macOS New App Release – SnipNotes 1.0


Product Announcement – Indie software developer, Felix Lisczyk of Coburg, Germany has released SnipNotes 1.0 for macOS. This new note-taking solution for the Mac supplements and extends the existing SnipNotes apps for iOS and Apple Watch. SnipNotes combines a highly configurable clipboard manager with an intelligent note-taking app: Users can quickly save any content from their clipboard, text and images from websites, addresses from Maps and much more.

SnipNotes categorizes notes automatically based on their content and provides an action for each type. For example, when the user saves an address, SnipNotes will show a little map of the location and can redirect him to Apple Maps for further details. When SnipNotes recognizes a date or time, it allows the user to create a calendar event right within the app. SnipNotes recognizes many more content types like flight numbers or phone numbers and provides intelligent actions for each type.

SnipNotes for macOS transports this concept to the Mac and integrates into many system technologies like Handoff and the new Touch Bar. Some of the app’s highlights include:

  • Users can view, edit and organize their notes from iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
  • Notes synchronize seamlessly between all devices over iCloud
  • SnipNotes integrates into the menu bar, notification center, system services and the share menu – This gives users quick access to their notes and allows them to create new notes from anywhere
  • Notes can be organized with categories, custom note titles and search functionality
  • Users can select multiple notes and move or delete them with drag and drop
  • The integrated settings menu allows users to customize font sizes, define their own keyboard shortcuts and much more

SnipNotes is a premium app without any advertisements or in-app purchases. Synchronization of notes takes place through the user’s private iCloud account. Notes are not stored elsewhere and can only be accessed by the user.

System Requirements:

  • macOS Sierra (10.12) or later
  • 16.8 MB

SnipNotes 1.0 for macOS is only $3.99 until 07/09/2017 and $8.99 (USD) afterwards. The app is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

macOS New App Release – String replacer 1.4


Product Announcement – Tension Software of Milano, Italy has released String Replacer 1.4 for macOS. String Replacer allows users to find and replace a list of strings inside files and folders directly or in batch mode.

It allows users to operate on multiple files using a multiple string couple replacement list. It works with just a single click or using drag and drop, also in batch mode replacing inside thousands of files thousand of find/replace couples of string.

String Replacer can replace strings inside any text files, (text, htm, html, tsv, csv and any other file that can be opened as a text file). It can replace in a single pass an unlimited number of strings with other strings, and parsing one or more file from a list of files and folder content, (including all the files nested inside folders at any nested level).

String Replacer is document based to offer the advantage to save all the settings, the list of files and folder to precess and list of string to replace, inside the document and to have all this data ready to be used again for reuse opening the document and executing the replacing operation in batch mode, just clicking a button.

String replacer can work also on files and folder (with nested contents) via Drag and Drop. Users just need to drop a file or a folder on the dedicated area of a target document and the dropped file (or all the files inside the dropped folder) will be processed and string replaced as specified inside the target document.

String Replacer use a simple Master/Details interface to edit all the strings a user needs to use. In addition, strings used for Find/Replace can be imported/exported from/to text files in various format for maximum flexibility in all the operations.


  • Can replace strings on an unlimited number of selected files and files inside folders at any nested levels
  • Can specify for folders, extension of files to work on (skipping the others)
  • Can use an unlimited list of strings to find and replace
  • Can use plain text replacement or complex grep functions
  • Works in batch mode, replacing on an unlimited number of files with a single click
  • Import of Find/Replace strings with automatic encoding recognition, data preview, field selections, destination selections
  • Export of Find/Replace strings with selection of fields and various format available: TSV, CSV, CSV-S, HTML and even a custom format
  • Order of execution of Find/Replace can be now modified moving rows in the strings substitution list
  • Document based can specify a base sources on disk to work on and use it at successive relaunch of the document without further input
  • Works also in drag and drop mode, it’s enough to drop a file on the document to have it processed
  • PDF User Guide included with the application and accessible via the help menu.
  • Fully sandboxed, ready and optimized for the latest OS X release

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • Optimized for macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
  • 64-bit processor
  •  4.4 MB

String Replacer 1.4 is just $14.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category. It’s also available through the Tension Software website.

Review of “Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare”


Book Reviews – “Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” eBook was published in 2017 and was written by Giles Milton ( Mr. Milton has published nearly a dozen books, both historical and novels.

I received an ARC of this novel through in return for a fair and honest review. I categorize this novel as ‘PG’ because it contains scenes of Violence. The story is told beginning just before World War II through it’s conclusion. Most of the stories are of events in the UK, but there are other events depicted as well.

As Nazi Germany was beginning to rise in power, a handful of British saw the need to develop new tools to wage war against the Nazi’s. Once Europe had been overrun, unconventional weapons and techniques were needed to fight a guerrilla war. This book is the story of their efforts.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 9.5 hours I spent reading this Non-Fiction account of World War II ingenuity. I was surprised at all this ‘skunk shop’ was able to develop, with so little infrastructure and resources. I was also surprised at how much resistance they met with from the established military. Had it not been for Churchill backing these renegades, history might have turned out much differently. I give this novel a 5 out of 5.


