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macOS New app Release – fmEZcharts


Product Announcements – The Proof Group and NorthEast DataBase Solutions of Jacksonville, FL have released the first community edition version of fmEZcharts, a chart and dashboard tool for Claris FileMaker. fmEZcharts allows for the quick and easy creation of JavaScript and HTML chart components, even if users don’t know anything about JavaScript or HTML.

Over a year in the making, the newest version of fmEZcharts offers a tighter, cleaner look and feel, with improved functionality and usability. It includes new features like the ability to pick themes, colors, and data sets, as well as a larger selection of ready-to-go charts. With the newest version of fmEZcharts, it’s even easier to use and create amazing charts in FileMaker!

Ernest Koe, CEO of The Proof Group, writes, “It has been fun working with Brian Ouimette of NorthEast DataBase Solutions on this exciting new tool. Brian has done quite a lot of work to improve the functionality and usability of fmEZcharts. The community edition looks phenomenal and feels like a solid first release.”

The community edition of fmEZcharts is available to download for free. It comes with a locked copy of fmEZCharts, pre-configured chart examples, a demo video to get you started, and community forum support. Users are invited to give it a try and let us know what they think!

macOS New App Release – fmRESTor

Product Announcements 24U Software of Prague, Czech Republic has released a new version of the popular open-source PHP library designed for PHP developers to easily integrate their code with the RESTful FileMaker Data API without having to learn the FileMaker Data API itself.

The new version brings support for all new features added to the FileMaker Data API with the recent release of FileMaker Server 18, while maintaining full compatibility with the FileMaker Server 17 Data API as well.

fmRESTor is now also available via Composer, a popular application-level package manager for the PHP programming language that provides a standard format for managing dependencies of PHP software and required libraries. Using Composer makes it even easier for PHP developers to maintain future compatibility of their code depending on fmRESTor.

Features of fmRESTor:
* One object class conveniently handles everything
* Automatically generates authentication token
* Re-uses existing token to avoid unnecessary additional connections
* Automatically re-generates expired token
* Handles exceptions and provides meaningful error results
* Can handle raw form data for easier container uploads
* Provides customizable debug logging

Features added in the new version:
* Simple way to run a script and wait for its result with FileMaker Server 18
* Methods for gathering information about FileMaker Server 18 and the accessed database
* Support for easily gathering value lists, i.e. for populating selects
* Added to Composer to make it easier for developers to maintain dependencies

fmRESTor requires PHP 5.6 or newer, including PHP 7, with support for cURL, and a FileMaker Server 17 or 18 to connect to.

Availability and Pricing:
fmRESTor is available free of charge as open-source, licensed under the “GNU LGPLv3” License. 24U greatly appreciates any feedback and contributions, but cannot provide free support for the tool. Developers may hire 24U to help them with their projects, either by purchasing paid support or by utilizing 24U’s custom development services. fmRESTor can be downloaded from the website.

macOS New app Release – Notebooks for Mac 2.0


Product Announcements – Alfons Schmid of Salzburg, Austria has released ‘Notebooks for Mac 2.0′, a major upgrade of his productivity application which has a strong focus on text processing and also allows users to manage task lists and organize files and documents in nested structures. This unique combination ensures an uninterrupted flow of ideas while collecting notes, creating documents, consulting supportive documentation or gathering ideas and breaking them down into tasks.

Notebooks for Mac 2.0 has been rebuilt from ground up to address the shortcomings of previous versions: it has become a native Mac application which perfectly integrates with the macOS system, and it matches the functional scope of its successful iOS counterpart. Notebooks 2.0 supports smart books, contexts tags and advanced document processing tools which are well known from “Notebooks for iPad and iPhone”, but it also adds additional features which are not yet available in Notebooks on iOS. This makes Notebooks for Mac 2.0 a more than equal sibling.

