Cyber Security

As I write new posts that address various aspects of cyber security I will provide a link to them from this page for easy reference.

Meetings and Events

Mac & OS X

  1. The Threat of Thunderstrike
  2. FREAK
  3. Adware no included with Java 8 Update 40 Update
  4. Security Patches to Safari
  5. Built-in OS X Malware Protection
  6. OS X Security – An Overview from the  JAMF Nation User Conference
  7. Update your Mac to Prevent Ransomware
  8. macOS Security: OS X Security – Defense in Depth


  1. Remote Attack on Siri Possible


  1. Passwords
  2. Is Your New Car at Risk Because of Keyless Entry?
  3. Improve Your LinkedIn Security
  4. Don’t Plug in just any USB drive
  5. Improved Web Search Privacy with StartPage
  6. Security Now podcast
  7. Browsers can reveal a lot about you and your system

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