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Singapore, Singapore – L’Espresso Cafe​ at the Goodwood Park Hotel


Food – A couple of days ago my wife and I walked over to the Goodwood Park Hotel for Afternoon Tea at the L’Espresso cafe. The hotel is located at 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221. This is not the first Tea I have been to in Singapore, nor is it the best (still have to post about that experience), but it was very nice.


The Goodwood Park is a beautiful older hotel. The building dates from 1900 and has an interesting history. It is now one of Singapore’s upscale 5-star hotels. (Note the Ferrari we saw parked by the hotel the day we were there).


The original building has been added to and modernized over the years. The hotel now offers 233 guest rooms and suites.


We were headed to the L’Espresso cafe to have Afternoon Tea. We were actually seated a the table shown in the center of the photo.

We had a long buffet table of items to dine on for our main meal. As they say on their website:

Established as a choice destination for English Afternoon Tea in Singapore, L’Espresso is a cosy café by day and a chic lounge by night, complete with a breezy poolside terrace area. This spacious and breezy terrace has also become an ideal location for wedding solemnizations.

Since the 1970s, the English Afternoon Tea has earned a reputation for L’Espresso as the “place for elegant teatime pursuits”. The buffet spread is a dazzling assortment of dainty sandwiches, salads, savories, pastries, desserts, chocolate fountain and of course, traditional English scones.


I was able to fill my first plate with an assortment of sandwiches, bread, shrimp and lasagna, among other goodies. Needless to say, during our two plus hour stay (most places serving Tea expect you to stay two hours or longer) I filled more than just this one plate. By the time we finally left to walk back to our apartment we were both stuffed and the Tea was our only meal of the day.


From where we were seated we had a great view out onto the pool and courtyard.


Of course, I had to go back one last time and pick up a few goodies from the dessert bar. They were featuring items in shades of pink the day we were there in honor of Breast Cancer awareness.

This was a very tasty and filling afternoon. I would return there anytime, though I would want to plan in advance to that I could fast ahead of time. I would recommend the experience to anyone.

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Singapore, Singapore – &Made Burger Bistro


Food – We went out for the afternoon. We walked down to the Ngee Ann City mall and spent a couple of hours in the Kinokuniya bookstore.

After that, it was time for an early dinner so we tried a place we had walked by several times, the &Made Burger Bistro. This a nice place very close by on Orchard Rd specifically at 260 Orchard Road, Robinsons The Heeren #01-40/#02-02/03, Singapore 238855.


This is another open-air restaurant. They do have shades to pull down when it rains, but that is all. The restaurant offers a fairly large menu to choose from.


I noticed the sayings shown above while we were waiting for our order. In particular, I like “Sleep ’til you’re hungry, eat ’til you’re sleepy“. I feel like I have been doing a lot lately.

My wife had the spaghetti and meatballs, while I had the Blue Moon burger (yes, that DOES means it had melted Blue Cheese on it!). It was a nice dinner and certainly filled us both up.

All-in-all this is another good place to eat along Orchard Rd. in Singapore.

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Singapore, Singapore – Ngee Ann City Mall and the Kinokuniya Bookstore


LocationsBookstores – A couple of weeks ago I walked over to the Ngee Ann City Mall. While I had been there a time or two before, I was going specifically to check out the bookstore I had seen there.


This is a very upscale mall with several well known high-end stores. The S$520 million building that houses the shopping mall also has two 26 story office towers.


The mall hosts 130 different stores and restaurants spread out over several levels.


As I mentioned, the purpose of my visit to the mall was to check out the Kinokuniya bookstore. Officially the address of the bookstore is 391 Orchard Road #04-20/20A/20B/20C/20E/21, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872. The #04-20 in that address indicates that the bookstore is on the fourth floor. In fact, it is immediately adjacent to the Crystal Jade Palace. That is how I noticed the bookstore. We had dinner at the Crystal Jade Palace a few weeks back. It didn’t look all that large from the outside.


