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Wednesday SciFi Flix: Short Star Wars Fan Film “Whatever Happened to Mace Windu”

Star Wars – Short Films – The short (10:26) Star Wars fan film “Whatever Happened to Mace Windu?” was uploaded to YouTube in June of 2017 by blinky500. The synopsis:

Sometime after the fallout of “Revenge of the Sith” and before the events of “Rogue One”, Mace Windu found his way to a desert planet with no name, where he prepares his counter-strike against the Galactic Empire and his nemesis- Darth Vader.

I thought that this was a pretty well-done film, though it only earned a 4.1/10 rating on IMDB. I think that the results of just four Sundays of filming turned out well.


Are You a Star Wars Fan? You Might Like These Wallpapers for Your Phone

Star Wars – I came across these yesterday and wanted to share them. The Star Wars themed wallpapers shown above are just two of the seven that are available to download from “Star Wars fan wallpaper creations“.

Dress up your phone and May the Force Be With You!

Wednesday SciFi Flix: Short Fan Film “The Fallen Jedi”

Short Films – The short (10:00) Star Wars Fan Film “The Fallen Jedi” was uploaded to YouTube in July of 2017 by GUWZs Productions. The synopsis:

Jaina and her darksaber battle Jacen Solo one last time to determine the fate of the galaxy!

This is not the best Star Wars Fan Film I have seen, but it is far from the worst. The special effects of the lightsaber fighting are pretty good. I also really like Jaina’s use of the “darksaber”. A real plus for this fan film is that it is not shot out in the forest. As good as this short is I am surprised that it still has less than 20,000 views after 18 months.

If you are a Star Wars fan I would recommend giving up the 10 minutes to watch this fan film.

Ever Wonder How Large Something From Star Wars Is?

Star Wars – The Star Wars Universe has introduced us to a variety of people, creatures, bots, vehicles, and planets over the years. Have you ever wondered how large they were? This short (9:48) video will show you how many of them compare in size.

This video from MetalBallStudios was uploaded to YouTube in February of 2019. As their synopsis of the video states:

Comparison of many things from the Star Wars movies. Only movies from episode I to VIII, Rogue One and Solo. Obviously, not everything appears, only the most representative.

If you are a fan of the Star Wars stories you will find this size comparison interesting.

The Star Wars E-11 Blaster

Star Wars – I came across this video this morning and wanted to share it. It is an in depth look at the E-11 Blasters used by Imperial Stormtroopers,as well as the Grand Army of the Republic, and the First Order.

I thought that was an interesting look a weapon seen in every Star Wars movie. If you are a Star Wars fan you will find this short (5:03) video of interest.

Tech of the Death Star

Podcasts –  Star Wars – I listened to the two episodes of the Tech Stuff podcast that deal with the Star Wars Death Star earlier this week. These episodes, “Death Star Support Systems” and “Death Star Weaponry”, aired May 7 and May 4 of 2018 respectively.

The host of Tech Stuff looks at the possible propulsion system, artificial gravity, and the main system weapon among other topics and tried to apply a technical explanation as to how they might have (or have not) worked.

As you can tell I am running behind on my podcast listening, but being eight months old did not diminish them in any way. If you are a fan of things Star Wars you may find these podcasts of interest. All of the Tech Stuff podcasts are available through iTunes.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney


Star Wars – Set to open in 2019 at both Disneyland and Disney World, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will immerse you in the Star Wars Universe. I glimpsed some of the construction early this year when I was at Disney World. You couldn’t see much, but what I did see was impressive. This ‘Trailer’ was released by Disney on December 25, 2018, to give us a peek at what we will be seeing.

I am looking forward to visiting Disney again after the Star Wars park expansion opens in 2019. Galaxy’s Edge is set to open next summer at Disneyland and later in the fall at Walt Disney World.

Star Wars Scenes Recreated with Toys


Star Wars – My son sent me a link to the article “It’s no Jedi mind trick, these iconic Star Wars scenes are all toys” today. I think that this photographer has put together some amazing photos considering he is only using Star Wars toys and a little Photoshop magic to create his photos. If you are a Star Wars fan you will likely enjoy them.

I included one of the photos from the article above, but if you follow the link to the article there are 39 more photos you can view.


Star Wars Reads – October 2018


Reading – I think that this is a great post for my third #Blogtober post. For the seventh year, Star Wars (and Disney) are celebrating Star Wars Reads all month long.

Activities are being held across the country at libraries and bookstores. There are also posters you can download and print on the website. You may also want to follow their Facebook page. That page lists a number of events that are scheduled for October.

This is a great way for young and old to get involved with reading through everyone’s favorite Universe.