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macOS New App Release – PopChar X 8.6


Product Announcements Ergonis Software of Perg, Austria has released PopChar X 8.6, an improved version of the company’s award-winning tool for finding and inserting special characters and exploring fonts.

The new version 8.6 offers a couple of smart user interface improvements, which make PopChar even more convenient to use. One of these improvements is the option to define the desired number of lines in the section of recently used characters. PopChar now also supports font-specific Unicode descriptions for several symbol fonts, such as FontAwesome, Material Icons, Webdings, Wingdings, and more, and informs about the total number of available Unicode characters in the About window.

PopChar X 8.6 has been notarized by Apple. This means that the software has been uploaded to Apple before distribution, and Apple has confirmed that all executables are signed correctly and that the app does not contain any malware. This is a security feature that all Ergonis products now carry.

Finally, PopChar X 8.6 contains fixes and workarounds for user-reported issues and improves overall compatibility and stability on all versions of macOS. Visit Ergonis Software’s website to learn more about the changes in this release and to download the new version.

PopChar solves a problem faced by every technologist and multi-lingual worker. Inserting special characters into application documents can be frustrating and results in a steady loss of productivity. With PopChar, thousands of special characters are only a few clicks away. Just pop up the PopChar window, click the desired character, and the character appears in your current document right away.

System Requirements:

  • PopChar X 8.6 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or newer
  • Recommended for macOS Mojave (10.14)

Availability and Ordering:
PopChar X can be purchased securely on the Ergonis Software website. The upgrade to PopChar X 8.6 is free for anyone who purchased a license for PopChar X 8 or for PopChar X 7 on or after September 1st, 2016. Upgrade paths are available for owners of older licenses. For information about purchases, including enterprise licenses, volume discounts, and upgrade pricing offers, see the company’s web site.

Instead of purchasing PopChar separately, customers can save money by ordering the Ergonis Productivity Bundle, which also includes the text expander Typinator and the keyboard shortcut helper KeyCue.


macOS New App Release – MacX MediaTrans

Product Announcements MacXDVD Software of Chengdu, China, the easiest iOS data backup solution provider, is counting down to World Backup Day with free license codes of the professional iPhone backup tool – MacX MediaTrans to help iDevices users back up data and make sure their files are safe in a way far easier than iTunes.

Data backup never comes to people’s mind until it’s too late. World Backup Day (March 31) is such a day to remind people all the times they end up losing all their irreplaceable data. “Always create a backup of important data.” Under this motto, MacXDVD Software is offering free copies of its one-click iPhone data manager – MacX MediaTrans for 20 days.

Wait no more. Grab free license copies and win Apple’s AirPod before April 10, 2019, at MacX World Backup Day Giveaway Page.

There are two kinds of iPhone users: those who have lost data, and those who will. According to worldbackupday.com, 113 phones get stolen or lost per minute, but unfortunately, 30% of users never back up. Without a proper backup, all the one-of-a-kind family moments, travel recordings and other precious data on the iPhone can become “none-of-a-kind”. The World Backup Day – celebrated on March 31, reminds people not to be an April fool.

However, it’s revealed that most of iOS “backup refuseniks” are daunted by the complicated backup routine using iTunes. Even when some use Apple’s official method, many are nagged by various backup & sync issues, wired error codes as well as data loss. Throwing its full support behind the World Backup Day, MacXDVD Software is offering free copies of a no-brainer iOS backup solution – MacX MediaTrans to help Apple users recognize the need for data backup and take actions.

An Easier and Comprehensive Backup Strategy:

