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macOS New app Release – WidsMob Montage


Product AnnouncementsWidsMob Technology Ltd. (WidsMob) of Hongkong, China has updated WidsMob Montage adding of design mosaic and montage photographs for both JPEG and PNG files. WidsMob Montage for macOS also adds 15 language versions, including French, German, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Danish, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and more.

Design wall poster or banner from tiles with ease, WidsMob Montage should be the right choice. The montage maker turns everything into mosaic photographs with both JPEG and PNG into a mosaic. It supports photo mosaic, tile mosaic, shape mosaic and other photo mosaic types. What is more, the program also designs photomontage in shape according to any template.

How about the output of the photo mosaics? The program can combine more than 2,00 mosaic tiles in a breathtaking result, up to 16,000 pixels wide with unlimited pixels height for montage photos, the mosaic photo or photo collage can be used for a mural, banner, desktop or even wallpaper.

The program applies minimal colorization to closely match the original image and proper placement of tile images to present the optimal result. The montage maker also removes the color match to get a shape montage with any color. Just download the demo version to enjoy the program.

Highlight features in the latest update:

  • Make mosaic and montage photographs from small tiles in high quality.
  • Apply photos, frame, presets, and color match for a mosaic photo.

The supported file formats for panorama: JPEG and PNG files.

Pricing and Availability:
WidsMob Montage is just $19.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available through the WidsMob website.


macOS New app Release​ – ImageConvert


Product AnnouncementsWidsMob Technology Ltd. (WidsMob) of Hongkong, China has released a new version of WidsMob ImageConvert, which optimizes image watermark function. It is an All-in-One photo converter for macOS, adds text watermark, image watermark, creates a border for images, rotates and flips pictures, as well as convert photos into different formats. In the update, WidsMob ImageConvert also adds 15 language versions, including French, German, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Danish, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and more.

Convert RAW in batch. Whether the RAW format, or mixed-format images, you can turn photos into to JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and more. What is more, the advanced algorithm has 6x speed to convert RAW formats into JPEG and other photo formats.

Photo editing features. Resize photos in 4 different modes, By Width, By Height, Percentage and Free, which enlarge small images to the desired size. It also rotates videos with different angles in batch, adds border or frames in different color mode.

Add watermark. Not only add captions and images as a watermark, but also adjust font, style, color, opacity, size, angle, position and more in batch. Just have an instantly preview the applied effects on all the photos to get the optimal result with ease.

Instant preview. When the program applies the photo effects or adds watermark, Mac users can have an instant preview for the result from the interface for all the image files. It also enables Mac users to click Preview to check the result for each image in detail.

User-friendly. Settings to overwrite the files with the original name, switch to turn off and restore to original images in one click. Multiple settings for resizing, adding watermarks and more to get the best result and fast conversion speed.

Highlight features in the latest update:

  • All-around photo converting program with a batch process.
  • Convert photo formats, resize photos, add watermark and create a border.

Supported file formats: .jpg, .png, .tiff, .erf, .cr2, .nef, .raf, .dcs, .orf, .arw and other 50 RAW formats.

Pricing and Availability:
WidsMob ImageConvert is just $19.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available through the WidsMob website.

macOS New App Release – Notelist 4.0


Product AnnouncementTension Software of Milano, Italy has released Notelist 4.0 allows to manages notes and store data in a free format using color categories. NoteList is a free format notes collector where you can save notes in text or RTF format with images included. You can even copy and paste website from safari and they will be saved as RTF with images embedded.

In Notelist any note has an assigned category, where each category has a distinctive color and label, this allows to identify the content of notes at the first sight. Categories are editable as the user needs and they give to the user the main instrument to catalog and browse notes inside a document. The user can create and manage how many categories he needs inside any document and apply them to notes.

Notes can be filtered and sorted by name, content, category, creation and modification date. Selecting a note from the table shows the note in detail. The user can edit and modify the selected note at any time. Any Notelist documents remember all these setting also after successive relaunches.