Notebooks for Mac 2.0 takes full advantage of being a desktop application and presents its contents in a familiar three-pane document browser with outline, document list and document view. It allows users to selectively hide the browser’s columns or open documents in separate windows and tabs. Windows provide an optional breadcrumbing navigation bar along the top which makes it easy to navigate to other documents without consulting the document browser. Support for history buttons, dark theme or distraction free modes are a given. – “Notebooks for Mac 2.0 is finally the application it should have been from the start. If feels like a Mac application, it is light weight despite its capabilities, and it supports the writer’s workflow in a very unobtrusive way” Alfons Schmid comments.

Notebooks, originally designed to do away with paper notes, has evolved into a powerful text processor. Users can create formatted documents with styles, attachments, tables, and checklists using WYSIWYG style editing, but they can also create formatted document from plain text using Markdown (Notebooks includes two Markdown flavors) or Fountain, a markup format for screen writers. For those who prefer working with plain text, Notebooks offers numerous assistive tools: indent and align lists, automatically insert closing characters for matched punctuation marks, emphasize the currently edited line and keep it centered on screen, display line numbers or highlight Markdown syntax are a few examples. They can be selectively disabled like many other features in Notebooks. – “A tool should support the writer as best as possible, but it should get out of the way, and ideally, the writer should not even be aware of it. This is what we try to achieve with Notebooks” the developer adds.

Writing aside, Notebooks is also meant as a place to store and organize documents and files of any type: email, PDF documents, web snippets, or any other reference material. Notebooks supports unlimited nested structures (books) to arrange documents by topic, subject, project or any personal preferences. This makes it easy to separate private notes from business documents, client data from journal entries, or a novel’s chapters from each other. – “Notebooks stores all its documents as regular files on the Mac’s file system. No complex import or export procedures are necessary, the user always remains in control and can access the documents even without Notebooks. This is in strong contrast to the numerous apps that lock the user’s documents away in databases”, Alfons Schmid remarks.

Task management is another one of Notebooks’ integrated building blocks. Any book in Notebooks can display its contents as a regular list of documents or as a list of tasks. With the flick of a switch a collection of notes or documents turns into a task list with options to assign due dates and alert times. Tasks can be marked as “in progress” and ticked off when completed. Like regular books, task lists may be nested, so users can split complex projects into smaller packages which are easy to manage. – “Note taking often goes hand in hand with task management: a quick note sparks off an idea, generates a handful of todos, and it is just natural to handle them directly in Notebooks rather than switching to another app.” the developer says.

With this unique combination, Notebooks has the potential to replace multiple separate apps:

* Word Processor for WYSIWYG editing
* Text Editor for processing plain text
* Markdown and Fountain composer (including an HTML to Markdown converter)
* Task Manager for managing simple or complex projects
* File Organizer for any type of documents
* PDF Converter
* eBook Creator
* Document Archive

So whether users want to draft or outline a business presentation, collect ideas for a novel or type a chapter of a short-story, save web pages for reading later, write an entry in a diary or journal, tick off tasks, or just capture notes and ideas on the go, Notebooks is the all-inclusive application that will effortlessly handle it all.

Notebook for Mac is available for $35.99 on the Mac App Store.

macOS New App Release – Toolbox for iWork

Jumsoft of Vilnius, Lithuania has released an update to their popular productivity assistant Toolbox for iWork. The update brings some of the most anticipated features just in time for the new academic year. The most notable change is that Toolbox for iWork becomes truly cross-platform and allows using purchased items on any macOS or iOS device with a single purchase.

“Toolbox for iWork is by far our largest and most comprehensive collection of templates designed for the Apple iWork suite. It offers items for Apple Pages, Keynote, and Numbers – all in one place. It is truly an unmatched product in terms of quality, quantity, and price in the market” – said Algirdas Unguvaitis, CEO of Jumsoft. “We always wanted to give our users a truly integrated experience with our products across any number of devices. The update brings our users something they were eagerly waiting for quite a while – seamless cross-platform activation. It means that Toolbox for iWork users will now be free to use the app on any macOS or iOS device, regardless of where they purchased the app originally!”

The technical changes required to implement cross-platform purchase activation meant that the app had to transition to a free download with in-app purchases business model. This allows handling activations via iCloud instead of requiring users to sign up to additional, completely unnecessary accounts. As a side-effect, this also enables users to download the app, browse its content and try out some items before having to commit to a purchase. Users of previous versions of the app are automatically granted the “Lifetime” activation, which can always be re-activated by using the “Restore Purchases” option.

