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macOS New Resource – MacDeveloper

Product Announcement – Longtime Mac evangelist, GeekSuit LLC of Lake Dallas, Texas has announced MacDeveloper, a massive update to their popular networking and beta testing resource for Apple enthusiasts. MacDeveloper helps companies and individual software developers alike improve the quality of their products by providing a platform to have their applications properly tested from a well informed, and energetic Beta Pool.

MacDeveloper is a free, opt-in service for Apple enthusiasts who love what the Mac community offers. It is squarely aimed at providing Apple users around the globe a place to connect, build a strong sense of community. The platform also serves as an excellent compliment to bundled software avenues. Testers can register to try out the latest software releases and receive coupons for free software, or purchase software at huge discounts.

MacDeveloper for Testers:

  • Register and Test software absolutely free
  • Testers may choose only the Software Categories that interest them
  • Earn Points for Testing your favorite Software
  • Use points to purchase software for Free
  • Use points to purchase software for huge discounts
  • Earn valuable Star Ratings for being a Quality Tester

MacDeveloper’s sole mission is to connect willing and responsible beta testers to software developers. As an enhancement to software distribution, MacDeveloper believes that every business should have access to the state-of-the-art tools necessary to manage every aspect of their organization’s testing activities. No longer do developers have to spend time recruiting testers. MacDeveloper does all of this for them. Now, they can spend more time coding great software and taking care of their customers.

MacDeveloper for Developers:

  • Create Project Channels for only $12.50 (USD) a month
  • Project Channels are billed only as long as they are running
  • Developers may run their beta cycle as long as they wish
  • Upload as many binaries to Project Channels as necessary
  • Search the Beta Pool for Quality Testers
  • Developers may invite new Testers outside of the platform
  • Find Beta Testers who genuinely have a desire to test
  • Developers may leverage their own cart or third party system for licensing
  • Developers use Coupons for Testers to purchase their Applications for free or at a discount
  • Excellent platform for Customer Building

The platform was recently updated with an all-new user interface, built mobile friendly, and includes many new features based on user feedback. Project Channels now offer a forum (devForum) that is created on-the-fly to help Developers better engage with Subscribed Testers. There are subtle updates throughout the entire platform to enhance the overall experience for both Developers and Testers.

MacDeveloper is immediately available. In celebration of this launch, Developers will be given 4 credits which can be assigned to any single Project Channel, or spread across as many new Project Channels as they wish. That is four (4) months of free testing! Projects that run past a given grace period will be charged a low $12.50 (USD) fee, and only as long as the Project is live. This is equivalent to only .42 cents a day, roughly the cost of a pack of chewing gum.

macOS New App Release – AirBeamTV

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.37.30

Product announcement – AirBeamTV of Naarden, Netherlands, a Mac software development company, has released the Mirror for Chromecast application on the Mac App Store and on their website. Screen Mirroring (sometimes called Screen Casting) allows you to see the screen of your Mac, or any external display connected to your Mac, on your TV. This makes it an ideal solution for watching videos on TV, or giving Powerpoint or Keynote presentations on a TV with a Chromecast connected to it.

The Mirror for Chromecast app works on Chromecast 1 and 2 and the new Chromecast Ultra. Because the connection between the Mac and the TV is based on Google Cast technology, the Mirror for Chromecast app also works on Smart TVs based on the Android TV operating system, such as the latest models from Sony and Philips.

Mirror for Chromecast is the latest in a family of popular screen mirroring apps from AirBeamTV. The first product, Mirror for Samsung TV, quickly raised to the top paid video apps on the Mac App Store in USA and other countries, and consistently stays within top 10 up to now. A free trial version of the software can be downloaded from the website.

macOS New App Release – Indigo 7

Product Announcement – Indigo Domotics of Dallas, Texas, the leading provider of Mac-based smart home software, announces the immediate availability of Indigo 7, an update to the company’s intelligent smart home server for macOS. With Indigo, users can easily monitor and control lights, appliances, thermostats, locks, lawn sprinklers and dozens of other items found in the home, thereby enhancing comfort, convenience and security while helping to reduce energy usage.

