macOS New App Release – MailRaider 3


Product Announcement45RPM Software of London, United Kingdom has released MailRaider 3. To look at, MailRaider is little changed from earlier versions other than support for the MacBook touchbar (Pro version only) and a mildly refreshed user interface. Underneath though it’s a different story – large parts have been completely rewritten, bringing unprecedented improvements to compatibility with Outlook email formats.

If you have old e-mails archived in msg format or ever receive strange attachments with names like “winmail.dat” or extensions like msg or oft, if you’ve ever wished that your Mac or iOS device could read your old Microsoft(TM) Outlook .msg files then MailRaider is just what you need.

Trusted by governments, blue chip businesses, security agencies, small businesses and individual users, MailRaider 3.0 is the only tool you need to read Microsoft Outlook formatted email. Existing users get the new version for free, and new users can buy MailRaider for the same unbeatable price that it’s always been.

MailRaider Pro supports additional mail formats, including Winmail.dat (TNEF), and has the ability to extract email as XML so that you can process it later using tools of your own. MailRaider Pro can automatically extract your Outlook files into the most appropriate format – so Message files are extracted into Apple Mail format (or your email client of choice), appointments are extracted into Calendar format and addresses are extracted into Contacts format. Better yet, if you have many emails to extract then you can choose to extract them in bulk – and save them to MBox format for import directly into your Mail client.

If you need MailRaider in your pocket then a cut down version of MailRaider is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – so you can read Microsoft Outlook formatted email wherever you are.

You now know that MailRaider is powerful – but how easy is it to use? With a configurable user interface, the answer is ‘very easy’. On the Mac, you can configure MailRaider with the tools that you need – and hide the tools that you aren’t interested in. MailRaider is as personal as your email. MailRaider Pro can, of course, display your email with the formatting intact – but if you prefer your email to be plain and stripped of all unnecessary content then you can choose to display your email without formatting as well.

MailRaider is beautiful too, with high resolution custom icons that shine on your Retina display equipped Mac or iOS device. It’s even beautiful on Macs without Retina screens – no attention to detail has been spared in providing the best user experience.

Searching through your emails is as easy as falling off a log. MailRaider Pro has support for QuickLook (so that you can read your email without loading MailRaider) and Spotlight (so that you can easily search for the Outlook file that you need).

Full help is provided on all MailRaider functionality. If you’re stuck for an answer, check the help files. If you’re still none the wiser then explore the 45RPM Software forums and start a discussion about your problem. If neither of these facilities answer your questions then just send them an email. Whichever way you slice it, they’ve got you covered.

MailRaider for Mac isn’t Anglocentric either. In addition to English, MailRaider is localised into French, Spanish and German – and not just for the application itself either, the help files are fully translated too. On MailRaider for iOS there isn’t any need for large amounts of text in the UI – and icons are universally understandable.

System Requirements (Mac):

  • Requires a 64bit Mac (most Intel Macs built in 2007 or newer)
  • Running Mac OS X 10.10 or newer
  • 20 MB free disk space

System Requirements (iOS): Requires any iOS device running iOS 7.1 or newer

Of course, all 45RPM Software benefits from exceptional support – you’ll never be left feeling forgotten or unloved. If you’ve got a problem with any 45RPM Software applications then let them know (on the support forums, via twitter or via email) and they will help you out. And whichever version of MailRaider you choose, there are no hidden costs in the form of costly in-app upgrades. MailRaider for macOS can be purchased through the Mac App Store for $4.99 and on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices for $0.99.

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