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Remembering D-Day 2018

WWII – WWII Timeline – It is that time of year again when I make an effort to see some of the movies that depict D-Day, June 6, 1944 or that period in history. I watched “Darkest Hour” recently on the long flight home from Singapore. Not D-Day but certainly an interesting look at the war. I will watch “The Longest Day“,  “Saving Private Ryan” and the “Band of Brothers” series over the next couple of weeks.

74 years have past since D-Day and a shrinking number are left today that experienced it. I’m surprised as how many of today’s youth do not even understand the significance of June 6 or December 7.

I am glad to see the film, “Dunkirk” come out last year. I think that there are WWII period films in production that will depict the Battle of Britain and one with Tom Hanks as a destroyer Captain. With 2019 being the 75th anniversary, I suspect we will see a lot more in the media looking back at this important date in our history.

I have an interest in history, particular of that period. I had hoped to visit the “National World War II Museum” in New Orleans again this year, but that has now been delayed. I have been there twice now but I am ready to visit again. They have done a superb job of telling the story of both the European and Pacific Theaters in World War II.

Locally in Austin, Texas there is the Texas State Military Forces Museum that covers that period in history as well, though it is not nearly as large.

It is Veterans Day Once Again


Today is Veterans Day in the US. November 11 is the day chosen to annually honor our military veterans. The day originated as Armistice Day in 1919 in recognition of the first anniversary of the end of World War I. It became an annual observance in 1926 by resolution of Congress, then a national holiday in 1938. The name of the day was changed from Armistice Day to Veterans Day in 1954.


Many have fought and died over the years to defend the US. Make time today to thank those that have made the sacrifice. While Memorial Day (the 4th Monday in May) honors those who died in service of their country, today is a recognition of all who have served.


November has been declared “Veterans and Family Month”. To find out information on activities near you refer to the Veterans and Family Month Calendar 2017.

If you are in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, visit the National World War II Museum there. It does a great job of telling the story of the second World War. If you are in the Central Texas Area, you might want to visit the Texas Military Forces Museum in Austin on the grounds of camp Mabry.

USA, Louisiana, Metairie – City Diner


When my wife and I were in new Orleans a few weeks ago we asked as we were checking out where we might go for breakfast. The suggestion was City Diner. The City Diner is located at 3116 S I-10 Service Road E, Metairie, LA, next to a La Quinta. It isn’t much to look at but it was packed the entire time we were there on an early Sunday morning.


Not only was it constantly busy, there was a steady stream of take out orders. The most popular seemed to be their “short stack” ($8.99). I have had a lot of pancakes, but these looked exceptional. After seeing several “to-go” boxes of pancakes being taken out in pizza boxes, I asked one of the staff if I could take a picture. As you can see from the image above, these are enormous pancakes!


We opted for palettes, and they were equally impressive. Needless to say, neither of us finished our order.

This is not a fancy place, but the food was excellent. The City Diner opened in December of 2008 and they are open 24 hours a day. They are conveniently located just off of I-10. You can check out their full menu on-line. Yelp only rates it at 3.5 out of 5 with meals priced in the $11-30 range. TripAdvisor rates it at 4 out of 5. I would not hesitate to go back the next time I am in the New Orleans area.

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USA, Louisiana, New Orleans – Mr. John’s Steakhouse


We were in New Orleans last weekend for one of the 2016 regional NFL flag football tournaments. After the long, nine hour drive over from Austin (with stops at Buc-ees of course) we made some time for ourselves. The couple we were with had found Mr. John’s Steakhouse (2111 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA).

I shared a “Who Dat Shrimp” appetizer (Bacon wrapped gulf shrimp stuffed with crabmeat served with a sweet Thai chili sauce and chipotle remoulade) that was very tasty. I followed that with a “Hearts of Lettuce” salad (A crisp wedge of iceberg lettuce topped with grape tomatoes, crispy apple wood bacon and crumbled blue cheese). Anticipating that I would order dessert, I only ordered the “Petite Filet” accompanied by a Baked Potato. As expected I topped it all off with at piece of cheesecake covered with chocolate sauce.

All four of us were very happy with our meals. If you are in the garden district of New Orleans and are looking for a good steak, you won’t be disappointed with Mr. John’s Steakhouse. It was a little on the expensive side (Yelp rakes it in the $31-$60 per person range) but seemed to be well worth it (the Yelp rating was 4.5 out of 5, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on OpenTable).

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USA, Louisiana, New Orleans – The National World War II Museum


My wife and I love visiting museums. When we were in New Orleans in April 2015 we had the opportunity to visit The National World War II Museum. The museum occupies several
within walking distance of the French Quarter at 945 Magazine Street.

The idea of the museum was conceived by historian Stephen E. Ambrose. Many will recognize that name as he authored many books about World War II, including Band of Brothers. That book was turned into a popular TV series on HBO. The museum became reality in June 6, 2000 when the Grand Opening of the then “D-Day Museum” was held. The museum was designated by the US Congress to be the “National World War II
Museum” in 2003. Today the museum is home to over 100,000 artifacts, and has hosted more than 3 million visitors. The museum is widely supported with over 130,000 members.

exhibits-pavilion-gallery   homefront-gallery-sm

This museum tells the story of the American experience during World War II. The museum has many aircraft and vehicles on exhibit, as well as a few shows and many artifacts. Separate areas of the museum address the war in Europe and the war in the Pacific. I have always enjoyed reading about World War II. My father served in the US Army during the war and was stationed in London and Paris.

The museum is open seven days a week, 9AM – 5PM (Closed only for Mardi Gras Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). At the time I write this post, general admission is $24, with both the “Beyond All Boundaries” and “Final Mission”
shows an additional $5 each.

My wife and I spent around 6 hours touring the exhibits, and still feel like we rushed through. We are both looking ahead to visiting New Orleans again and spending more time with the museum. If you are in New Orleans, are interested in history (particulary World War II) and have a few hours available, this is a fantastic place to visit!

All images “Courtesy of The National WWII Museum.”

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USA, Louisiana, New Orleans – Blue Frog Chocolates

USA, Louisiana, New Orleans - Blue Frog Chocolates

My wife and I came across Blue Frog Chocolates when we were in New Orleans last April. This is a small eclectic shop with a wide variety of things chocolate. The shop has been open since 2000 in a old cottage on Magazine Street (5707 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115). The location is in the Garden District and the cottage is nearly 100 years old. The family owned and operated shop takes it’s name from the “Legend of the Blue Frog“.

USA, Louisiana, New Orleans - Blue Frog Chocolates2

The shop carries a wide assortment of chocolate goods – molded chocolates, chocolate covered nuts, bark, pralines, cocoa mix, assorted gift boxes , dipped strawberries, body paint, . . . The list goes on and on. Some of their products are imported, or from other sources in the US, but many are made locally in the shop. Not only do they have great sweets, orders can be made through their on-line catalog for shipment to you anywhere.

USA, Louisiana, New Orleans - Blue Frog Chocolates3

We tried a few of the chocolates and we both had one of their “Icy Hot Chocolate” drinks. Everything that we tried was outstanding!

If you are in New Orleans, this is a stop I highly recommend.

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