Included in this release is support for over 65 additional Z-Wave devices, including locks, thermostats, sensors, and lighting controllers. These devices represent a broad selection of devices available worldwide from a large number of vendors and brings the total number of supported and tested Z-Wave devices to over 230. Along with this new device support, Indigo now supports Z-Wave Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) for simplification of the inclusion process, encrypted communication to allow direct lock control, and a new network optimization feature to help maintain Z-Wave routing information across the network.

To facilitate faster support of new Z-Wave devices, Indigo 7 now includes low-level plugin hooks for Z-Wave communication. These new APIs allow 3rd party plugins to add Z-Wave specific enhancements, including support for new devices that aren’t yet available in Indigo’s built-in Z-Wave implementation. “The new Z-Wave APIs in Indigo 7 are a huge addition to Indigo’s extensibility framework,” said Peter Howarth, an Indigo plugin developer. “Two of the most popular Z-Wave feature requests on the forums were advanced integration for locks and scene controllers. The new API enabled me to write plugins for both of these features within hours of them being released – a testament to their simplicity and power.”

Indigo 7 also includes significant improvements to its 3rd party developer APIs and tools, including debugging and integration into popular development IDEs. This has spurred a 30% increase in 3rd party plugins and increased the number of 3rd party Indigo developers. These new plugins support a range of the most popular smart home devices from LIFX, Nest, Philips Hue, and Sonos, to home theater components from Onkyo, Samsung, and Yamaha. Even the Amazon Echo and Harmony Remotes now have integration into Indigo. With these new integrations there are now nearly 200 3rd party plugins available that extend the Indigo ecosystem to different connected devices.

Plugin support isn’t limited to just adding new smart home devices – many plugins extend Indigo in other ways, such as: simplifying logic and scene creation, adding useful data like weather and energy usage, adding virtual devices to simplify and automate complex logic, and expanding on the reporting of data through the various Indigo clients. Indigo 7 is more extendable than ever and the new 3rd party contributions continue to add powerful new functionality and integration to the Indigo platform.

Many of these new plugins were possible because of developer improvements in Indigo 7. “Indigo not only supports the most popular scripting language, Python, but we now offer the best development tools for our plugin developers. With Indigo 7, we directly integrated two standard Python debuggers (pdb and pudb) and added integration with PyCharm, the de facto standard Python IDE with full interactive debugging,” said Mr. Bendiksen. “These tools, taken together with a slew of new APIs and enhanced logging, give developers of Indigo plugins an advantage over other systems in both ease of use and development lifecycle support.”

Indigo 7 is available now for $249.95 (USD) through the Indigo Domotics website. Owners of some previous versions of Indigo are eligible for an upgrade discount. Also available online is a 30 day trial copy of Indigo 7. Indigo runs on macOS 10.7 or greater.

macOS New App Release – Resume Star 1.0


Product Announcement – Qrayon of Seattle, Washington has released Resume Star 1.0, their resume app for macOS. The best-in-class resume app is available on the iPhone, iPad, the Web, and now natively on the Mac

Resume Star is the top-rated resume editor on iOS, with thousands of 5-star reviews. It has helped over a million people score interviews and get the job they want. A web version is also available at the Resume Star website that is compatible on all devices including Windows PC, Android, and Unix. The Mac Edition brings a fully native macOS experience to Resume Star, with the same straight-to-the-point time-saving interface and powerful features.

A precision targeted and professionally typeset resume is the key to scoring an interview. Writing an effective resume is simple and takes only minutes with Resume Star. Simply fill in the information, and Resume Star produces a clean, correctly formatted PDF resume users can email directly, post online, or print out.


Resume Star creates professional resumes using industry best practices:

  • Using a battle-tested template with complete sections.
  • Using cross-platform compatible fonts.
  • Including a targeted and properly addressed cover letter for each company.
  • Avoiding inappropriate colors and styles that send the wrong message.


There are many resume apps out there. Resume Star is different. Download it for free and use it unrestricted. Users only need to pay if they get the interview. This is not a cut-down, limited free edition. It’s the full featured App, and the best-selling one in the App Store. There are no annoying ads, or gotcha limits on creating and sending resumes. It has everything you need to score that interview.

Use the secure in-App purchase to pay only when you feel the developers have earned it.


