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Star Wars Fan Film “Star Wars Downunder”

Short FilmStar Wars – “Star Wars Downunder” is an unusual Star Wars Fan film as it has a definite tongue-in-cheek Australian twist – boomerang light sabers, hopping Imperial Walkers and a quest for beer. It is a full 30:57 film that was uploaded to YouTube in November 2013. The synopsis:

Star Wars Downunder is a 30 minute Star Wars fan film which finally answers the age-old question that has confounded many a film buff before: What would happen if you crossed Star Wars with an Australian beer commercial. Answer? Star Wars Downunder: an epic tale of the good, the bad and the thirsty. Directed by Michael Cox and written by Bryan Meakin and Michael Cox, Star Wars Downunder is half an hour of action, special effects and lovable Aussie larakins.

While kind of goofy and a little hard to understand because of the thick Australian accent, this is a pretty good film. It has amazingly good special effects.


Star Wars Fan Film “Fade”

Star WarsFan film – This (1:10:21) fan film was published on YouTube in October of 2012 and is a sequel to the film “Immolation”. The synopsis:

The Jedi Civil War rages on, engulfing the planet Ruusan in conflict. The stalemate exhausts Jedi and Sith as hope fades. A Jedi Knight discovers a threat greater than the Sith Brotherhood. He must venture forth to uncover the secret of the threat. To succeed, he must quell the doubts of the Jedi Order as he again confronts the terrible truths of Darth Ansia’s past.

The film seems to be a mediocre production for the most part. The acting seemed a little flat to me and the special effects a little primitive. I’m not sure why there are lengthy stretches of only loud music and no dialog while the action in the film continues. The most I can say is that this film has is length.

Star Wars Fan Film “Exile – Episode 1”

Star Wars – A very well done Star Wars fan film and was made for the 2016 Star Wars Fan Film Awards. This was first published on YouTube in March 2016. This film is a Noel Braham production. The synopsis is:

Jedi around the galaxy are being viciously hunted and killed by the evil Galactic Empire. Aware of the imminent danger, Jedi Master Boemana Tora and her Padawan Makal Lori, flee to the outer rim systems close to the planet of Lothal.

Given that a year has past I had hopes there were other episodes posted, but I have been able to find none. That is too bas as I think this would have been a good story to follow.

Star Wars Fan Film “The Secret of Tatooine”

Star Wars – I thought that this was a well done fan film. The native language of the film is French, but fortunately there are English subtitles. For me, reading those takes away from watching the action in the film. The synopsis is:

Obi wan Kenobi is exiled on Tatooine to watch over the young Luke Skywalker. His mission will be complicated when the young boy leaves alone in the desert in pursuit of the Tuskens. In saving him, Obi-Wan stirred the curiosity of a bounty hunter and troops of the empire. Will the Knight Jedi succeed in preserving his identity while protecting Luke?

This short film takes place between episodes 3 and 4.

This film is by Jordan Inconstant and was published to YouTube in November of 2016.


Star Wars Fan Film “The Weight of Forgiveness”

Star Wars – This Star Wars fan film is quite different than the others I have seen. There is no dialog in this Italian short (14:11) film, only music. It was published to YouTube in January 2016. It has light sabers in it, which ties it to the Star Wars universe, but the action seems to be more symbolic and the story quite surreal.

There is quite a bit of light saber action in the film and the special effects are well done. The posting in YouTube goes on to say:

The movie is full of realistic fights, actually more fought than acted -they are not choreographies, but real duels fought according to formalized combat styles-, by two of the major Italian experts of the Lightsaber’s Discipline, Eugenio Di Fraia and Andrea Iannini. They are also the directors, authors and special-effects editors of the movie.

The Weight of forgiveness has been chosen by Cinema Arcadia di Melzo -one of the biggest and most technological advanced movie theatre all over the world- has one of the support events -from 16th to 20th December 2015- of the launch of latest SW’s episode “The Force Awakens

Star Wars Fan Film “Inquisition”

Star Wars – This short Star Wars fan film was published to YouTube in December 2016 by Pshcho Jellyfish. If you visit their website you will find not only this film, but podcasts and their series, “The Highwaymen”. The synopsis for this film is:

A rural family’s patience is tested as the Jedi padawan they’ve been hiding for years is putting their family at increasing risk. With their father dead, and their crops not selling, it’s time to decide what to do. Evil comes knocking, and one Jedi finds you can’t hide forever. A coward can’t be a hero.

I thought that this film was pretty good, though the acting, special effects and action sequences could have been better.


Star Wars Fan Film “Extraction”

Star WarsFan Film – Here is another short (8:16) fan made film set in the Star Wars universe. This film was made for the Star Wars Film competition and was published to YouTube in November 2016. The synopsis of the film is:

Desperate to gain an advantage against the forces of the Empire. The Rebel Alliance sends in a team to find the location of the Empire’s secret base. A single pilot managed to get away, he may hold the fate of the Rebellion in his hands.

This film was produced by The Forge Studios. Overall I thought that the film was well done with reasonable acting and special effects.

Game of Thrones Fan Film “The Wild Wolf”

GoT – I was pleased to come across this short (16:05) fan film, “The Wild Wolf”, set in the Game of Thrones universe. The story takes place several years prior to what we have seen in the HBO series. The synopsis:

The short takes place around 15 years before the first episode of Game of Thrones and is based around the events prior to Robert’s Rebellion.

“Brandon Stark, Ned Stark’s older brother and heir to Winterfell, has been betrothed to Catelyn Tully in an effort to unify the houses Stark and Tully. A young Petyr Baelish, living as a ward at Riverrun under the care of House Tully, has challenged Brandon to a duel for the Lady Catelyn’s hand in marriage. Brandon is answering the challenge to put young Littlefinger in his place…”

I thought that this was a well done effort by Wild Wolf Films. The acting was pretty good as was the sets used. This video was published on YouTube in May 2017.