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Wednesday SciFi Flix: “KORTEX”

(See my other Science Fiction and Short Films posts) – I came across the short (16:03) movie “KORTEX” a while back. This is a science fiction film set in a post-apocalyptic world. The synopsis per IMDB:

In a post-Apocalyptic world, a man finds a robot.

While this isn’t the best short film, it is pretty good. It received a rating of 5.7/10 on IMDB.

Review of “All Systems Down”


Book Reviews – “All Systems Down” eBook was published in 2018 and was written by Sam Boush ( This is Mr. Boush’s first publication.

I received an ARC of this novel through in return for a fair and honest review. I categorize this novel as ‘R’ because it contains scenes of Violence and Mature Language. The story is set mostly in the contemporary US. The story follows several different people after North Korea, Russia and China launch an extensive cyber attack on the US and it’s allies.

US Navy aircraft fail and fall from the skies. US Naval ships go dark with complete system failures. The power grid in the US fails. Satellites fail and fall from orbit. The telephone network goes down. The US is left in a post apocalyptic state. Military forces from the conspirators invade the US.

The story follows a handful of people as the each try to survive and even strike back against the invaders. In the first hours and days, this is a struggle to simply survive without the essential services. As more time passes people become desperate and dangerous. Then there is the invasion of US soil.

I really enjoyed the 5+ hours I spent reading this thriller. I liked the story following different individuals as they dealt with the disaster. The cover art could be better. Certainly satellites falling from orbit and burning up would have long previously lost their solar array. The way the story was left there could be a follow-up novel. I give this novel a 4.5 (rounded up to a 5) out of 5.

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Review of “The Last Squadron”


Book Reviews – “The Last Squadron” eBook was published in 2017 and was written by Dan Jayson. This is Mr. Jayson’s first novel.

I received an ARC of this novel through in return for a fair and honest review. I categorize this novel as ‘R’ because it contains scenes of Violence, Mature Language, and Mature Situations. The story is set in Europe in the near future. The primary character is Air Force Captain Natasha Kavolsky.

A war has been brewing for some time along ethnic and religious lines – the Allied Forces against The Brotherhood. As the multinational Allied 9th Mountain Squadron heads for some much needed R & R in a plane flown by Kavolsky, the war suddenly intensifies. Communications is disrupted and the plane is shot down somewhere over a remote area of Norway.

The survivors struggle in the severe winter. As they slowly make their way to civilization they encounter Brotherhood troops and must battle their way south. Kavolsky slowly transitions from pilot to one of the leading officers of the Squadron. The Brotherhood has surprised the Allied Forces with advanced technology, nuclear weapons, and biological weapons. The Brotherhood has escalated the war and is now trying to “cleanse the Earth” of all Allied Forces and their civilian populations.

The squadron must overcome many obstacles in this post-apocalypse world if it wants to survive. The casualties mount up as the Squadron travels through Europe. A base is established by those that remain in France. There they make a stand against a much larger Brotherhood force.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 11 hours I spent reading this 480 page military thriller. I liked the many characters that the story includes. I also liked seeing the military technology which the author predicts for 15 or so years in our future. While Kavolsky is the primary character, there are many others that have significant roles in the story, many of which do not survive to the end. I liked this more realistic attrition of characters. I can easily see sequels to this story and if they appear I will be interested in reading them. The cover art is OK, but I think something could have been chosen to better represent the story. I give this novel a 5 out of 5.

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Trailer for “Mortal Engines”

Trailers – The post apocalyptic film “Mortal Engines” will be in theaters in December of 2018. It is based upon the series of books written by Philip Reeve. The “Mortal Engines” series is called the “Hungry City Chronicles” in the United States. The synopsis per IMDB:

Many years after the “Sixty Minute War,” cities survive a now desolate Earth by moving around on giant wheels attacking and devouring smaller towns to replenish their resources.

Based upon the trailer, the movies has possibilities. It is difficult to say how good it is going to be, though with Peter Jackson a producer there is hope for it.

Trailer for “Scorched Earth”

Trailers – The science fiction/post apocalypse film “Scorched Earth” will be in theaters and available on-demand on February 2. The synopsis via IMDB:

A bounty hunter named Atticus Gage tracks down criminals in a post-apocalyptic Earth.

This might be an interesting film. Hard to really tell from the brief trailer.

Short Science Fiction Film – “Cursor”

Short Films – The short (14:32) science fiction film “Cursor” was published to YouTube in May of 2016 by The CGIBros. The synopsis:

The year is 2034. Four soldiers are sent for complete a mission: to place four systems devices to destroy robots created to kill humanity. But something bad happens. The soldiers are discovered from robots and begin, in vain, their escape. Only one soldier will survive. The salvation will have an unexpected “face”.

This was a well done post apocalypse film. The dialog is in Italian, but there are English subtitles. There is a lot of CGI in the film. The film is rated 5.2 on IMDB, but I thing it deserves a better rating than that, though I do think the ending is a little confusing.

Short Science Fiction Film “The Last Human in the Milky Way”

Short Films – The short (10:26) science fiction film “The Last Human in the Milky Way” was published to YouTube in June of 2015 by The CGBros. The synopsis:

An astronaut and his android have a talk about the place of the Human race in the Universe. A film by Benjamin Combes.

An interesting film. A look at what comes after the apocalypse.

Short Science Fiction Film “Isolation”

Short films – The short (8:28) post apocalypse science fiction film “Isolation” was published to YouTube in May of 2017 by iharrup. The synopsis:

Two female soldiers from opposing armies, stranded on a deserted space colony, face the dire effects of isolation. This is the story of how they met…

The film is a little dark, but it is well done and interesting. I would like to see more on their story.

Post Apocalypse Short Science Fiction Film “Left Behind”

Short Films – This short (18:47) science fiction post apocalypse film “Left Behind” was posted to YouTube in December of 2014 by Ryan Path. The synopsis:

A post-apocalyptic short film set between two young survivors.

An interesting film where most people have been infected with an unknown virus turning them into ‘zombies’. This is the story of a young man and woman who have survived. A good story with a twist.

Short Science Fiction Film “The Highwaymen – Episode 1”

Short film – The Highwaymen series is produced by ThePsychoJellyfish and this first short (10:17) episode was posted to YouTube in September 2013. The synopsis:

Years after the Scourge virus brought humanity close to extinction, three travelers make their way through the forested wastes that were once civilization. However, an unexpected confrontation makes them realize the area isn’t as empty as they thought.

It isn’t too bad a production overall, though the three travelers seem to be traveling pretty light. The acting seems a little week to me, but as independent production it isn’t bad.