Mac OS X

I have started a series of posts on OS X. Some will be Tech Tips. Others will be reviews of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) or free apps. This will be a central spot where all can be viewed.

Recommended Essential Software for Every Mac

  1. Evernote
  2. Onyx
  3. Dropbox
  4. StartPage


OS X Tech Tips

  1. Tuneup Your OS X Mac – Part 1  . . . The Simple Stuff
  2. Tuneup Your OS X Mac – Part 2 . . . Easy Disk Cleanup
  3. Tuneup Your OS X Mac – Part 3 . . . Safari
  4. Tuneup Your OS X Mac – Hardware Upgrades
  5. Mac OS X – Adding an External Disk Drive
  6. OS X Automator
  7. Mac OS X – Safari Sharing Options and Markup Missing
  8. Mac OS X – Wi-Fi Fix for Yosemite
  9. Mac OS X Tip – Auto Hiding the Dock
  10. Mac OS X Tip – Alternative Disk Icons
  11. Setting the Default App
  12. Transferring Files To and From Your Mac
  13. Upgrading to OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  14. What’s New in OS X 10.11 El Capitan – updated 11/4/15
  15. Mac OS X Tip – Safari Muting
  16. Do You Use the Chrome Browser on Your Mac? – some are experiencing degraded OS X performance
  17. Create Text Shortcuts – use the built in text expansion capability of OS X
  18. Migrating from Evernote to Notes
  19. macOS Tip – Preview – Magnification
  20. Recovering a deleted Note file
  21. Keyboard Sequence to open new Finder Window
  22. Killing a Process
  23. Configure Trash to Auto Delete
  24. Disabling Video Auto-play in Safari
  25. Private Web Searches with StartPage
  26. Control Your Dongles


Security Issues

  1. The Threat of Thunderstrike
  2. Passwords
  3. FREAK – security vulnerability
  4. Adware now included with Java 8 Update 40 Installation
  5. Security Patches to Safari
  6. Built-in OS X Malware Protection
  7. OS X Security – An Overview from the  JAMF Nation User Conference
  8. Update your Mac to Prevent Ransomware
  9. macOS Security: OS X Security – Defense in Depth


FOSS on Mac OS X

  1. FOSS Under OS X: Vienna – an RSS Reader UPDATED 3/29/15
  2. FOSS Under OS X: LibreOffice – an office program suite UPDATED 6/18/15
  3. FOSS Under OS X: Calibre – eBook library manager, format converter, editor and viewer
  4. FOSS Under OS X: SeaMonkey – web-browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat client, and HTML editor
  5. FOSS Under OS X: Filezilla – an FTP, FTPS and SFTP client
  6. FOSS Under OS X: Gramps – genealogy tool
  7. FOSS Under OS X: Audacity – multi-track audio file editor
  8. FOSS Under OS X: GIMP – image editor
  9. FOSS Under OS X: Inkscape – vector graphics editor


Other Mac OS X Software

  1. OnyX – System Maintenance Tool and Optimizer
  2. My Net – Network Scanner
  3. Free Fonts – Christmas Collection
  4. Mac OS X Video Converter Pro
  5. Timeline 3D
  6. Evernote – Cross platform note taking and organization tool
  7. Dropbox – file sharing
  8. VirtualBox – virtualization
  9. Carbon Copy Cloner – backup utility
  10. Disk Analyzer Pro – disk usage analyzer
  11. iStat Menus – Mac system statistics
  12. Folder Designer – folder icon customization
  13. MathStudio – more than a plotting calculator, it lets you solve and graph algebra and calculus equations
  14. Tweak and Tuneup – a tool to identify files that can be removed to free up space
  15. DiskMaker X – Bootable installer creator
  16. Free Christmas Fonts 3.0
  17. Commander One – dual pane file manager
  18. Patina – Simple drawing program
  19. Geek bench 3 – a cross platform benchmarking program
  20. WinterFest 2015 – Collection of software discounted for a short time
  21. Slack – collaboration tool for groups
  22. Free iOS and OS X Software – I published a post each month with a list of 40-60 iOS/macOS/tvOS titles
  23. Duplicate Sweeper
  24. AppDelete – remove Apps and their associated files


Mac Compatible Hardware

  1. Product Review – NewerTech Voyager S3
  2. Product Review – KSB 3.5″ Hard Drive Storage Cases
  3. GearTies – great for managing extra cables or dressing up system cables
  4. Anker USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter – Add gigabit ethernet through a USB port on any Mac running macOS 9 or higher


OS X References

  1. macOS High Sierra User Guide
  2. Mac OS X Yosemite Survival Skills Guide
  3. Terminal Cheatsheet for Mac gives an over view of keyboard shortcuts for the Terminal App., as well as the most common CLI commands you might use.
  4. MyApple Magazine – a bi-monthly, free, all electronic magazine about anything Apple related
  5. A guide to picking your next Mac – a product overview and comparison
  6. Cult of Mac Magazine App – iOS App with weekly issues of the magazine
  7. OWC YouTube Channel – a library of “How To” videos

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