Resume Star is fine tuned to produce resumes that get the hiring manager’s attention (in the right way), and get you in the door.

Resume Star has a full feature set with everything you need:

  • Creates cross-platform compatible PDF resumes
  • Email or print resumes directly
  • Export to 3rd party Apps such as Dropbox to upload
  • Create unlimited resumes, one for each company if you want
  • 10 professionally drafted examples provide a starting point, or inspiration
  • Use pre-defined sections or create custom ones
  • Rearrange sections to suit your needs
  • Create a specific cover letter for each company, properly addressed
  • Optional fine adjustments to text and margin sizes to fit the page
  • Live previews
  • Includes a free resume writing guide
  • Automatic file versioning (if enabled on macOS)
  • iCloud backups (if enabled on macOS)

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan or later
  • 64-bit processor
  • 4.5 MB

Resume Star 1.0 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category. The developers ask users pay either a standard or bonus fee after they have successfully scored their interview.

macOS New App Release – PDFPen & PDFPenPro 9.0

Product Announcement – Smile of San Francisco, California, the developer of productivity applications for Mac(R), iPhone(R) and iPad(R), launches PDFpen and PDFpenPro 9.0, a new major version of its all-purpose PDF editing tool for Mac. Version 9 introduces over 100 enhancements covering document annotations, Tables of Contents, and export options.

Annotation support is more advanced, including faster access from the Sidebar and more options for copying annotation text.

Navigation by Table of Contents has even greater precision and PDFpenPro users can create and edit entries from a new contextual menu.

New export options include PNG, JPEG, flattened PDF, and more TIFF options. Version 9 also allows for web, fax, and print dpi resolutions of 72, 200, 300, and 600.

PDFpenPro users can perform OCR on horizontal Asian language documents in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The OCR text layer, which can be generated in PDFpen, is now removable. Documents can link directly to selected pages in other locally stored documents, and documents which use JavaScript to perform calculations and contain Print buttons are now supported.

Search-and-highlight joins search-and-replace in the Find menu, and two more custom highlighter colors are available. The new Hand tool allows for panning as well as zooming in and out, and version 9 also adds a line numbering option.

PDFpen and PDFpenPro 9 work with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone version 2, allowing seamless editing across devices when used with Dropbox or iCloud.

PDFpen retails for US $74.95, PDFpenPro for $124.95. Family Pack licenses, which cover up to five computers in one household, are $94.95 for PDFpen and $149.95 for PDFpenPro. Office Pack licenses start at $224.95 for PDFpen (5 users) and $349.95 for PDFpenPro (5 users).

Upgrades from earlier single user versions of either application are US $30, and free to users who purchased on or after January 1, 2017. Upgrades from any previous version of PDFpen to PDFpenPro 8 are $50. Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs is found in our web store.

PDFpen 9 and PDFpenPro 9 require macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) and work great on macOS 10.12 (Sierra). For macOS 10.10 (Yosemite), see our website for compatible earlier PDFpen versions. Demo versions are available on our site. Full versions of PDFpen and PDFpenPro are also available for purchase on Apple’s Mac App Store.

What’s New in PDFpen 9:

Enhances Annotations navigation:

  • Select multiple annotations
  • Copy text of selected annotations
  • Delete selected annotations
  • Includes highlights in list

Enhances Table of Contents editing (PDFpenPro only):

  • Adds contextual menu
  • Adds multiple selection support
  • Combines Table of Contents entries when combining files
  • Copy Table of Contents entries

Adds export options:

  • Export to JPEG, PNG, and 1-bit TIFF
  • Export to flattened PDF
  • Export in grayscale
  • Export one TIFF file per page
  • Export at 72, 200, 300, 600 dpi
  • Adds horizontal OCR for Chinese, Japanese & Korean (PDFpenPro only)
  • Supports removing OCR layer
  • Create and open links to other files
  • Adds initial support for forms which perform calculations
  • Find & Highlight all instances of a search keyword
  • Adds hand tool for navigation:
  • Magnify using hand tool with Option / Command Option
  • Adds line numbering
  • Adds two additional custom highlight colors
  • Adds keyboard shortcut for ‘Zoom to Width’ 9
  • Supports Print button in interactive forms
  • Adds visual indicator when navigating Table of Contents
  • Smoother navigation to Table of Contents entries
  • Shows full text / tooltips when hovering over related items
  • Shows resizing handles for items off page edge
  • Shows current page and count in document title
  • Print annotation list alone–great for highlights
  • Improves font smoothing for better readability
  • Over 100 other usability improvements