Any note can be modified and edited, dragging and dropping images from the finder and applying font, style, and size as in a true word processor. Various tools are available to manipulate text, search and replace, rules, spelling. At any time a note can be converted to a text-only format.

NoteList it’s ideal to manage a high number of notes inside a single document, even when the size of any note is very large. Any text or RTF or rtfd file can be imported as a note simply dragging it from the finder to the list of notes.

NoteList is macOS 10.13 optimized. NoteList allows users to specify a default startup document to open at the application launch (for frequently used notes).


  • Document-based, allows managing your data in more than one file
  • Any document can contain an unlimited number of notes
  • Saves document always with auto recovery on
  • Allows having notes in any format: TEXT, RTF, RTFD (RTF images)
  • Can concatenate user selected notes in a single text, sending the resulting text both to clipboard or to disk, all in one click!
  • Copy and Paste from Safari preserves formatting and links
  • Full set of tools for formatting and working with text as in a word processor
  • Drag and Drop of images directly inside a document note to embed it.
  • Dragging and dropping a TXT, RTF, RTFD file creates a new note inside the document
  • Color label categories to help organize all your notes
  • Fast internal search as you type and by category
  • Sort in a list by Creation Date and Modification Date
  • Remembers search terms used
  • Any documents remember settings over re-launch
  • macOS 10.13 optimized with Resume, Auto Save, Versions, Full screen, Sandbox
  • Embedded PDF user guide accessible from the Help Menu.

What’s New in this Version:

  • Better editable rich text zones with rules and search in place inside notes
  • Improved list table with now also editable state
  • An improved command to manage rules and other text tools in all the notes
  • The improved modern search algorithm for notes and categories
  • Find can now remember a list of used terms (saved pressing return)
  • Improved export functions
  • Improved management of multiple notes at once with commands applying to all
  • Various bug fixes
  • Code optimizations

Pricing and Availability:
Notelist 4 is just $9.99 USD (or an equivalent amount on other currencies) and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store. The app is also available through the Tension Software website.

macOS New App Release – WidsMob HDR


Product AnnouncementsWidsMob Technology Ltd. (WidsMob) of Hongkong, China has updated WidsMob HDR improving the highly dynamic range algorithm to combine different bracketed photos into HDR photographs. In the update, WidsMob HDR adds 15 language versions, including French, German, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Danish, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and more.

Combine a set of 3 different bracketed photos into HDR with advanced tone mapping algorithm. WidsMob HDR provides the optimal HDR results to enhance the photos as eye view. It also provides the live preview with full resolution of the HDR photographs.

Customize HDR photos by tone mapping parameters, such as tone length and tone saturation. Color management is also supported for brightness, saturation and contrast. It is easy to adjust the parameters to find the best high dynamic range results.

Support both JPEG and RAW formats taken by most types of DSLR cameras or smartphones. Instant preview the high quality HDR photos and Retina display support. Save files to JPEG, PNG and TIFF files in high quality without extra changes.

Automatically Align images for handhold photos, which might have some aberration. Ghost suppression to create HDR images moving objects, such as cars, clouds, people and more. It always turns the optimal result with the superior algorithm.

WidsMob HDR also provides some default presets or effect to enhance the HDR effects. It provides the black and white HDR effects as well as the artist HDR effects. For more presets or effects of WidsMob HDR, just keep tuned about the program for a free update.

Highlight features in the latest update:

  • Simple and advanced tone mapping algorithm to combine HDR photos.
  • Multiple parameters to adjust HDR effects with JPG and RAW files.

Supported file formats: jpg, .jpeg, .cr2, .nef, .raw and other 50 RAW formats.

Pricing and Availability:
WidsMob HDR is $19.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available from the Wismob website.

macOS New App Release – AWS Architecture Diagrams

Product Announcements – CS Odessa of Odessa, Ukraine has added “AWS Architecture Diagrams” to ConceptDraw Solutions, which updates the previous release with new libraries and samples. This collection of library objects and example drawings for ConceptDraw PRO makes short work of describing any business’ cloud implementation with an updated set of graphic elements.