Toolbox for iWork is the largest productivity templates collection available on the Mac and iOS App Stores. It currently contains over 40,000 original, hand-crafted and quality-checked items. Jumsoft update content regularly: 700 new items have already been added to date in 2019 alone! The range contains everything from comprehensive and professional presentation layouts and themes for Keynote, a plethora of infographics templates, to an expansive collection of print templates for Pages – it is a perfect choice for any student, educator, business-owner, and anyone in between. The updated Toolbox for iWork is available worldwide on the Mac App Store and iOS App Store.

macOS New App Release – Typinator 8.1


Product Announcements Ergonis Software of Perg, Austria has released Typinator 8.1, an improved version of their highly acclaimed text expander. Just about a month after the release of the major new version 8.0 of Typinator, Ergonis did more work on their widely used text expander, refining the newly introduced features adding support for the built-in Accessibility Keyboard of macOS.

Typinator 8 introduced a new statistics mode, where you can see the usage counts for abbreviations and sets, and how long ago an abbreviation has been used most recently. You can also sort your snippets by these values, to see which abbreviations you are using frequently and which ones you may have forgotten about.

Another great new feature of Typinator 8 are Magic Keys. You can now use the modifier keys Shift, Control, Option, and Command in abbreviations as if they were real characters. This allows you to use them as special trigger characters and offers a simple way to avoid conflicts in abbreviations.

A very slick user interface enhancement is the new “mini menu bar” right above the expansion field, where you can find all markers and editing functions in one central place. A nice side effect of this improvement is that the expansion field is now wider and you have more space to enter your expansions.

Typinator 8.1 contains a number of fixes and improvements that make Typinator 8 run smoother. It furthermore now works with text entered via the built-in Accessibility Keyboard. Visit Ergonis Software’s website to learn more about the changes in this release and to download and try the new version.

Typinator is a powerful, yet elegantly simple solution that boosts your productivity by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and auto-correcting typing errors. Across all applications, it detects specific sequences of typed characters and automatically replaces them with text snippets, graphics, URLs, dates and special characters.

System Requirements:
* Requires OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) or newer
* Recommended for macOS Mojave (10.14)

Availability and Ordering:
Typinator can be purchased securely on the Ergonis Software website. The upgrade to Typinator 8.1 is free for anyone who purchased a license for Typinator on or after January 1st, 2019. Upgrade paths are available for owners of older licenses. For information about purchases, including enterprise licenses, volume discounts, and upgrade pricing offers, see the company’s web site.

macOS New app release – NeoFinder 7.4.1

NeoFinder Mac

Product Announcements  – Norbert M. Doerner of New York, NY & Bonn, Germany has released NeoFinder 7.4.1, a smaller update for the Digital Asset Manager NeoFinder Mac 7.x. The new version adds more image file support (Canon compressed .cr3, Phase One EIP, Sigma X3F, Clip Studio “.clip”) , and nine more data columns for the List View. Also included are numerous improvements, also for macOS 10.14.