Features Specific to PDFpenPro:

  • Create cross-platform fillable PDF forms including interactive signature fields and email or web submission buttons
  • Create and edit Table of Contents
  • Convert websites into PDFs
  • Add and edit document permissions
  • Automatic form creation makes existing PDF forms fillable
  • Gather submitted form data via backend integration
  • Export to Microsoft(R) Excel (.xlsx) when offline, and to Microsoft(R) PowerPoint (.pptx) and PDF Archive (PDF/A) formats with an Internet connection, must be a licensed user
  • Add and delete file attachments and annotations
  • Create Portfolio documents, combining related files together
  • Correct typos in OCR text layer
  • OCR horizontal Chinese, Japanese & Korean


  • Add text, images and signatures to PDFs
  • Correct text in original PDF with editable text blocks
  • Fill out interactive PDF forms and sign them
  • Redact or erase text, including OCR text
  • Search and replace, search and redact, and search and highlight text
  • Export in Microsoft(R) Word format, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and flat PDF
  • Scan directly from Image Capture or TWAIN scanners
  • Perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on scanned documents
  • View OCR layer for proofing OCR text from scanned pages, or remove OCR layer
  • Edit original images, including adjusting resolution, color depth and contrast, skew, and size of an image or scanned document
  • Sign PDF forms via drawing, interactive signature fields, or AATL or self-signed certificates
  • Insert and remove pages; re-order pages in a PDF with drag & drop; combine PDFs maintaining Table of Contents entries
  • Move, resize, copy and delete images in original PDF
  • Save PDFs directly to Evernote
  • Preview and extract file attachments and annotations
  • Record and playback audio annotations
  • Copy and paste rich text; retain fonts and formatting when copying from PDFs, including columns
  • Context-sensitive popup-menus enable quick edits
  • Add notes and comments, print annotation summary with or without the original text
  • Mark up documents with highlighting, underscoring and strikethrough
  • Save frequently-used images, signatures, objects and text in the Library; sync Library items with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone via iCloud
  • Apply business-related and Sign Here stamps via the Library
  • Password protect a document with up to 256-bit AES encryption
  • Automate PDF manipulations with AppleScript and JavaScript Automation
  • Available in English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish

Requirements: macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or 10.12 (Sierra)

PDFpen Pricing:
US $74.95 from the website
Family Pack: $94.95 (home use; up to 5 computers in one household)
Office Pack: starts at $224.95 for 5 users
Single user upgrade from earlier versions of PDFpen: $30
Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs available
(Free upgrades for purchases made on or after January 1, 2017; no free upgrades available on the Mac App Store)

PDFpenPro Pricing:
US $124.95
Family Pack: $149.95 (home use; up to 5 computers in one household)
Office Pack: starts at $349.95 for 5 users
Single user upgrade from earlier versions of PDFpenPro: $30
Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs available
(Free upgrades for purchases made on or after January 1, 2017; no free upgrades available on the Mac App Store)

Single user upgrade from the previous version of PDFpen to PDFpenPro 8: $50

Site licenses: PDFpen $1249.95, PDFpenPro $1624.95

macOS, iOS New App Release – VPN Unlimited

Product announcement – KeepSolid of New York, New York has released VPN Unlimited, featuring a DNS Firewall. This new version blocks malware, ads and tracking web resources. In addition to a top-notch VPN service, now VPN Unlimited has all users might need to browse the web securely, privately and protected.

DNS Firewall is a unique solution that combines three tools – anti-tracking, ad-blocking and anti-malware – in one. By just changing an IP address, you are not totally protected from tracking systems. In the new update, VPN Unlimited solves this issue, stops them from spying on your browsing activities. An ad-blocking function bans nearly all ads both on websites and in apps, which is pretty unique even for ad-blocking apps. It works smoothly on iOS and Android, as well as on desktops. VPN Unlimited will also filter traffic to prevent malware from infecting your devices.