My book reviews are also published on Goodreads (

macOS App Sale – Yummy Software App Sale – All $2

Product Announcement – Yummy Software of Verwood, United Kingdom has announced that their week long Sizzling Summer Sale on the Mac App Store where all titles are discounted to just $2 for the duration. Their well established product range of advanced file transfer apps have earned a reputation for speed, productivity and ease of use and are relied upon by thousands of businesses worldwide every day. The Yummy Software product range includes:

  • Yummy FTP Pro – an advanced Mac file transfer app which provides a full-featured professional toolkit combined with blazing speeds and impeccable reliability, so whether you want to transfer a few files or a few thousand, schedule backups, edit and maintain websites, even automate transfers, you need this time-tested and truly dependable app.
  • Yummy FTP Lite – a basic version of our flagship pro-level FTP client app Yummy FTP Pro. Featuring blazingly fast transfers, unparalleled reliability, and all the basic file management features required for those who need nothing more than excellent FTP SFTP FTPS.
  • Yummy FTP Watcher – automate uploads, downloads and syncs between your Mac and any number of FTP/S SFTP WebDAV/S servers, watching chosen folders for changes and acting upon them. Automate and empower your workflow with ease.
  • Yummy FTP Alias – quick and simple drag & drop FTP to your Desktop. Drag your files onto an FTP Alias icon in the Finder or Dock to upload them to your FTP/S SFTP WebDAV/S server… it’s that easy!

System Requirements: Intel, Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

The sale started June 19 and all titles are discounted to just $2 for the duration.

“Star Trek: Discovery” Date Announced

Star Trek – I posted the trailer back in May for the new Star Trek: Discovery TV series. CBS has now announced that the series will premier on Sunday September 24.

While the series will be available only on CBS All Access (a premium service at $5.99 per month, $9.99 if you want advertising-free viewing), the premier episode will be aired on the CBS broadcast channel. At least we will all get a glimpse of what the series will be like.

The new Star Trek series is set 10 years before the familiar Enterprise of Kirk and Spock. A 15 episode first season has been ordered with the episodes to be shown in split fall-spring runs.

macOS New App Release – Data Extractor 1.5


Product Announcement – Tension Software of Milano, Italy has released Data Extractor 1.5 for macOS. Data Extractor 1.5 allows users to extract data in a sparse format contained inside files and collect them in an internal structured table. Collected data can be exported at any time in various format (CSV, TSV, HTML, Custom).

Data extractor can parse thousands and thousands of file in few seconds and collect all the raw data inside. It uses simple instructions about how to recognize data, how to extract them and where to put these data inside a structured table, ready to be exported.

When the data you want to extract are recognizable inside a text by a start label and the end of data by another label or a newline or return or a tab, Data Extractor can extract it and do in few seconds, the job would require weeks or months or even years to do by hand.

Data Extractor provides all the knowledge to accomplish these specific tasks in a fast and smart way inside a beautiful and elegant, Mac only, native application. Data Extractor provides an internal database table, where the user can create how many columns she/he likes, where data can be collected.

Data are always available for export on disk in CVS (comma separated value), TSV (tab separated value) or html table format. Name of custom fields can be used as first record during exportation (for successive smart importing).

Data Extractor is document based and any document can be customized for fast batch processing of large amount of data with specific sources, rules of extractions and custom destination fields. Creating many documents the user can create as many custom ‘extraction set’ he needs to extract from different files and with different extraction rules.

The application includes a PDF user guide with also 4 practical lessons with demo documents (on our site) on how to extract data from text files and put them inside a custom, user created table. Due to the complexity of the operations we know that it is a lot easier to show to the user some examples of usage, before explaining from a general point of view how the app works.


  • Transform order or data in general you receive via email in a database records (Data Extractor can parse directly emails pointing at your mailbox on your Hard Disk)
  • Collect order received as server output when not directly inserted inside a database
  • Extract data from files one by one, also dragging them via Drag & Drop
  • Can process folders extracting from all the files inside nested to any level
  • Convert data provided in one format to another when the first format uses a recognizable patter with labels to identify data fields
  • Adjustable data columns positions
  • Extract data from files where data are written all in one file with record separated just by a distinctive string
  • Extract data from files where records are separated by newline with fields all in one line identified just by labels
  • Extract data from text document with non unique, ambiguous tags , using special tags usable to instruct Data Extractor where to really start collect data
  • Parse files only if they respond to certain characteristics
  • Extract data only if they respond to certain characteristics
  • Extract data also when it is specified by more then one label (it can put different extraction in the same destination field)
  • Can use ‘Case Sensitive’ option for data tags

New in this release:

  • Additional force option: ‘Prefix at Start of Line’
  • Extraction algorithm improved
  • Bug fix extracting data with start tag having a space as first character
  • Other minor bug fix
  • Optimized for macOS 10.12 Sierra

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • Optimized for macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • 64-bit processor
  • 6.7 MB

Data Extractor 1.5 is only $49.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category. It is also available through the Tension Software website.

macOS New App Release – Mirror for Fire TV

Product Announcement – AirBeamTV of Naarden, Netherlands has released Mirror for Fire TV application on the Mac App Store and on their website. Screen Mirroring has been around on MacOS since WWDC 2011 as AirPlay Mirroring, but only for MacOS users who also use an AppleTV. AirBeamTV is the first company worldwide who made it possible to mirror screen and audio from any Mac to all major Smart TV brands and connected TV devices.

