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More Interesting Music on YouTube

Music – Last Monday on the Aethereal Engineer website he posted “Epic Music: Graham Plowman — Of Elder Things and Shoggoths“.

Now I am not a big music fan generally, but I liked this as it is all instrumental. I will often play instrumental music while I am working or reading. The music in this post fits well with that use case.

In fact, you might want to check out all of the posts that the composer of the above-mentioned music, Graham Plowman, has. He has many (more than 80 at the time I write this) videos there of his music. All of his titles are based on horror, fantasy, or science fiction themes. If you want some interesting instrumental music, you might want to try them all.


Some Interesting Music from YouTube


I came across the two YouTube posts “IMAscore — Winterstorm” and “London Music Works — O’ Christmas Tree” today. I learned about both of them from the Blog.

The Christmas music is a little late for this year, but I have added it for next year’s enjoyment. The ‘Winterstorm’ music is something I will play when I want relaxation or thinking time music.

I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.