In case users want to block some site that is not listed as a spammy one, they can manually add it to the Black List in the app. As well as add some web resources to the White List so they never get banned. White lists have a higher priority than Black lists.

Thanks to the DNS Firewall, users will have a long sought-after ad-free and safe web browsing experience. In the near future, KeepSolid will add a possibility to set up DNS Firewall on routers and Windows Phones too.

About the service:
VPN Unlimited creates an encrypted tunnel, and all user activity travels through it. This means that all the data they send or receive is hidden from hackers, sniffers, and spies because it is inside that tunnel. A tunnel is established between your device and one of 1200+ reliable servers of VPN Unlimited, located in 70 regions around the globe.

Not only your connection will be protected, your geographic location and IP will be hidden too. This will let you surf the web without any restrictions or limits. Whether inside your country, or on a business trip, or on vacation, you will have access to your favorite web resources even in the regions with strict internet censorship.

VPN Unlimited is a cross-platform service, available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. VPN Unlimited for macOS is free and can be downloaded from the website or from the Mac App Store. The free iOS version can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

macOS New App Release – Anti Virus Plus


Product Announcement – B-Eng of Fehraltorf, Switzerland has released Anti Virus Plus for Mac. Anti Virus Plus is a virus scanner with advanced features, making it an all-round security software. Besides of regular scans Anti Virus Plus allows several advanced scanning methods as follows:

  • Drag and drop scan: drag and drop any file for an immediate scan
  • Auto directory scanner: newly added files are scanned automatically
  • Adware scanner
  • Scanner for compressed viruses and malware
  • Detection of encrypted viruses, malware, adware and trojans
  • Virus and malware definitions are updated every hour
  • Vulnerability scanner detects loopholes and unsecure security settings
  • Port scanner for advanced security

Christian Schaffner, General Manager of B-Eng, also pointed out that a lot of virus scanners on the market don’t do what they promise. “We found one specific scanner that simply checks the version of macOS and based on that it states that the computer is safe, which of course is no proof for the integrity and security at all. Anti Virus Plus runs extended routines to check the integrity of the OS, and it does it fast.” Anti Virus Plus also contains a browser cleaner and has successfully passed the EICAR test.

Anti Virus Lite, a separate product, is available for $4.99 through the Mac App Store. Anti Virus Lite has passed the EICAR test and is able to detect various other threats than viruses. Its features include:

  • An adware scanner is included, helping to keep the browser free of clutter
  • Detection of viruses that are hidden in compressed files
  • Detection of encrypted viruses, malware, adware and trojans
  • A drag and drop scanner is included, to check specific files by dropping them in the scanner

Anti Virus Plus runs on MacOS 10.11 or newer, and is available for $19.99 (USD). It is available on the website and is a one-time-purchase, which means that there are no additional fees.

macOS New App Release – VDOMint 1.1


Product Announcement – Macubes of Clayton, New Jersey has released VDOMint 1.1 for Mac OS, an update to the company’s second application. VDOMint provides Mac users with a Menu Bar for YouTube, making searching for new and trending video content a super-fast, effortless process. It is the instant access tool to what’s hot in video format from around the globe.

Working just like a YouTube Spotlight, VDOMint includes a host of features that make it a must-have app for any Mac user with a YouTube channel or interest in viewing videos from YouTube. Its features include a shortcut key setting for go-to, quick access, a transparency setting for the video player, as well as these cool features that make viewing YouTube video content a breeze:

  • Snapping to edges
  • Option to launch at log in
  • Option to loop video on player
  • Adding transparency in player
  • YouTube URL drag and drop over player/menu-bar
  • Full screen setting for player

Following its successful launch of Gridustra, the application that helps Mac users boost their productivity by arranging their windows easily and save time, this is Macubes second application. Offering new UI refinements, version 1.1 now includes Drag & Drop support in Status Bar and Player Window from YouTube URLs, as well as minor and major bug fixes.

