USB Connector Types


(Image above from Wikipedia)

Tech Tips – We all use USB (an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus) cables, often many times each day. We know from experience that USB cables come with a variety of connectors, but do you know how to identify each one?serveimage

The early USB cables were equipped with the A and B connectors (the male versions of the connectors are shown in the photo above). The Type B connectors are often used to connect to devices such as printers and scanners. The Mini and Micro connectors, which were introduced in April of 2000 and January of 2007 respectively, can be found on many different peripheral devices. All of the above connectors can be found on cables that are compatible with the USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 standards.


A slightly different set of connectors were introduced with the November 2008 USB 3.0 standard. Note that connectors BM, AM, and AF will have a blue insert to distinguish them as USB 3.0 compatible. The AM and AF connectors look just like the Type A connector (other than they have the blue insert) and are backward compatible (they can be used anywhere a Type A can be used),


The Type C connector was introduced in August 2014. It is different from prior designs in that it is a reversible connector allowing insertion into a device in either orientation.

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