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AuthorBooks ReviewedGenre
Anderson, TaylorPass of FireRiver of BonesStraits of HellAlternate History, Thriller
Bernhard, EmiliaDeath in ParisMystery
Boush, SamAll Systems DownThriller
Brazier, Eliza JaneIf I DisappearMystery
Carey, Ella July 11, 2021WWII Romance
Centrae, Avanti13 September 2020The Doomsday MedallionSolstice ShadowsThe Lost PowerThriller
Cordell, Michael14 March 2022Our TrespassesThrillers
Economou, AndreasTemplar SecretsFiction, Mystery
Enderly, A.D.March 2021Complex: A Dystopian ThrillerScience Fiction
Gilbers, HaraldJune 3, 2021GermaniaWWII Mystery
Gilbert, Darren C. June 2018Serpents UnderfootThriller
Jayson, DanThe Last SquadronThriller
Kelly, JKSeptember 2019The Lost PulseFound in TimeThe ExportThe Export’s RevengeDeadly DriverSciFi, Thriller
Levine, David D.Arabella The Traitor of MarsSciFi
MacNeal, Susan Elia March 22, 2021The Prisoner in the CastleThe King’s JusticeThe Hollywood SpyMother Daughter Traitor SpyMystery
Mitchell, Ed April 14, 2021Black CamelCenturion WitnessAction, Thrillers
Powr, MaxxThe PromiseSciFi
Rothman, Michael A.Primordial ThreatSciFi, Thriller
Turpin, AndrewSeptember 2018The Last NaziThe Kremlin’s VoteThe AfghanThe Dark ShahThe ConfessorWWII, Thriller
Webber, RobertMarch 2021Winston’s SpyThriller, Intrigue
Woode-Smith, Nicholas 26 May 2022Fall of Zona NoxScience Fiction

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