The Kinokuniya bookstore in the mall is one of four outlets in Singapore. This is their flagship store and the second-largest bookstore in Southeast Asia. I only realized how large it was once I had gone inside.


I walked around the bookstore for a while and it is the largest bookstore I think I have ever been in.


Certainly, if I find myself searching for a paper book while I am in Singapore, I know where I will be able to find it. I will be going back and spending more time browsing through the shelves.

If you want a book in Singapore, I think that this is the premier place to go.

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Singapore, Singapore – The Curry Culture Indian Restaurant


Food – We have been to The Curry Culture on three occasions now, every one enjoyable. The Curry Culture consists of three different locations in Singapore. The restaurant we have visited is the Orchard Road location – specifically at 31 Cuppage Rd, Singapore 229456.


No, that address isn’t on Orchard Road but is just off of it in an area called Cuppage Terrace. This is a collection of restaurants in an open-air area, though it has a cover to protect you from rain if you are seated outside. That is an important consideration as Singapore enjoys rain an average of 167 days of the year. Much of the rain is heavy and produced by thunderstorms. The mean annual rainfall is more than 85 inches [1]. Though Singapore is fairly warm with an average temperature of 80F year round, the average high is 88F range and the low 73F [2]. With the ceiling fans over the tables, dining in the open in the evening is quite comfortable.


Each time I have been to The Curry Culture the food has been excellent. What you see above is a variety of naan bread, butter chicken and another spicy chicken dish that I didn’t note the name of. They have a fairly extensive menu and are very helpful.

If you are in the Orchard Road area of Singapore and want to expose your taste buds to Indian cuisine, The Curry Culture restaurant is a good choice.


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Singapore, Singapore – Wild Honey Restaurant


Food – We went to someplace different for breakfast this morning the “Wild Honey” restaurant. This chain was founded in 2009 and there are currently three restaurants in this  Singapore chain. The one we went to is in the Mandarin Gallery shopping center. The official address is #03-01/02 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Rd, 238897 Singapore.


This was a nice restaurant up on the third floor of the Mandarin Gallery mall overlooking Orchard Rd. The photo above shows about a fourth of the restaurant. It is no small cafe. One nice thing about it is that it serves breakfast all day with a nice menu. The restaurants are open Sunday – Thursday 9AM – 9PM, and an hour later on both Friday and Saturday. I would have thought that a place specializing in breakfast, though they have a few items for lunch and dinner, would open much earlier. But this is Singapore.

We had the Belgian (Light & fluffy waffles bound with coconut cream, grilled mango, blueberries, toasted coconut flakes with Canadian maple syrup) and the Sweet Morning (Twice cooked signature brioche french toast stuffed with grilled mango, vanilla bean mascarpone & hibiscus-berry compote). We really enjoyed both.

If you are looking for breakfast regardless of the time of the day, this might be the spot for you. While we got seated after about a 10-minute wait, a reservation is recommended.

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Singapore, Singapore – Trattoria Italian Kitchen


Food – I had seen Trattoria Italian Kitchen several times when I passed through the @313 Somerset Mall. Officially it is located at 313 Orchard Road 313 @ Somerset | 313 Somerset, Singapore 238895. This restaurant is part of a chain across Asia. This restaurant has a wide menu of Italian food but seems to specialize in pizza with 15 different pies listed. 


I like pizza so I chose the “Three Meat Pizza”. It came with tomato sauce, mozzarella, Italian pork sausage, ham, and salami. It was a little different but very good. It came on a very thin crust and, remarkably, I was able to eat the entire (14 inch?) pie.

This isn’t a fancy place, but I liked the pizza. I would certainly drop in again if I felt the need for Italian. It does have a 3.5 rating on TripAdvisor but only a 2.5 on Yelp.

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Singapore, Singapore​ – The Cenotaph


LocationsWWII – I had read about The Cenotaph while looking for historical sites on Singapore related to World War II. Yesterday my walk along the Western part of the Singapore River Walk took me to Esplanade Park where it is located.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 6.12.59 PM

The park is located on the Marina Bay waterfront just north of the mouth of the Singapore River in downtown Singapore.

