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Amazon Books Coming to the Domain in Austin

Books – I came across an article at AustinInno today that talked about an as yet un-announced Amazon Book store that will open in the Domain sometime in 2018 (based upon posters outside the construction site and Amazon job listings). This will join the thirteen currently operating stores.

I read mostly eBooks these days, but it will be nice to have another book store in Austin.


Lending a Kindle book

Many people oppose eBooks because, they feel that they can no longer lend them to friends. While that is true to a point, many books purchased through the Kindle store can be shared.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 4.43.36 PM

To see if a book can be shared, look the book inquisition up on the Amazon site. Towards the bottom of the page on the left hand side you will see a block of information about the book you looked up. There is a line there titled “Lending”. If that property shows as ‘Enabled’, then the book can be loaned by an owner.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 5.26.30 PM

To loan an eBook, the owner would:

  • go to the Amazon web page
  • look up the book
  • on the resulting page for the book, click on the ‘Loan this book’ link at the top of the page
  • fill out the form with the recipient’s email address, name and any personal message

Loans may be for up to 14 days. To return a loaned Kindle book the borrower would:

  • go to the Amazon web page
  • sign in with their account
  • select ‘Your content and Devices’ from the drop down menu
  • select Actions for the borrowed book and then delete it from their library

Books loaned out by the owner cannot be read while they are on loan. Also, each book can only be loaned out once. Books loaned out but not accepted within 7 days are automatically returned.

USA, New York, New York City – New York Public Library (Schwarzman Building)


If you have seen other posts of mine you will know that I like book stores and libraries. While in New York we took time to visit the New York Public Library. Specifically we visited Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (476 Fifth Avenue (42nd St and Fifth Ave)
New York, NY) shown above. Included in that shot is one of the two famous marble lions at the front of the building.

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building is renowned for the extraordinary comprehensiveness of its historical collections as well as its commitment to providing free and equal access to its resources and facilities. It houses some 15 million items, among them priceless medieval manuscripts, ancient Japanese scrolls, contemporary novels and poetry, as well as baseball cards, dime novels, and comic books.

The ways in which the resources of the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building have been used are as diverse as the collections themselves:

– During World War II, Allied military intelligence used the Map Division for research on the coastlines of countries in the theater of combat.

– Television and print journalists first consulted the Slavic and Baltic Division when covering the changing political structure of the former Soviet Union.

– Authors of countless literary and nonfiction books cite the Library as a major resource in their work.

– Countless individuals have reconstructed family histories and located long-lost relatives through records in the Milstein Division of U.S. History, Local History, and Genealogy.


This is the largest and grandest library that my wife and I have visited so far. We were able to take a short time to sit in the reading room shown above an just read. We could easily have spent hours there.

If you like books and are in New York, I recommend that you take some time and visit the Schwarzman Library building.


  1. About the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

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USA, New York, New York – Union Square Barnes & Nobles


I wouldn’t post about Barnes & Noble normally, but I thought that this was a unique location. This is their Union Square store (, located at 33 East 17th Street, New York, New York.


We thought that this was a very interesting Barnes & Noble. It spreads over multiple floors and has one of the largest cafes I have seen in a Barnes & Noble. Located in the historic Century Building at 33 East 17th Street, this building was originally the headquarters of the Century Publishing Company in 1881. After many years of vacancy, the building was designated as a New York City landmark in 1993 and its facade was restored in 1995 to be a Barnes & Noble bookstore, it was later added to the National Register of Historic places in 1997. While this Union Square locale only measures in at 62,000 square feet (more than half the size of the 5th Avenue location), this noted store consists of four floors. [1]

While it may not have the same appeal as the independent book store, This is an interesting place to visit and browse the shelves or take a few minutes to enjoy their cafe.


1 – The Five Most Interesting Barnes & Noble Stores in America

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USA, New York, New York – Rizzoli Bookstore

My wife and I visited the Rizzoli Bookstore ( recently. It is located at 1133 Broadway in New York, New York. As they claim in their website, this is an elegant book store. Per their website:

For over fifty years—twenty-nine in its previous 57th Street location—Rizzoli Bookstore has been widely considered one of the foremost independent booksellers in America specializing in illustrated books on architecture, interior design, fashion, photography, cookery, and the fine and applied arts, as well as literature, and foreign language books. Rizzoli Bookstore has been, and will continue to be a literary landmark in New York City, and a celebrated destination for important authors and book lovers from all over the world.

