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Canada, British Columbia, Victoria – Rogers’ Chocolates

When my wife and I were on our Alaska cruise in the fall of 2013 one of the stops our ship made was Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. As we walked around in Victoria, we came across Rogers’
. Now this isn’t a single shop, but a large concern with 9 stores not only in Victoria, but also in Vancouver and Whistler. The company has been around more than a hundred years, starting back in 1885.

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria, Rogers' ChocolatesRogers’ offered a wide range of chocolates, and we sampled quite a few. Fortunately for us, the nearest store is now thousands of miles away and no longer tempting us. The stores carry a wide variety of products: baking products, gourmet chocolate bars, nut & fruit, truffles and candies. It was a great treat to look through the selection on display and pick out those that we wanted to try. We particularly like the Victoria creams.

If you like chocolate, you will find something you like at Rogers’! If you are in British Columbia I encourage you to find a Rogers’ and stop by. If you can’t make it to Canada, then Rogers’ does offer shipping world wide and you can request one of their catalogs
or download a PDF.

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