  • MacX MediaTrans is an easier-than-iTunes iPhone manager that is friendly to the hoi-polloi, the tech-savvy and the newbie; parents, friends, and coworkers. The one-click iPhone backup solution removes the restrictions and possible errors using iTunes, making iDevices users’ data backup experience better, smarter, faster and most importantly, trouble-free. In honor of World Backup Day, MacXDVD would like to emphasis highlights of its iPhone data backup and recovery solution:
  • Security – With an advanced algorithm and synchronization core, it will back up iPhone live/HDR/HIEC photos, music & playlists, 4k HEVC recordings, ebooks, Voice memos, Podcasts, and other media smoothly without data loss or sync errors. High-grade encryption methods such as AES 256 and RSA techs are applied to safeguard the backups from unauthorized access. Users are entitled to full control over their data.
  • Flexibility – It’s easy to backup iPhone to Macs, PCs or other external hard drives without limits. Users can save iPhone data to any new computer freely without erasing the existing iPhone library. The two-way synchronization allows convenient data restore in case any unexpected issue happens. Add photos, music, videos, etc. (no limits on the number or audio/video formats) from computer to iPhone by drag and drop. It requires no Apple ID or further settings.
  • Speed – When data backup is time-consuming using iTunes and gets stuck at its worst, MacX MediaTrans proves to be a lightning-fast solution, especially for large library saved on 128/256GB iPhone models. Depending on the data size, users can realize speed improvements over iTunes ranging from 5x to 10x faster. A quick example, it needs 3s only for backing up 20 songs.

Pricing and Availability :
MacX MediaTrans, normally priced at $59.95 (USD), is Free for all participators now in celebration of the World Backup Day. All users also stand a chance to win Apple’s AirPod by entering a valid email address. Check the details of at MacX World Backup Day Giveaway.

macOS New App Release – FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 8.74


Product Announcements .com Solutions Inc. of Fremont, California has released FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 8.74 as a maintenance release providing improvements to the FileMaker to LiveCode, Image Export to SQL, data transfers to MySQL and AppleScript automation. This release supports FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 – 17 on macOS and Windows. A summary of improvements in FmPro Migrator 8.74 includes:

  • Fixed an issue with the LiveCode conversion project FmPro Converted Scripts.txt output file growing too large.
  • Added local variables to the CreateConnectionObject handler in the LiveCode template stack.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue in the display of the Image Export SQL results text if 0 records were transferred. Also, added the clearing of the results text when switching tables.
  • Fixed a cosmetic text label issue within the Manage Deleted Fields window.
  • Updated the list of reserved words to support MySQL 8 when creating tables.
  • Improved the display of Unicode error messages returned from database servers during the Get Fieldsize, Create Table and TransferData steps.
  • Image Export to SQL error reports now contain the name of the table as part of the filename and the number of errors listed at the top of the report.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message about 2 copies of FileMaker running on macOS due to the PSConversionHelper.xpc also running.

Pricing and Availability:
FmPro Migrator Developer Edition is priced at ($199) per developer, FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition is priced at ($599) per developer, and both versions are available immediately from the website.

macOS New App Release – Mail Archiver X 5.0

Product Announcements Moth Software of Heidesheim, Germany has released Mail Archiver X 5.0 for Mac OS X, an update to their app that serves as a companion to the user’s current email client, allowing consolidation, archiving, and permanent storage of emails. Emails may be saved in the application’s native database format, Evernote, Filemaker, or PDF. Archiving emails from a variety of email applications into a single database, the app prevents accidental deletions, facilitates quick searches, and eliminates the storage size limits imposed by many email apps and companies. By saving emails in a single, standardized format, users are ensured that they can read all their emails, even those from legacy applications, from which they have subsequently migrated.

Following the archiving process, users may browse or search from the Mail Archiver X viewer.

Version 5 adds support for encrypting archives. “Encrypting archives has been a feature that has been requested often. Finally, it’s available, ” says Moth Software spokesperson, Beatrix Willius, “especially with regard to the GPDR from 2018”.

Other new Features for Mail Archiver X 5.0 are:

  • Added support for Mojave’s DarkMode.
  • There is now a Pro version which allows either single users and workgroups to archive and view emails from multiple computers.
  • A new parser makes archiving faster. The archived emails look much better.
  • It’s possible to download external resources so that emails can be preserved completely.

Feature Highlights of Mail Archiver X are:

  • Ideal email management and archive solution
  • Protect and save all emails in a single archive folder
  • Archives emails from the following formats: Mail, Outlook, Postbox, Powermail, Thunderbird, and standard mbox
  • Exports emails to the following formats: Internal Database, Evernote, Filemaker, PDF, mbox, or Text
  • Built-in email database browser
  • Filemaker support, when using the Filemaker Version 13 browser

Pricing and Availability:
Mail Archiver X 5.0 costs $44.95 (USD) and is available directly from Moth Software. A free, fully-functional, 10-day trial version can be downloaded. Mail Archiver X 5.0 comes with a 30-day, money back guarantee. Review copies are available upon request.