AWS Architecture Diagrams Solution provides a great variety of official graphic icons and sample architectures schemes for several Amazon Web Services products and resources, that are must-have for major architectural diagrams.

The updated solution is extended with “AWS Options” and “Contact Center” libraries containing 36 objects, and 17 new example documents. IT professionals, system designers, and network administrators now will find in the AWS Architecture Diagrams solution the full collection of 385 AWS official icons that will help them build great AWS architecture diagrams.

The “AWS Architecture Diagrams” solution is available at no charge to users of ConceptDraw PRO v11 and ConceptDraw Office v4, via STORE.

ConceptDraw PRO is well-known for its ability to exchange documents with Microsoft Visio – the de facto standard in business graphics documents. It can open and save documents that can be used by Visio users. It is supported by the powerful business solutions and retails for only US$199 per end user license.

ConceptDraw PRO is supported by the ever-growing collection of business solutions and is compatible with macOS and Windows. It is included in ConceptDraw Office v4 which retails for US $499.

macOS New App Release – DB-Text 1.8


Product Announcement – Tension Software of Milano, Italy has released DB-Text 1.8 DB-Text, their general use tool to open and edit CSV (Comma separated value) and TSV (Tab separated value) documents on macOS. DB-Text is able to open import, edit and manage text data organized by rows and columns in a more practical and effective way then any text editor.

DB-Text can import data both in CSV (comma separated value) text format, in TSV (tab separated value) or CSV-S (Char separated Value using semicolon) text format coming from Windows, Unix and macOS.
It can automatically recognize the used format analyzing the content inside. It is enough a simple drag-and-drop, no need to specify anything before opening a file.

Data can be manipulated and exported as text (as CSV, TSV, html or custom format selecting separators and other tags) or saved inside a native DB-Text document

DB-Text is a must have for any user that manipulates data text files.
It can enlarge or shrink all the columns in a single step from the toolbar.
It allows to move and adjust columns as the user needs.
It allows to save a lot of time doing in a proper way text data manipulation with a tool designed for the purpose with features a text editor can’t match.

  • Import form files using different encoding, also from Windows
  • Import from TSV (tab separator) , CSV (comma separator) , CSV-S (semicolon separator)
  • Import from any document via drag and drop
  • Import dialog that let you select for any column (field) where to import
  • Popup inside the import dialog to specify field destinations
  • Data browsing before import inside the import dialog
  • Optional ‘Use first row as header’
  • Fast opening creating a new column table for any text column in the file
  • Import more then one time inside a document with a great Mac interface to specify where to add data in a pre-existing table
  • Manipulation of data easy and intuitive
  • Columns can be moved at any time as the user needs
  • Edit in place for any data
  • Sort and filter with a click inside the document
  • Copy of CSV (comma separated) or TSV (tab separated) data of selected rows in the clipboard
  • Assign at any time the content of a row as column header
  • Saves also in native format
  • Document based for a better data management
  • Add delete columns and rows at any time with a click
  • Edit column accessory view to see how your data are organized (useful if you have a lot of columns data)
  • Export dialog that let you select from which fields to export and in which order
  • Resume, Auto Save, Versions, Full screen.
  • Optimized for macOS 10.13 High Sierra

New in this release:

  • New Column Title assignment also in documents with preexisting data for new columns
  • Saving of search terms
  • bug fixes
  • Various Optimizations

System Requirements:

  • OS X Version 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher
  • Optimized for OS X 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • 6 MB
  • Pricing and Availability:
    DB-Text 1.8 is just $9.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

macOS New App Release – Sparkle 2.6.1

Product Announcements – Independent development team, River SRL of Florence, Italy today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Sparkle 2.6.1, an important update to their visual web designer for macOS systems. Sparkle allows anyone to easily build beautiful, GDPR-complaint websites with no knowledge of HTML or CSS, and no need to be restrained by canned templates or pre-built layouts.

