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Is a ‘Warp’ Drive Feasible?

We have all heard of Warp or other Faster Than Light (FTL) drives in science fiction, but are they really possible?

This short (11:54) video goes into the details of the Alcubierre Drive. While so far this drive is just theoretical, there is a strong technical basis for the drive. Certainly there are several barriers to building one of these today, but there are new achievements and discoveries every day that may break down some of these.

There has been some experimental results out of NASA that tends to support some of the aspects of the Alcubierre Drive, but at this point the Alcubierre Drive is mostly theory.

Short Science fiction Film “Amendment 10/60”

Short Films – This short (20:43) film was published on YouTube in June of 2017 and was produced by DUST. The synopsis:

In a post nuclear era where owning books is a felony and the intellectual community is persecuted, a group of scientists is trying in vain to find a way to save the world. A Professor’s assistant will be called upon to make the most difficult decision of his life.

There is not much dialog and what there is isn’t in English, but the film has English sub-titles. This is an Alternate History which split from our own in 1947 when the US and Russia declare war on one another. A battle of nuclear warheads between the two wreck the world . The war ends in 1950 and the scientists of the world are blamed for the war. Scientists prove Einstein’s Unified Field Theory in 1951, making ‘curving’ of time a possibility.

While this is a dark film, it is well done. My only wish is that it had been made in English and it was longer.

Star Wars Fan Film “Fade”

Star WarsFan film – This (1:10:21) fan film was published on YouTube in October of 2012 and is a sequel to the film “Immolation”. The synopsis:

The Jedi Civil War rages on, engulfing the planet Ruusan in conflict. The stalemate exhausts Jedi and Sith as hope fades. A Jedi Knight discovers a threat greater than the Sith Brotherhood. He must venture forth to uncover the secret of the threat. To succeed, he must quell the doubts of the Jedi Order as he again confronts the terrible truths of Darth Ansia’s past.

The film seems to be a mediocre production for the most part. The acting seemed a little flat to me and the special effects a little primitive. I’m not sure why there are lengthy stretches of only loud music and no dialog while the action in the film continues. The most I can say is that this film has is length.

Science Fiction Short Film “The Brain Hack”

Short Films – This short (18:18) science fiction film was produced by DUST and was first published on YouTube in December 2016. The synopsis:

“The Brain Hack” by Joseph White
Is there a scientific path to god?

Two film students set out to document their attempt to use science to communicate with god. Have their experiments made them crazy or have they truly found the answer?

A well produced and very different film.

Short Science Fiction Film “9 Minutes”

Short film – This short (13:00) science fiction film was produced by DUST and published on YouTube in September of 2016. The synopsis is:

9 Minutes is a tense science fiction thriller set in the middle of the desert.  As this darkly atmospheric short progresses, this man and his dog are paid by a visit by unwelcome extraterrestrial guests.  The encounter is sudden and terrifying.  When the man comes to, he is unnerved by the footage captured by his phone.

The man tries to go about his business and move on but there is something irreversibly wrong with his dog after the encounter.  Watch the short for yourself to find out what happened.

It is an interesting and somewhat scary film.

Science Fiction Short film “Helio”

Short Film – “Helio” is an award winning science fiction short (19:47) film. It received recognition as the Best Science-Fi / Fantasy Film of 2016 at San Diego Comic Con. It was first published on YouTube in January of 2017 and was produced by Shadow Council Productions. The synopsis:

HELIO is a short, visceral film centered on a post-apocalyptic underground society where its citizens mine to sustain their dark existence.

It is very well done, though I thought a little confusing.

Short Science Fiction Film “Hibernation”

Short Film – This award winning short (16:42) science fiction film premiered in 2012 and was published on YouTube in September of 2015. The synopsis:

Joseph is an astronaut set to go where no man has gone in the Universe through the hibernation program. But something is wrong between him and his instructor Claire, and the countdown for the lift-off is on.

While this was a very well done film, I found it to be very confusing. I had difficulty hearing the dialog over the music, so perhaps that is why.

Star Wars Fan Film “Star Wars: From the Shadows”

Star WarsShort film – This is a short (7:08) film in the Star Wars universe, but a bit of a tongue-in-cheek story. It isn’t a bad production and has fair special effects. This film was published on YouTube in December 2016 and was done by Drew Struckmeyer. The synopsis:

To what lengths will two teens go to convince their superfan friend that they lived a Star Wars adventure?

It isn’t for Star Wars purists as it mixes the Star Wars with contemporary life, but it is an interesting film.

Short Science Fiction Film “Rakka”

Short Film – This short science fiction film (21:52) tells the story of an alien invasion of Earth. The aliens have decimated the population and destroyed most of our civilization. There are a few survivors who are fighting back and this films shows part of their struggle.

The film was published in June of 2017 by Oats Studios. It is very well done with good special affects. It does contains Violence and Mature Language so I would rate it as ‘R’.

Short Science Fiction Film “Mis-Drop”

Short Film – This short (12:08) film “Mis-Drop” was published to YouTube in February 2017. The film was produced by DUST. The synopsis is:

300 years in the future, a forensic accountant reviews the video stream from one mercenary’s drop-pod which has been damaged during the initial stages of a colonial invasion.

An interesting perspective for the film. I liked it, but it ended before much story could really be told.