Version 5 is a paid update:
Users who bought after 1-Feb-2018 can get the update for free. Users who bought the application before 1-Feb-2018 can buy the application for 50% off the full price.

macOS New App Release – RemoteSight 1.4


Product Announcements Ben Software of London, United Kingdom today announced the release of RemoteSight 1.4, an update to their video and audio network streaming software. RemoteSight supports a variety of devices, such as built-in iSight / FaceTime cameras included in many Macs, as well as USB webcams and Blackmagic devices. Designed to operate as part of a video surveillance system, RemoteSight integrates seamlessly with SecuritySpy, the premier multi-camera video surveillance software for macOS.

“This update represents our ongoing commitment to maintaining top quality software and responding to our customers’ feedback” said Ben Bird, the developer of RemoteSight. “Many organisations as well as home users already have a network of computers with built-in cameras; RemoteSight allows users to inexpensively utilise these cameras for the purposes of video security.”

RemoteSight can also be used as a standalone application for remotely monitoring anything happening on or around a particular computer, or for adding live images to web pages. RemoteSight effectively turns the computer’s camera into a network IP camera that can be viewed using a web browser such as Safari, Chrome or FireFox.

The main features of RemoteSight are:

  • Streams video and audio from its built-in web interface
  • Supports most Mac-compatible cameras and audio input devices
  • Screen capture
  • Runs in the background with low CPU usage
  • Integrates seamlessly with SecuritySpy
  • Supports both JPEG HTTP and H.264 RTSP streaming formats
  • Remote monitoring over a local network or over the Internet

New features in this version include:

  • 64-bit app for full compatibility with current and future macOS systems
  • Redesigned web interface
  • Support for H.264 RTSP streaming
  • Support for live audio via the web interface
  • Support for Blackmagic video input devices
  • Improved text overlays with more date options
  • Efficiency improvements for higher performance
  • IPv6 support

RemoteSight can be downloaded and tested free of charge for 30 days before purchasing. Pricing is in British Pounds, Euros or US Dollars, and both single-user and site licenses are available, for GBP 18.90 (approx. $26) and GBP 189.00 (approx. $260) respectively. RemoreSight can be purchased through the website.

macOS New App Release – Overflow 3.1

Product Announcements Stunt Software of Portland, Oregon has released Overflow 3.1, an important feature update to the company’s popular visual launcher for macOS. Overflow allows you to quickly and easily launch applications, open documents, access folders and search your hard drive. Reduce clutter in your Dock by storing infrequently-used items in Overflow instead. Any item you see in the Finder can be added to the Overflow interface, making it accessible through a few simple mouse clicks or keystrokes. Version 3.1 introduces new much-requested color and icon sizing customization options!

Other notable features include:

  • Added Quick Access right-click menu to the menu bar item
  • Added contextual menu to the collection list
  • Search performance enhancements
  • Mojave performance and appearance enhancements
  • As well as many other bug fixes

These are in addition to Overflow 3’s already great features:

  • Visual Organization – Create separate collections for your applications, project files, commonly-visited websites, games, often-needed folders, or anything else that makes sense for you.
  • Fully Customizable Layout – Rearrange items by clicking, holding the mouse down for a moment, then dragging the item to a new position or collection.
  • Hot Key Shortcut – Instantly pop open the Overflow window from anywhere using a customizable keyboard shortcut.
  • Type-to-Search – With the Overflow window open, just start typing to instantly search for any app or file on your computer. Use type-to-search to find not just items you’ve added to Overflow, but any file on your computer! Filter items by category to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Quicklook Previews – Overflow makes it easy to check the contents of files: just hit the space bar when hovering over an item to open a Quicklook preview.
  • Full URL Support – Drop URLs or web bookmarks from your web browser or the Finder into Overflow. Works great with Quicklook!
  • Keyboard Support – In addition to type-to-search, you can use the keyboard to control almost every aspect of Overflow.

macOS New App Release – FontAgent 9


Product Announcements Insider Software of San Jose, California has released FontAgent(R) 9 for Macintosh. Built atop FontAgent’s robust font rendering, searching, activation, integrity and metadata engines, the latest V9 edition adds an all-new tagging manager, nested sets, performance improvements, and more extensive support for macOS Mojave, Monotype SkyFonts, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Creative Cloud and Affinity applications.