Sparkle is an easy-to-use site builder that provides an intuitive interface. The app is perfect for creating every type of website, ranging from personal, to fan sites to business and client websites. The app allows users to create pages quickly, providing and excellent way to test design ideas in a fast and efficient way.

“Designing a responsive, attractive GDPR-complaint site can be so complex that many users simply give up on the idea. Or, they opt for a cookie cutter design provided by a WordPress template used by thousands of other websites”, says River SRL co-founder Duncan Wilcox. “We designed Sparkle to be used by the visual thinker that wants to publish a GDPR-complaint website without thinking about the technical details.”

Features Include:

  • A fully freeform canvas that makes the app the perfect choice for visual thinkers
  • Drag-and-drop to add images, videos, MP3 music, downloadable files, and more
  • Easy access to hundreds of web fonts
  • Simple, yet powerful visual contact form creator
  • Built-in Google Maps generator
  • Design responsive websites for desktop, tablet, and smartphone screens
  • Live preview the site on any computer or mobile device
  • Ecommerce tools integrate with Shopify, PayPal, and many other payment solutions
  • Advanced SEO tools, analytics and tag manager
  • Twitter and Facebook sharing capabilities
  • Built-in site verification, robots.txt, and sitemap.xml
  • Produces fully-optimized code
  • Built-in incremental FTP capabilities
  • Native macOS interface
  • Closely integrated with other Mac apps
  • Supports English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese
  • Much more
  • Sparkle’s freeform canvas interface is designed to be like a graphic design app instead of a code-based website development app. Sparkle’s design makes it easy for users to focus on content and layout, quickly adding galleries, video, audio, maps, social buttons, and downloadable files.
  • Sparkle 2.6.1 also offers the best in class in privacy compliance, extending the integrated privacy/cookie banner with these features:
  • Fonts are now stored only on the local site, not referenced from Google fonts
  • All third-party content is blocked until cookies are consented to
  • Embedded code is subject to activation after cookie consent by default
  • By default, the page address is not leaked when loading third-party content

The new version of Sparkle also provides a significant performance boost over previous versions. Sparkle sites now generally rate a 100/100 score on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

What’s new in Sparkle 2.6.1:

  • A new publishing engine is faster and offers better compatibility with web hosts
  • A new publishing cache, to limit image re-generation
  • Per-page language designation, and language variant (hreflang) support, which is picked up by search engines
  • Text style for checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Option to hide sidebar thumbnails
  • New in-app text search window
  • New option to make radio buttons required
  • 90 new web fonts built-in
  • An improved custom font installer
  • Deferred loading of resources that can delay page rendering
  • Inlining of critical CSS
  • Fonts now encoded in the more compact woff and woff2 file formats
  • Images are always compressed with a higher compression algorithm.

Users love Sparkle:

“Sparkle has been awesome. A real godsend. Truly fantastic.” – Sebastiaan de With, Graphic Designer

“When I discovered Sparkle it just blew my mind and I felt like dancing!” – Peter Bladskog, Photographer

“Sparkle is very much what I was looking for the last 10 years” – Daniel Schoeneck, Design Teacher, Bern University of the Arts

Sparkle Free is a full-featured totally free app, allowing users to publish a single site, with a total of 3 pages. A “Made with Sparkle” banner will be present on the pages in the free version. Sparkle One is available as a one-time $44.99 USD purchase, and allows publishing of a single site, with no page limit or Sparkle branding. Sparkle Pro is available as a one-time $89.99 USD purchase, and allows publishing unlimited sites, and the ability to export sites to disk with no page limit and no branding. Multi-User licenses are also available.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.9 Mavericks or later
  • Optimized for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • 35.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Sparkle 2.6.1 is free and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Graphics and Design category. The app is also available from the Sparkle website. Expanded capabilities are available as one-time purchases.

macOS New App Release – Merlin Project 5


Product AnnouncementsProjectWizards of Melle, Germany has released Merlin Project 5, the fifth generation of its professional project management software for productive use and sales after a successful test phase. Merlin is intuitive, easy-to-use and offers a variety of options to help you plan, take control, collaborate and complete your project successfully.