All new features and enhancements of NeoFinder 7.4.1:
* NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails of Canon compressed RAW “.cr3” files
* NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails SVG files
* NeoFinder now has nine new columns in List View: Camera Maker, Lens Name, IPTC Persons, ISRC, XMP Caption Writer, XMP Byline, Audio Channels, Audio Sample rate, and Audio Bitrate
* NeoFinder can now catalog Clip Studio “.clip” files
* NeoFinder can now catalog RAW files of Sigma .X3F format
* Preliminary support to catalog thumbnails of Phase One Capture One “.eip” RAW files
* You can now search for EXIF camera name, lens name, and maker name in the Find Editor and of course using the Label menu in the Inspector
* You can now also search for “has no XMP” and “has ISRC” in the Find Editor
* The improved Multi-Editor is now also available for Finder Tags and XMP People fields
* More Label menus in the Inspector for ISRC, FileCheck, EXIF values, XMP Keywords
* NeoFinder now catalogs the iTunes Producer description files “metadata.xml”
* NeoFinder now catalogs EXIF data contained in XMP records, in case the original file has none, or these cannot be processed
* Improved Export as Text and XML by having separate Height, Width, and Duration fields for Media-Info. That is helpful for Stock Photographers
* NeoFinder will now remember the sort order along with the sort type in the Sort menu for Icon View and others
* You can now prevent NeoFinder from sorting keywords alphabetically when displaying and saving them
* The contextual menu for one catalog is much better organised now
* Catalogs now save the date and time they were last Updated (not just modified!)
* Can now properly sort the List View by Path
* The “NoChangePlease” hidden settings is now honoured by the Wikipedia Inspector and the Map
* Fixes a problem with some Find Editor settings
* Fixes a problem with incorrect badge number displays for Album Groups in macOS 10.14
* Fixes a problem with Album and Smart Folders names containing a “.” in their name
* Fixes a problem reading certain audio files larger than 4 GB
* Fixes a problem cataloging certain JPG files created by a scanner (containing empty ISO arrays in their EXIF section)
* Fixes more visual problems in macOS 10.14
* Fixes a problem writing Finder Comments when leaving the text field in the Inspector with the Tab key
* Fixes a memory problem when cataloging very large numbers of compressed Fuji RAW files (.RAF)
* Fixes a problem with the CDFinder 2.x Importer
* Many small fixes and improvements

* NeoFinder 7.4.1 requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later

* NeoFinder 7.4.1 is a free update to all NeoFinder 7.x users

* NeoFinder 7.x is a paid upgrade to licensed users of NeoFinder 6.x and the old CDFinder, upgrade price starting at 19 Euros

* New licenses start at 29 Euros for a NeoFinder Private License

NeoFinder Highlights:
* Cataloging – NeoFinder catalogs metadata of songs, movies, fonts, and photos, including the MP3-Tags of several audio file formats, EXIF, GPS, and IPTC data of photos. NeoFinder also edits Adobe XMP data, including keywords, persons, and ratings. All these are arranged clearly in the user interface, and can be extensively searched. For numerous photo and video formats, fonts, text files, and even audio files, NeoFinder generates thumbnails during cataloging, displaying them in all list and icon views.

* Managing Metadata – The built-in XMP metadata editor with presets can edit and add keywords, ratings, persons, descriptions, copyright information, and more to photos and videos.

* Networking – Store your catalog database on a server for access from all Macs in the network, and with the sidekick product abeMeda (was CDWinder for Windows) even from Microsoft Windows.

* Mobile – Keep your NeoFinder database with you on your iPhone or iPad with the separate NeoFinder for iOS app.

* Integration – Offering a tight connection to major productivity tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Roxio Toast, FileMaker Pro, Apples Spotlight and Finder, and the extensive support of drag&drop into other applications, NeoFinder can support many workflow scenarios. The AppleScript support in NeoFinder allows custom integrations of all kinds.

* Geotagging – Only NeoFinder offers the integrated GeoFinder, which searches for photos taken near a spot, or the KMZ export for coordinates and photo thumbnails as a way to give geolocated photos to friends. NeoFinder can even geotag photos itself, no other software needed. And only NeoFinder displays important facts about any geolocation in the truly unique Wikipedia Inspector.

Since the initial release of CDFinder 1.0 in 1996, more than 88,000 customers in 102 countries around the world are using CDFinder and now NeoFinder to organize their digital library, and manage their data archive and backups, including NASA, IKEA, BBC, Mattel, Rand McNally, Pfizer, Random House, Oracle, and Warner Bros.
Language Support: German, English, French, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X v10.8 – macOS 10.14. Previous CDFinder and NeoFinder versions for older Mac OS versions are still available.
* Separate app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) is available

Pricing and Availability:
The price for new users starts at 29,00 (EUR). Multiple user packs are available for network users. NewFinder can be purchased through the website. Cross-grades for users of similar applications (Cinematica, DiskLibrary, FileFinder, CatFinder, Canto Cumulus, Disk Tracker, DiskCatalogMaker, Atomic View, iView Media Pro, Extensis Portfolio, and others) are available. A free NeoFinder demo version can be downloaded from the NeoFinder website.

macOS New App Release – BatchOutput XLS 2.5.9


Product Announcements Zevrix Solutions of Toronto (ON), Canada has released BatchOutput XLS 2.5.9, a security update to the company’s output automation solution for Microsoft Excel on macOS. The only batch processing tool for Excel on the Mac market, the software helps users eliminate repetitive tasks through automation of printing and professional PDF output.