FontAgent 9 Highlights:

  • Sharable tags for categorizing and organizing fonts
  • macOS Mojave, High Sierra, and Sierra compatibility
  • Support for Mojave’s Dark Mode
  • An all-new, optimized font-rendering engine for faster previews
  • Tight integration with Monotype SkyFonts and Adobe Fonts
  • Auto-activation in Adobe CC 2019 – InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, InCopy
  • Auto-activation in Affinity applications – Photo, Designer, Publisher
  • Auto-activation in QuarkXPress 2018
  • Group-by-tag display in the Table View
  • Expanded, speedy searching of font tags and comments
  • Improved font cache auto-clearing

Auto-Activation in More Applications:
FontAgent 9 significantly widens font auto-activation support, so as users open documents in supported apps, FontAgent auto-activates them in macOS. Auto-activation now works in Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and InCopy); the Affinity product suite (Designer, Photo and Publisher); and QuarkXPress 2018.

Full Support for macOS Mojave and Dark Mode:
The V9 release is compatible with Mojave (macOS 10.14) and includes new support for Dark Mode. It also takes advantage of Mojave platform functionality and APIs to optimize application performance, font activation and font rendering. V9 is also compatible with the High Sierra and Sierra releases of macOS.

Sharable and Searchable Tags:
The most visible addition to FontAgent 9 is the addition of a new tag manager that lets users tag fonts and sets to classify them by project, appearance, job numbers, client, and more. FontAgent lets users search by tag to preview, compare and activate associated fonts easily. As users share fonts with others, FontAgent 9 shares their tags as well, adding an all-new level of metadata richness to the creative process for workgroups.

Nested Sets and Subsets:
Back by popular demand, FontAgent 9 adds nested sets for organizing fonts hierarchically by client, project, foundry or style. And in V9, when users share nested sets with others, the sets’ hierarchies and all their fonts are shared as well.

Monotype SkyFonts and Adobe Fonts Integration:
Fonts activated in Monotype SkyFonts and Adobe Fonts appear automatically in FontAgent and work just like all other managed fonts. The Monotype service offers access to over 11,000 industry-leading fonts and Adobe offers access to thousands of fonts as part of their Creative Cloud subscription service. Both include access to the popular Google Fonts library with over 915 font families.

Lightning-Fast Search:
The search facility in FontAgent 9 is expanded and improved to include a full spectrum of font characteristics including name, style, foundry, designer, tags, comments, ratings, and other metadata. Users can perform complex searches and save them as Smart Sets whose contents auto-update as they import new fonts into FontAgent.

Table View Improvements:
The Table View in FontAgent 9 now lets you group fonts by tag, which organizes the order of fonts in the table topically. Using tags and table groups is a fast way to easily view and manage related fonts.

Freeform Comments Manager:
FontAgent 9 lets users enter freeform comments for fonts to describe their associated projects, clients, colors, type settings, and design treatments. It also lets users search those comments to find the fonts they need and to use those fonts consistently.

Automatic Font Cache Management:
V9 improves the performance of its automatic cache clearing that heads off display problems, garbled fonts, strange font substitution, printing problems and application crashes.

Code Streamlining and Modernization:
FontAgent 9 is recoded in the latest Apple platform technologies to deliver better performance, sharper rendering, faster importing, speedier searches and more platform compatibility.

Share and Sync Fonts Easily:
The Sync Edition of FontAgent continues its role as a simple, cost-effective way to standardize, share and sync fonts across teams and computers. It makes fonts instantly available through the Cloud to others without the need to define libraries, create folders, maintain a server or find an IT expert.

Cost-Effective Licensing Alternatives
A perpetual license for FontAgent 9 Standard Edition is priced at $99 (USD) per user. FontAgent 8 users can purchase V9 upgrades or opt for a FontAgent Sync subscription for $59 a year. The Sync license includes free software upgrades and support and lets you archive and share fonts with others through cloud services provided by Insider.

