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Trailer for “The Machine”

Trailers – The SyFy Channel has ordered a pilot for a new series “The Machine”. This will be a TV series based on the 2013 movie of the same name, the trailer for which is shown above.

The concept will be that the world is being transformed by the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. While we are not there yet, our society is in the process of being massively changed by the growing introduction of robots, AI and Automation. The series will show the struggle between the emergent AI and humanity.

This might be a good series if it makes it through to production.

Trailer for “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”

Trailers – This looks to be a different, and darker view of the King Arthur legend. It reminds me a lot (from this short 2:40 clip) of the “The Return of the King”. It looks to weave magic and medieval combat into the battle scenes. This might be an interesting new view on King Arthur and Excalibur. We will get to find out soon as this fantasy movie opens May 12.

Behind the Scenes on “Rogue One”

Trailers – By now we have all see “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” at least once. I think I’ve seen it four times now.

This isn’t a trailer as much as it is a look behind the filming of the movie. While this short (2:56) video doesn’t really reveal much, it is a different look with a couple of brief scenes that I think got left on the cutting room floor.

In any case, if you like Star Wars you will want to see it.

Trailer for “Game of Thrones: Season 7”

Trailer – A trailer is out for the next season of “Game of Thrones” and it is titled “Long Walk”. Season 7 begins on July 16. Glimpses of the three main characters, Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, are shown walking through their domains in the trailer.

Not much is really revealed in this short (1:32) video. My wife and I avidly await this coming season. It is hard to believe that just over a dozen episodes remain in the series. There are so many plot threads that have yet to be wrapped up and explained.


Trailer for “Phoenix Forgotten”

Trailers – This Science Fiction movie premiers April 21. This movie is shot in sound-footage-style (shaky camera, which I dislike and often makes me nauseous). The premise behind the movie is:

The three students decide to investigate the UFO sightings over Phoenix, Arizona and Sonora, Mexico in March of 1997. They vanish without a trace. Now, twenty years later, ‘lost’ video footage of their last hours has been found.

This could be interesting. It is hard to tell from the trailer. It could also be one of those movies where I would like to take some very large spikes and nail the photographer’s feet in place and give him a steady-cam.

If You Liked “Avatar” You Will Want to Visit Disney World

Disney – Teasers – The movie “Avatar” was a big hit in 2009. Now you can visit the world of Pandora, or at least a 12 acre recreation of it in Disney World. The expansion will open this May in the Animal Kingdom park. When I was there in January of 2017 we could see that the expansion was nearly done and where the entrance will be.

Disney says “Pandora – The World of Avatar will transport guests to a visually stunning world complete with floating mountains and bioluminescent plants. Here, guests will be able to experience two excursions that will truly push adventure to the next level. First, the family-friendly Na’vi River Journey will send guests down a sacred river hidden within a bioluminescent rainforest. Their journey will end in an unforgettable encounter with a Na’vi Shaman, a figure who has a deep connection to the life force of Pandora. And second, the Avatar Flight of Passage excursion will offer the jaw-dropping experience of riding on a Banshee over the world of Pandora.

There is more to be seen in an interview with James Cameron as he gives a preview tour.

The video above gives a little background to the mew Pandora world, though it talks mostly about Animal Kingdom in general. The new land is oriented heavily towards nature and ecology.