Device Requirements:

  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • 64-bit processor
  • 13.6 MB

VDOMint 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Entertainment category.

macOS New App Release – TunesKit Free Video Cutter

Product Announcement – TunesKit Software of London, United Kingdom, the professional DRM removal solution provider, officially unveiled its first video editing software called TunesKit Free Video Cutter, which is an innovative video cutting tool that can cut any video with 100% lossless quality for both Mac and PC users.

TunesKit Free Video Cutter is designed to meet the requirement of quick video editing for beginners. Smart, simple yet powerful, that may be the first impression of everyone who uses the new app. By releasing such an easy-to-use free video trimmer, TunesKit offers the free solution for the video lovers to trim and rearrange their collected footages to small and new movie clips easily.

Key Features of TunesKit Video Cutter Freeware:
Differ from other professional video editing software which comes with dazzling editing features like PIP, voice over, transition, overlay effect, etc., TunesKit Free Video Cutter doesn’t have any clumsy button or function. It is specially designed for cutting and merging videos only with core features as below:

  • Support all the popular video formats, like MP4, M4V, MOV, MPEG, AVI, and much more
  • Timeline based editing window, precise trimming settings by adjusting the slider or inputting a value
  • Preserve 100% lossless quality when cutting the videos
  • Support merging multiple video segments from the same video into a brand new movie
  • Support to preview newly created video before exporting
  • Cut videos to small pieces at 50X faster speed that surpasses most professional video editors

All these amazing features make TunesKit Free Video Cutter one of the best video splitters in the market no matter you want to cut large videos to small segments, or merge the different video clips from the same movie into a new clip. The App is available to download from the website.

macOS New App Release – Server Ranger 1.5


Product Announcement – LibertyApp Ltd. of Belfast, United Kingdom has released Server Ranger 1.5, the latest version of the company’s website and server monitoring solution for the macOS platform. Server Ranger 1.5 brings brand new features and other enhancements. Get alerts when things go wrong with your devices. No subscriptions, no monthly fees, no in-app purchases and no adverts. Powerful yet easy-to-use, Server Ranger can check any number of servers or devices, whether that be 1 device or 1000.

* Smart Interface: Nodes performing properly are in green. Yellow indicates the node is online but slow. Red is for offline. Only interested in 1 device? Switch to Single Server Mode to reduce on-screen clutter.

* Checks: Choose how often Server Ranger checks your servers, from as little as every 30 seconds to once an hour. Or switch off the automatic monitoring and manually check your devices when you choose.

* Alerts: Don’t wait for your customers, Twitter followers or users to tell you that your site is down. Be the first to know! Server Ranger alerts you if the performance is slow or if the server has gone offline. Get alerted by emails, on-screen alerts, notifications and more.

* Big Screen mode: Open the Overview window and get a glance at all your servers. Put the window on another monitor, a screen on the wall or even Airplay it to your Apple TV.

* Statistics: Server Ranger logs every response from your devices. Spot patterns of poor latency and print or export the evidence to a CSV file. The log file updates live, no need to refresh.

Key features:

  • Monitor any type of server or site – file servers, routers, web servers, email servers and more
  • Define alerts for slow and offline devices
  • Emails, Mac notifications, sounds, and visual alerts
  • Eliminate false positives – alerts are only sent after a user-definable number of checks
  • Single Server Mode
  • Overview window – perfect for a screen on the wall or Airplaying to an Apple TV
  • Detailed log file with export and print
  • One simple price – no adverts or monthly subscription fees
  • Built for macOS Sierra (10.12), OS X El Capitan (10.11) and OS X Yosemite (10.10)

As well as bug fixes, version 1.5 offers some brand new features:

  • Modern integrated main window: The server log now has its own pane on the main window
  • New filters on the server logs: Logs can now be filtered to show ‘Everything’ (all checks), ‘Alerts’ (Warning or Offline) or just ‘Offline’
  • Just want to run manual checks? Automated checks can now be switched off in Preferences – Check as and when you choose
  • Middle detail pane now shows the average latency for the selected server
  • New menu bar icon for fast checking of your servers

Server Ranger 1.5 is available as a one-time purchase of $39.99 USD (or equivalent) from the Mac App Store. It has no in-app purchases and requires no subscriptions or other monthly fees. It is a free upgrade for all current customers.