New in Merlin Project 5 is:

  • The Kanban board
  • The resource pool
  • The groupings
  • The Style Editor
  • The Design

With the update of the software, the website was also revised. Besides a discreet new design there are many new contents; for example a special page for Kanban, a revised training concept with new trainers and many new questions & answers – including a new search.

Pricing and Availability:
To allow more users an easy entry into professional project management, Merlin Project 5 is available as a subscription at a reduced price. Customers subscribe directly in the app for just USD 149 (149 EUR) per year through the website, including all future updates. For Merlin Project 4 customers, there is an attractive offer: If the user takes out a subscription by December 31, 2018, he pays only USD 99 (99 EUR) per year on a permanent basis. Merlin Project 4 users who have recently purchased the software can use the new version for free for up to 18 months, depending on the date of purchase. A 30 day trial version of Merlin Project 5 can be downloaded from ProjectWizards online.

macOS New App Release – Sound Siphon 3


Product AnnouncementsStatic Z Software of Rochester, New York has released Sound Siphon 3 which expands on Sound Siphon’s ability to capture any audio on the Mac. Sound Siphon makes it easy to capture your Mac’s audio. Use it to create virtual input audio devices that send audio from one app to another or, record right in the Sound Siphon app.

Sound Siphon has a brand new, easy to use interface that makes it easier than ever to create virtual input devices that capture the Mac’s audio. Use Sound Siphon to send audio between your favorite applications or easily record directly in the Sound Siphon application. Sound Siphon excels at recording Skype conversations, broadcasting game audio, recording podcasts, and much more.

New in Sound Siphon 3 are configurable channel mapping as well as a live mixer. Users have complete control over the final mix of audio enabling them to get their captured audio just right.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Capture system audio
  • Capture specific application audio
  • Include microphones and other audio inputs
  • Live mixer
  • Built-in recording

System Requirements: macOS Version 10.11 – 10.13

Sound Siphon 3 has a free 14-day trial and can be purchased for $49 (USD), half the price of similar products. Special upgrade pricing is available for those that have purchased previous versions of Sound Siphon.

macOS New app Release – ChronoSync

Product AnnouncementsChronoSync by EconTechnologies of Casselberry, Florida offers greater compatibility with a variety of S3-compatible cloud services by implementing path-style URLs alongside the existing virtual-hosted-style URLs. This update makes connecting to cloud providers offering lower-cost S3 compatible object storage solutions easier than ever. We have customers now using our ChronoSync S3 Connection support to sync and backup files with Caringo Swarm, Oracle Cloud, Wasabi and even setting up Minio to run private cloud storage!

These changes along with ongoing bug fixes, tweaks and incremental improvements in performance and responsiveness demonstrate Econ Technologies’ commitment to keeping ChronoSync the professional choice for reliable Mac Backup, Bootable Backup, and Folder Synchronization.

Owners of ChronoSync can install the update immediately for free! If you don’t already own ChronoSync, download today and start the 15-day free trial to learn how easy cloud backup can be!

ChronoSync, the multipurpose Mac App for local and cloud backup, bootable backup, and folder synchronizing, is designed to work on macOS version 10.10 and newer. Full working trial licenses are available or purchase ChronoSync for $49.99. ChronoSync’s companion app, ChronoAgent, allows any Mac to accept direct, secure connections from any ChronoSync Mac or any InterConneX iOS device to access or transfer data! Full working trial licenses are available or purchase ChronoAgent for $14.99. ChronoMonitor is an iPhone app that monitorsMacs running ChronoSync or ChronoAgent. ChronoMonitor is available in the Apple App Store for $3.99 (USD).