but Mac Geek Gab I like in particular because it covers more technical issues with the Mac, OS X, and iOS. One of the slogans they are always using is ‘learn three new things from each podcast.” I have to say that I find myself learning at least that many new things. It is one of those podcasts that I can’t just have playing while I am doing other things. I find that I have to often stop the podcast to make notes for future reference.

If you like podcasts and are into the technical side of things OS X and iOS, you will find the Mac Geek Gab podcast very informative.

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Listen to “The Message” a Science Fiction Podcast

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 7.47.14 PM

I came across “The Message” this past week. What is “The Message”? It is a new podcast being produced by Panoply and GE Podcast Theater. This is a short series with only 8 episodes planned. At 10-15 minutes per episode, that will give you about a 2 hour listening experience.

The concept is that a podcaster, Nicky Tomalin, approaches a cryptography company, the Cypher Group, to work as an intern. As she begins, the company is engaged by the US government to try and decipher a message that was received and recorded nearly 70 years ago.  Most startling is that the message is thought to be of extraterrestrial origin. Since the government wants the information regarding the message to go public, Tomlin is encouraged to document the proceedings and publish what she finds on her weekly podcast.

Each episode of the podcast is presented as if Tomlin is interviewing others at Cypher Group, or narrating what she has learned in the previous week. These episodes are really a radio play presented serially in eight parts. The podcasts are available directly from the iTunes store for free. There are no advertisements in the production, and it is made without any reference to GE Podcast  Theater or Panoply. I hope that GE deems this endeavor a success and will follow with more serial stories.

I have listened to the first seven episodes and I am looking forward to the conclusion that should be published later today.