Free 30-Day Trials:
For more information about FontAgent 9 and Sync, visit http://www.insidersoftware.com. Free 30-day trials are available for download from Insider Software online.

macOS New App Release – Default Folder X version 5.3.5

Product Announcements St. Clair Software of Denver, Colorado has released Default Folder X version 5.3.5 today. This release of its award-winning utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs integrates Houdah Software’s HoudahSpot search application into file dialogs and corrects compatibility issues with LaunchBar, CopyPaste Pro, and Mojave’s screenshot utility. It also enhances Default Folder X’s drawer in the Finder and improves its switching between folders in Open and Save dialogs.

Default Folder X’s custom keyboard shortcuts put your favorite and recent folders at your fingertips. Pop-up menus let you quickly navigate your folders and open Finder windows. Previews, file information, Spotlight tagging, and comments are there when you need them. Open, save, and get back to work: Default Folder X speeds your workflow by making file management fast and efficient.

The changes in Default Folder X 5.3.5 include:

  • Default Folder X works correctly in the Save dialog of Mojave’s enhanced screenshot utility
  • You can now search folders with HoudahSpot using a menu item in Open and Save dialogs
  • Numerous improvements have been made to Default Folder X’s drawer in the Finder
  • Switching between folders in Open and Save dialogs has been made more reliable
  • Compatibility issues with LaunchBar and CopyPaste Pro have been corrected
  • A number of bugs and crashes have been fixed

System Requirements: macOS 10.10 through 10.14

Pricing and Availability:
Default Folder X 5.3.5 is a free update for existing version 5 users. New licenses are $34.95 (USD) and upgrades from version 4 and prior are $14.95. Please see the St. Clair Software web site for screencasts, screenshots, a full changelog, and additional feature information. St. Clair Software strongly recommends that anyone using Default Folder X install this update. Default Folder X can be purchased through the website.

Become More Productive on your Mac with File Tags – Part 2

Tech Tips – In Part 1 I talked about how tags can be added to files on your Mac. In Part 2 I will look at how you can use those tags to become more productive. NOTE: The following examples are done in macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

Using tags with the Finder

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 4.41.38 PM

The easiest way to use tags is with the Mac Finder. First, we need to make sure that tags are enabled in the Finder. Open a new Finder window, then click on Finder, then Preferences.

Now select the third tab “Sidebar”. Make sure that the checkbox next to “Recent Tags” is checked.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 4.37.46 PM





Now click on the second tab in the Preferences window, “Tags”. This window allows you to select which of your defined tags you want to show up in the Finder Sidebar. 

You can also drag any tag you want to add to the Favorites to the space at the bottom. I have not found this to be very useful.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 4.55.22 PM



Now close the Preferences window and look at the bottom left of the Finder window. You will see several tags listed and at the bottom of the list “All Tags. . . “.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 4.56.26 PM

If you click on the “All Tags…”, a new column will appear in the window with all of the tags listed. If you now click on a tag (in my example ‘:Star Wars’), then every file with the chosen tag is displayed in the larger window to the right. What makes this powerful is that it doesn’t matter where the files are physically located. Every file with that tag on your Mac and on iCloud, regardless of which Folder they reside in, will be shown.

This provides you with a very powerful way to search your entire Mac for files. If you have tagged your files, you will be able to find them regardless of where you have stored them.

More Power With Smart Folders

Using Smart Folders can give you even more power. Using the technique with the Finder above you can only search based upon one tag. If you use Smart Folders you can search on as many tags as you want.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 7.06.53 PM

Go to Finder ==> File ==> New Smart Folder. This will open a window like is shown above. Now you can begin to specify the search criteria for what will be shown in your Smart Folder. At the far right side next to the ‘Save’ button click on the ‘+’ sign (Blue arrow above). This will open a space where you can begin to specify the search criteria. Click on the ‘Kind’ or ‘Name’ button noted above (Red arrow).