Established in New York in 1964 Rizzoli moved in 1985 to its 57th Street location—a six story townhouse exhibiting on its façade a sober classicism that belies the elegant interior within, where cast iron chandeliers, ornately decorated vaulting, and a luminous Diocletian window create a serene setting for book lovers amidst the rush of Midtown Manhattan.


While this is a very nice book store, it does not have many titles that are part of our interest set. However if your interests lie in the list of topics above, this is certainly a bookstore you should visit while in New York.

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USA, New York, New York – McNally Jackson Books


My wife and I like to visit independent bookstores when we are traveling. Recently we browsed through the McNally Jackson bookstore ( located at 52 Prince Street, New York, New York.

It had a wide selection of books, though I found the Science Fiction collection a little lacking. We were both intrigued with the on-site printing press that allows you to choose and have custom printed a wide variety of books. Their printing machine can also be sed to ‘self-publish’. They also have an on-site cafe that would allow you to spend some time reading in the store.

This is a nice bookstore with a wide assortment of books. If you are interested in books, you will like McNally’s.

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USA, New York, New York – Strand Bookstore


The Strand bookstore ( main location is at 828 Broadway,
Manhattan, NY. It is a place to both buy and sell books. This means that you can find both new and used books on their extensive shelves. Not only do they have the popular books in print, they also have a section for rare and collectable books.


Just how many books to they have? Their marketing tag line is “18 Miles of Books” and having been there, I can agree that they have a lot of books. As you can see from the photo above, their shelves reach about 9 feet high. This is great in that they can hold a very large inventory of books. However it does make it difficult to just browse the aisles as you cannot really read the spines of the books on the top 2-3 shelves.

Their collection of books is extensive but they best way to approach them is to search for the books you want on-line. I did a quick look at they Science Fiction holdings and the results show 9855 books of that category. Since they have the collection in their database, it makes it easy to find books through the on-line search.

My wife and I spent a little time there a couple of days ago and were overwhelmed. It is certainly a place to visit if you like books. If you are a reader, this is a place you will want to visit if in New York.

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Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine Available

Galaxy Science Fiction magazine was published from 1950 to 1976. Many of the Science Fiction masters got their start in its pages – Ray Bradbury, Robert A. Heinlein, Harlan Ellison & Robert Silverberg.

If you want to read some of the short stories published in Galaxy, you can do that now for free. Go to and all of the issues (355) have been digitized and are available to download.

If old issues of Galaxy  doesn’t excite you fear not. There are over 6,000,000 other items in the archive collection.

The Benefits of Reading

I came across the article “10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day” recently and thought that the reasons were worth sharing. So why should you read every day?:

  1. Mental stimulation
  2. Stres reduction
  3. Knowledge
  4. Vocabulary expansion
  5. Memory improvement
  6. Stronger analytical thinking skills
  7. Improved focus and concentration
  8. Better writing skills
  9. Tranquility
  10. Free entertainment

Overall I think that the reasons listed are very positive side affects of reading. I might question the “Free entertainment” bulled as most books will come at a cost. If you are looking for low cost/free reading alternatives check out the “Notification services with free/low cost book offers” on my Books and Reading page.

Review of “Voice of God”

Book Reviews – I came across the blog site “Voice of God” when the author started following my blog. This is a mystery told in a series of short, serial posts. The synopsis is:

Voice of God is a multimedia mystery about a dystopian future of surveillance. Follow Gaia, her crew, and enigmatic Luc as they set out on a journey to learn the value of truth in a society that seems to be doing remarkably well without it.

The first three episodes of this mystery have been posted so far and they begin a compelling story. Each post so far is readable in five minutes or less and they begin an interesting mystery. The story takes place in a dystopian society, in an unidentified country.

The world is in the throws of an economic collapse. Suddenly people around the world have begun to hear a booming voice from the sky that tells them to be good. No one knows the source and it quickly is attributed to the voice of God. People also start going up in flames. Mostly the victims are those who are known to be criminals or who have profited at the expense of others. Again, there is no claim as to who, or why or how it is being done. An act of retribution by God?

I have followed this blog and look forward to the next episode to be published. This may be a site you want to follow too. Go to