With the new version, BatchOutput XLS was updated to satisfy new security requirements on macOS 10.15 and has now received the seal of approval issued by the Apple notary service. According to Apple, notarization gives users more confidence that the Developer ID-signed software developers distribute has been checked by Apple for malicious components. These claims have not been independently verified yet. Beginning in the forthcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina, notarization is required by default for all Mac software.

“I have enjoyed BatchOutput XLS for years now,” says Steve Nelson Martin of New Hope Foundation in Beijing, China. “It has really been a huge help for me to process hundreds of Excel documents into various PDF reports.”

In addition to batch printing, BatchOutput XLS allows to carry out professional PDF production directly from Excel, thus bringing advanced PDF creation options right to the user’s fingertips:

* Batch print and export Excel documents to PDF.
* Split Excel workbooks into single PDF worksheets
* Reduce PDF file size and optimize documents for web, print, and mobile devices
* Variable PDF file names based on user name, date, batch number and other values
* Encrypt and password-protect PDF from unauthorized copying, printing, and viewing
* Change PDF color tone, brightness, and other qualities

Pricing and Availability
BatchOutput XLS can be purchased for $19.95 (USD) from Zevrix website, as well as from authorized resellers and Mac App Store. A trial is also available for download. BatchOutput XLS requires macOS 10.7-10.14 and Microsoft Excel 2008, 2011, 2016 or 2019.

macOS New App Release – Screenshot Maker – Pro Creator 1.0


Product Announcements – Independent developer, Apso MB of Kaunas, Lithuania has released Screenshot Maker – Pro Creator 1.0, their unique new screenshot capturing utility for macOS. Using the app’s exclusive set of shape drawing tools, users can capture whatever is on their Mac’s display by drawing any size shape. Simply use the mouse pointer to place points of the shapes anywhere on the screen to outline a capture area. The app’s special drawing tools allow users to make curves, ovals, and much more to define capture areas.

In addition to freehand drawing tools, Screenshot Maker – Pro Creator also offers default shapes for grabbing screen captures without needing to hand-draw a shape. Available shapes include stars, clouds, squares, hearts, triangles, circles, word balloons, and more. Users can also draw and save a shape in the shapes menu for convenient future use, allowing them to grab screenshots of the same shape anytime.

“Until now, capturing screenshots on your Mac involved either capturing an entire screen and then editing the shot or capturing an entire app window,” says Apso MB General Manager, Vytautas Jankevicius. “Even third-party screen capture apps were quite limited in what they could capture. But, Screenshot Maker – Pro Creator allows capturing any part of your Mac’s screen in any shape or size, providing a flexible and convenient method of capturing screenshots!”

Features include:
* Draw any shape to capture a section of the Mac’s display.
* Special draw tool allows users to create curves and ovals or combine lines and curves.
* Default shapes capture screenshots with no drawing needed.
* Draw shapes and save them for later use.
* Create quick hand-drawn screenshot using the Quick Screenshot function.
* Save screenshots to any directory.

While Screenshot Maker – Pro Creator allows anyone to draw any shape on their Mac’s screen and take a precise screenshot, the app’s handy freehand-based Quick Screenshot function allows users to quickly hand-draw a screenshot area in just a few seconds. The lightning-fast tool allows users to create irregular and unique capture areas on the screen.

Screenshot Maker – Pro Creator creates a transparent background area around any shape captured. This allows the screenshots to be used in presentations, documents, websites, even eBooks. The captured images look great and don’t pose issues when overlapping in a project.