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 7.26.35 PM

A drop-down menu will appear. Click on ‘Other…’ at the bottom of the list as indicated by the Red arrow.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 7.09.32 PM

This will bring up a long list of search attributes. If you scroll down the list you will find “Tags”. In the example above I clicked on the checkbox to the right side so that Tags will now appear in the short attribute list. I also clicked on the line ‘Tags Tags associated with this item’.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 7.30.13 PM

Once I click on ‘OK’ that first search criteria will be set. I then chose ‘contains’ and entered the first tag to search for ‘:image’. I can add another search criteria by clicking on the ‘+’ indicated by the Red arrow. A search criteria can be removed by clicking on the ‘-‘.

Notice that when I click on the ‘Name’ button now ‘Tags’ (Orange arrow) appears in the list. I can now use this to pick a second or even a third tag to search on.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 7.37.33 PM

In the example above I have selected three different tags as my search criteria – ‘:image’, ‘:scifi’, and ‘:star wars’. The resulting 48 items shown in this Smart Folder are all files on my Mac that have those three tags set. These items can be physically stored in any folder on my Mac or my iCloud drive.

What this means is that as long as I am very conscientious about adding tags to files, it doesn’t really matter where I store the files.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 7.47.13 PM

I can then save these Smart Folders by clicking on the ‘Save’ button at the top right. Note that in addition to being able to name the Smart Folder and pick where it is going to be displayed, I also have the option of including it in the Finder Sidebar.

A further advantage of using Smart Folders is that since they are Virtual the same content can appear in more than one Smart Folder. This allows you to sort your files in many different ways without having to move or make aliases for files.

In Part 3, I will talk about tagged files in iOS.

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macOS New App Release – iMazing 2.9


Product Announcements – Independent developer DigiDNA of Geneva, Switzerland has released iMazing 2.9 for macOS and iMazing 2.8 for Windows. iMazing is the powerful iOS device management app that allows transferring of messages, music, files, and other types of data from any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. The App is also an excellent option for users who are looking for a way to quickly and safely backup any iOS device.

This new version of iMazing offers a completely overhauled message extraction engine which now boasts the ability to export, display and print data from iMessage and WhatsApp conversations faster and in greater detail than ever before. The app can also provide native PDF export support, custom printing options, bulk export of attachments, and much more.

“This update really is us responding to our user’s feedback and requests,” says DigiDNA’s Gregorio Zanon. “Lawyers who need to document interactions with their clients, parents wishing to prove a point in delicate custody cases, and even fiancÃ(C)s making booklets of their electronic courtship to surprise their significant other – all have provided invaluable insights in their specific use case.”

Key WhatsApp and Messages export features include:

  • Native PDF export solution: Export or print all conversations in bulk, including images and emojis
  • Custom printing options: Choose paper size and orientation, margins and content scale
  • More metadata: View and print message status, group chat events information, location sharing status and more. Include contact details and extraction metadata for increased legal weight
  • Bulk export of all attachment types: Images, videos, contacts, locations, documents and more
  • Text search and date range filter
  • Detailed CSV exports include all chat metadata
  • Excellent performance and low footprint on memory and processor resources

In addition to saving and printing iPhone Messages and WhatsApp chats, iMazing offers a wealth of other features:

  • Transfer all data from an old iPhone to a new one
  • Manage Music, Ringtones, Photos, eBooks, and more
  • Install apps (.ipa) to an iOS device without using the App Store
  • Save and restore game progress or app documents and settings
  • Drag and Drop file transfer to any iOS device
  • Transfer Safari bookmarks from iOS to Mac or Windows PC without iCloud
  • Extract mobile browsing history from backups
  • Transfer call logs from iPhones in .CSV format
  • Save voicemails as audio files for later listening on a computer
  • Export iPhone contacts from all accounts in VCard or .CSV format
  • Export entire calendars or specific events in iCal or .CSV format

Power users can also create editable “Blueprint” backups that can then be restored to multiple iOS devices at once. Users can edit the blueprint to designated which files are to be restored to the devices. The app also helps users save space on their device, making it easy to choose which apps and data should remain on the device.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.9 or higher, Windows 7 or higher
  •  iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Supports all iOS versions
  • 128 MB

Pricing and Availability:
iMazing 2.9 for macOS is free to download and is available worldwide exclusively through the iMazing website. Premium features require the purchase of a license. A Single License (1 computer) is $44.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies). The 2.9 (macOS) and 2.8 (Windows) updates are free for all iMazing 2 license owners.