Amazon Fire TV is a digital media player owned by 12% of US households (comScore: 2016). The Fire TV does not have a native option for Screen Mirroring from Apple Mac computers. AirBeamTV has added this much appreciated functionality. To enjoy Screen Mirroring from Mac to Fire TV, users need to follow a simple two-step process:

  • Step One is to install the (free) Mirror Receiver for Fire TV app on their Fire TV. The easiest way to do this is from the Amazon websitte.
  • Step Two is to download and install the Mirror for Fire TV app on the Mac. A free trial version of this application is available on the AirBeamTV website.

The Mac App can be purchased through the Mac App Store for $8.99. To use sound as well as video, Mac App Store users need to install a separate audio driver, which can be downloaded for free as well from the AirBeamTV website.

macOS New App Release – Precise Screenshot 1.5


Product Announcement – Tension Software of Milano, Italy has released Precise Screenshot 1.5 for macOS, the important update of their next generation tool to take screenshots from the Mac screen. Precise Screenshot can select a resizable portion of the screen with the usual drag method or it can use pre-fixed size area from a customizable popup menu (with the sizes the user needs) or also use the full screen area.

Specify a new specific screen size to take screenshot with high precision is just a matter of selecting it from the custom popup (or resizing and dragging it in the traditional way). The screenshot frame area shows it’s size and position in the upper side border. The screenshot can be moved and resized with precision 1 pixel by 1 pixel.

Precise Screenshot can take shot immediately or using a timer selectable from 0 to 10 seconds (showing a count down). It can works even when in background using a status menu on the right part of the menu bar to take screenshot when other apps are in foreground and in active status. It offers also a useful tool palette with all the setting controls. It can save to the clipboard (with the picture immediately available for use) or to disk in selectable custom places.

Precise Screenshot can save to disk in JPG, PNG, TIFF format. It can save with/without alpha channel (for transparency). ‘Include Menu’ mode to always include in the shot the upper part of the screen with menu bar area included Desk Frame mode to capture any portion of the screen (menu bar excluded)

The app can use a custom file name using meta-tags, with serial number (automatically increased) and or using date elements (Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second). It can optionally alway float all over the other applications with the Shot Selection area. It provides a contextual menu for 1-click commands over the Shot Selection area

The user can modify any setting at any time, also in the middle of the work as required by different situations. Precise Screenshot can offer a preview of the latest screenshot in a floating palette. Optimized for macOS 10.12, it is fully sandboxed offering the maximum protection level combined with the maximum flexibility. It’s small, fast and full featured, it has all you need for a precise and perfect work. Embedded PDF User Guide included.

What’s new for this release:

  • Enhanced status menu
  • Contextual menu (right-click) in the Shot Selection area for 1-click commands.
  • Shot Selection area optionally always floating over all the other applications (also when in background)
  • Optimized for macOS 10.12 (Sierra)

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • 64-bit processor
  • 13.4 MB

Precise Screenshot 1.5 is $5.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category.

Review of “Future That Never Was”


Book Reviews – “Future That Never Was” eBook was published in 2017 and was written by Kin S. Law ( Mr. Law has published two novels.

I received an ARC of this novel through in return for a fair and honest review. I categorize this novel as ‘PG’ because it contains scenes of Violence and Mature Language. The story is set in the late 19th century, but in an entirely different time line. The primary character is Albion Clemens, currently the captain of a steampunk pirate sailing ship. This is one of many that sail through the skies instead of on the oceans of the world.

Clemens is trying to find his adoptive father Samuel Clemens. He gets involved with a beautiful British Scotland Yard agent on a secret mission from the Queen. Unknown forces are stealing prominent landmarks from across Europe. Samuel Clemens is somehow involved.

Albion Clemens, along with his crew, the Scotland Yard agent and an reporter trail across the skies of Europe trying to track down who is stealing the buildings. They find themselves in one tight spot after another as they close in.

I spent 9 hours with this Steam Punk Science Fiction Alternate History novel of 312 pages. I really liked the concept of the flying ships and the overall plot. The writing was difficult to read though and not just from the 19th century language. There were also gaps in the plot where as one chapter ended the crew were being pursued and the next chapter started with them having (somehow) escaped their pursuers. I liked the idea of the novel, but was not impressed with the execution. I was glad when I finally finished this novel. The cover art is appropriate for the story. I give this novel a 2.8 (rounded up to a 3) out of 5.

My book reviews are also published on Goodreads (

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