Capture screenshots in any shape, including:
* Geometric shapes: Stars, Circles, Triangles, and more.
* Hearts
* Folder shapes
* Candy Wrapper
* Clouds
* Word balloons
* More

“With Screenshot Maker – Pro Creator, Mac users are no longer restricted to the same boring screenshot shapes, but instead can create a screen capture in any shape they wish,” continues Vytautas. “In just a few seconds, users can create custom screenshot shapes, saving them for later use with a single click. I can’t wait to see the ways our customers use this exciting new capture tool!”

System Requirements:
* macOS 10.13 or later
* macOS Mojave and macOS Catalina compatible
* 64-bit processor
* 3.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Screenshot Maker – Pro Creator 1.0 is just $3.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category.

macOS New App Release – Memoir 3

Product Announcements Boundary Labs of Houghton, Michigan has released Memoir 3 through both our website and through the Mac App Store. Memoir 3 is a total rewrite of the popular note-taking and journaling software for macOS. It features a powerful organizer, calendar, and search that work together to help you keep organized. And, with a clean, elegant interface, Memoir makes for a distraction-free organizational experience that helps you work faster with keyboard shortcuts abound.

Memoir is a clean, elegant interface to your notes. Store your notes the way you’d like. Similar to the Finder, the Organizer allows you to store notes in whatever structure works best for you. Memoir keeps track of how you organize each folder, so you can focus on taking notes.

The entire interface has been streamlined – most operations have keyboard shortcuts for quick access without leaving the keyboard.

Search is deeply integrated. Type in the search bar and the organizer collapses, showing just the information you’re searching for. Or, search from anywhere using Spotlight.

Memoir keeps your data safe. Lock away your private data with a password or Touch ID to keep your data safe from prying eyes. Memoir uses industry-standard strong encryption to make sure whatever data you want to be protected stays private.

Keep a focus on writing. A built-in calendar shows you visually when notes were created, helping you to track down information quicker. It also gives you a birds-eye view of your writing activity, aiding you in making note-taking a consistent activity.

Memoir 3 provides a modern macOS experience. It features support for Dark Mode, Full-Screen Mode, Touch ID, and the Touch Bar, Spotlight, and many other new macOS technologies. Memoir 3 is compatible with macOS 10.13 High Sierra and higher. Download it from the website or buy it from the Mac App Store

macOS New app Release – LinkOptimizer 5.2.25


Product Announcements Zevrix Solutions of Toronto (ON), Canada has released LinkOptimizer 5.2.25, a security update to its image processing automation solution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer is designed to automate complex image manipulation tasks, which allows users to reduce the size of InDesign links, save production costs, and easily repurpose InDesign documents for web and mobile devices.

With the new version, LinkOptimizer was updated to satisfy new security requirements on macOS 10.15 and has now received the seal of approval issued by the Apple notary service. According to Apple, notarization gives users more confidence that the Developer ID-signed software developers distribute has been checked by Apple for malicious components. These claims have not been independently verified yet. Beginning in the forthcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina, notarization is required by default for all Mac software.

“Thank you for this fantastic plug-in”, says Gopa Campbell of Gopa & Ted2, a design studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “What it just did for me in a book with 132 images is amazing. LinkOptimizer saved me what would have been three extremely tedious hours of Photoshop tweaking and InDesign reimporting.”

LinkOptimizer works automatically with Photoshop to eliminate the excess image data of InDesign links, convert image formats, and perform essential image adjustments. For example, with just a click of a button users can:

* Optimize multiple InDesign files and books
* Scale and crop images to match their dimensions in InDesign
* Change their resolution to 300 dpi
* Convert RGB images to specific CMYK profile
* Resave JPEGs as PSD
* Run a Photoshop action on each image

As a result, users can save gigabytes of disk space and countless hours of optimizing images manually, accelerate document output, reduce job turnaround and cut costs through faster processing.

Pricing and Availability:
LinkOptimizer can be purchased from Zevrix website for $259.95 USD (Lite version: $179.95) as well as from Adobe Exchange and authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download. The update is free for LinkOptimizer 5.x users and $130 to upgrade from previous versions. LinkOptimizer requires macOS 10.7-10.14 and Adobe InDesign / Photoshop CS5-CC 2019.