Web Tools

There are several web-based tools that I have come across that are very useful. As I review these I will list them here for easy access in the future.


SpeedOf.Me – HTML5 base broadband speed tester



Slack – team collaboration



  1. Accuweather Interactive Hurricane Tracker
  2. Unisys Hurricane Tracker
  3. National Weather Service
  4. Weather at your Terminal Command line



  1. Pluto TV – free streaming service
  2. Sony Crackle TV – free streaming service


Security & Privacy

  1. Webkay – details revealed by your browser
  2. Panopticlick – how well does your browser protect against tracking
  3. Click – a website can track what you are doing on the page
  4. BrowserSpy – details revealed by your browser
  5. Browser Mirror – details revealed by your browser



  1. GasBuddy – fuel prices and availability
  2. HomeKitty – Crowdsourced list of HomeKit compatible products



  1. Apple][ – program in BASIC on in-browser Apple ][ emulator

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