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Spain, Barcelona – chök the chocolate kitchen


2016 cruise – Day 3 – After visiting Late Pau Claris, we came back to La Rambla for a little shopping. We had read about the cafe “chök the chocolate kitchen” that specializes in chocolate and specialty donuts. The shop we visited is located at c/ del Carme, 3 t: +34 933 042 360 and was just off of La Rambla.


This turned out to be another wonderful bakery!


We chose a couple of their donuts as a ‘second breakfast’ to sustain us for the rest of our day in Barcelona.


As you can see from the photo above, these were not your everyday donuts. These bakeries were wonderful places to visit, but I am glad that they are so far away. Having them close at hand would be too much of a temptation.

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Spain, Barcelona – Laie Pau Claris Bookstore


2016 Cruise – Day 3 – While on our travels, my wife and I like to visit local bookstores. On our third day in Barcelona we had breakfast in our hotel then headed to the bookstore Laie Pau Claris (Carrer de Pau Claris, 85, 08010 Barcelona, Spain).


Not only was it a nice bookstore, it also had a very nice cafe where we had a cup of hot chocolate.

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Spain, Barcelona – El Arte del helado


2016 Cruise – Day 2 – After our wonderful dinner at the Restaurant La Rambla, we headed on up the La Ramba towards our hotel. Along the way we came across the El Arte del helado. They had a wide selection and we each got a gelato to top off our evening.

There seemed to gelato or bakeries in every block. This wrapped up our second day in Barcelona. I finished the day with 16,176 steps according to my Apple Watch.

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Spain, Barcelona -La Colmena Pasteleria


On the second day of our trip after visiting the Sagrada Familia, we came across the La Colmena bakery, located at Plaça de l’Àngel, 12, 08002 Barcelona.

Shops like this one seemed to be around every corner. Every one had an array of enticing goodies.

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Netherlands, Amsterdam, Cafe Chocolat (Schiphol Airport)


2016 cruise – In route from Houston to Barcelona to meet up with our cruise ship we passed through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. We discovered the Cafe Chocolat there two years ago. It was every bit as good as we remembered.


The Cafe lives up to its name as you can see in the photo above. YES those are platters of large chocolate chunks you see in the photo above. Several different kinds of chocolate. But they have several other goodies to help pass your time.

img_0171 img_0170

I have had coffee, hot chocolate and one of their little chocolate cakes and it was all enjoyable. If you are passing through Schiphol Airport and have the time, drop by Lounge 1 and satisfy your chocolate cravings. You will not be disappointed!

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Happy National Dessert Day!


Yes, today, October 14, 2016, is National Dessert Day. Who knew? I certainly didn’t until I saw an announcement, but I have added it to my list of date to celebrate each year in the future.

How should you celebrate? Go out to a dessert shop or restaurant and indulge in one of their tasty treats. Or if you are creative and have the time, whip up a family favorite recipe. See some other recommendations (“Happy National Dessert Day! Here are some of our favorite treats to celebrate“) from the anchors of TODAY. You might also want to check out the article “25 ways to celebrate National Dessert Day“. Join the celebration by posting photos on social media with the hast tag #NationalDessertDay.

It is not surprising that there are various establishments offering promotions in celebration. Some good sources of these are: