I have taken a renewed interest in extracting “gems” from various internet sources and sharing them, along with my observations, with others.  I hope that you find this information of interest. My focus on this Blog is on reviews of books I have read, the Mac computer, locations I have visited, and information about the WWII era in history.


One of my longtime interests is reading.  I’ve posted about several books I’ve read on Twitter, and there may be entries in my Blog from time to time.  I have some collected information on the Books and Reading page for those with eBook readers. I am also a member of NetGalley and I regularly review books through them and share the reviews on my Blog.

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OS X, iOS, Apple TV

I have been a long time Mac user and an active member of the Capital Macintosh Users Group in Austin, Texas. In the summer of 2014 began writing about Mac related topics. I also try to post an article every day about a new Mac software release.

I hope the information I have assembled will be of use to other Mac users. I also started to write about iOS addressing subjects that are of interest to me. The spring of 2015 I purchased an Apple TV and have been occasionally writing about it as well. Unfortunately, it is not capable of having third party Apps installed on it which makes the Apple TV so useful today.

Food and Locations

I am a fan of food, particularly good steaks and great deserts. I have added a Food page to consolidate my posts of the locations I have enjoyed and want to share. I have also added places, generally museums, I have visited that others might find useful.


I have always been interested in the WWII era of history, but since I visited the National WWII Museum and have begun volunteering as a Docent at the Texas Military Forces Museum I have developed an even deeper interest. The best way to start with my various post is to visit my About WWII page.

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