Review Requests


I have been reviewing books since the spring of 2014. Most of these I have obtained through NetGalley. However, I have received review requests directly from some publishers and authors. I would be happy to consider any book review requests.

The genres that I am most interested in are:

  • World War II (fiction or historical)
  • Science Fiction
  • Thrillers
  • Sherlock Holmes stories


I am generally not interested in:

  • the occult
  • vampires
  • zombies
  • romances
  • westerns


Product Reviews

If you have Mac OS X software you would like for me to try and review, please contact me. Likewise, I am interested in reviewing any products for the iPad 3, iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6.

I would like to review iOS software, but since that is only available through the Apple App Store I would only consider those products that were available for free download.

I am NOT interested in reviewing any Windows or Android software.


Contact me:

Direct message on Twitter @jrpurvis3



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