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Star Wars Fan Film “Liberation”

Star Wars – I thought that this, Star Wars: Liberation, was an above average fan film. The acting lacked a little, but the production quality and special effects were excellent. This 11:04 video was published back in August of 2016. The official synapsis is:

It is a time of great peril for the Rebel Alliance. One of its fiercest warriors Vince Nurada has been captured by the Empire and held captive aboard an imperial vessel. After months of being a prisoner of war, Vince may have finally found his ticket to freedom

I think that I will be adding this one to my collection.

Star Wars Fan Film “Versus: The Way to Shadow”

Star Wars – Interesting Fan Film set in the Star Wars universe. Another one where most of the film is set in a forest. It is in French but does has English subtitles. There is not much dialog, but there is quite a bit of light saber action. The official description is:

Darius is a Jedi on the run, maybe even the last of his order which was reduced to nothing by what we now call the empire. Like everything which is rare, he’s tracked relentlessly. By the rebels who send their best agents to bring him on their side, by the empire and his numerous clone troops, by a mysterious bounty hunter, and by a powerfull sith warrior. When Darius resurfaces, all of these forces with opposite interests surround him and clash violently. 

There is some Mature Language in this film and it has pretty good special effects.

Another Good Star Wars Fan Film “Emergence”

Star Wars – I recently came across this Star Wars Fan Film published in 2016. The story line is:

Alenna, a Jedi Padawan, is blinded in an ambush designed to leave her dead. Facing inner demons and dangerous foes, she must rediscover her purpose and identity as a Jedi Knight.

I continue to be impressed with what fans of the Star Wars Universe have been able to create.