The Cenotaph in Singapore was built in the early 1920s. It was dedicated on March 31, 1922, to recognize the 124 British soldiers who were born or resident in Singapore and who gave their lives in World War I.

After World War II inscriptions were added (as shown in the photo) on the reverse side of the monument in remembrance of those who died in World War II. Notice that the steps leading up to the monument are engraved with the years of the war 1939-1945.

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Singapore, Singapore – The Fabulous Baker Boy


FoodDeserts – A few days ago when I walked down the Singapore River Walk I passed signs for The Fabulous Baker Boy cafe. It is located on the North end of Fort Canning Park at 70 River Valley Road #01-15, Singapore 179037.


We walked over to the cafe this morning ( only about 0.75 miles ) and were able to be seated. Most tables were reserved for people with reservations. That is something we will do in advance the next time we go. The place is not very big having enough tables to seat about 40.

We both chose to have the “Fabulously Fluffy French Toast”. They have the warning on the menu

(NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED) Sourdough Brioche soaked in a lovely batter made with eggs and cream, fried and finished with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with maple flavoured syrup.

We both agreed that this could easily be the best French Toast we ever have had. They also have some incredible looking pancakes and egg dishes. We want to try the pancakes next time.


We were able to set at our table and look out through the North facing all glass wall. The cafe is situated in a very nice area on the edge of the Park.


As the name implies, this is not just a cafe, but also a bakery. You can see some of their really delicious looking cakes in the photo above. Slices of the cake range from $9 to $10 and a full cake from $65 to $100 (Singapore dollars which are currently worth $0.73 USD each). I would like to try many of those cakes, but that will have to wait for another day. Check out their ‘Daily Bakes‘ for a full mouthwatering, calorie-rich list.

Will we come back to The Fabulous Baker Boy? Absolutely, but unfortunately not too often. This is certainly a place I would recommend for breakfast.

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Singapore, Singapore – P20 Mobile Accessories


Locations – I recently had to buy a new iPhone. I woke up one morning and my 32-month-old iPhone 6 was simply dead. I ended up replacing it with an iPhone8, which I really like so far.

I have kept my last two iPhones in Otterbox Defender cases and I have been very pleased with the protection they provide. I dropped my iPhones on several occasions and these cases really came through. Unfortunately, the new iPhone 8 does not fit the Otterbox case I have for the old iPhone 6. The camera lens is larger on the 8. I needed to find a new case.

Now here in Singapore, there are phone accessory stores everywhere. The problem is that they only carry the fashionable cases, not Otterbox cases. I finally located a shop less than a kilometer away that carried Otterbox. I walked over there a couple of days ago and found the small shop “P20 Mobile Accessories” located at 175 Bencoolen Street #01-03 Burlington Square, Singapore 189649.

It was a little hard to find, but they had what I was looking for. In fact, the small shop had a good selection of iPhone and iPad cases, cables, and other accessories. If I am looking for items not carried by the Apple Store in the future, I will know just where to go in Singapore.

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Singapore, Singapore – Singapore River Walk


Locations – I went out for a walk and came across the Singapore River Walk.


I have been to the San Antonio Riverwalk many times and this reminds me of that, but this is much larger. The river is wider and deeper, the walk is longer and there are many more restaurants, apartments, and hotels along the walk. It is also far less crowded than I typically have seen the San Antonio Riverwalk, at least during the middle of a weekday afternoon. I imagine that weekend evenings it is packed with those visiting the restaurants.


The sidewalk along the river is wide with many restaurants opening onto the walk. They line both sides of the river.


You can see in the above shot one of the apartment buildings that are near the riverwalk as well as the greenery that surrounds it.


While I didn’t take any photos, there are barges that can take you on tours of the river.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 6.12.22 PM

The above map (from Apple Maps) shows the river as it winds through the heart of Singapore. At the bottom right, the river flows into Marina Bay. I joined the river walk where the Fort Canning Park touches River Valley Road. I then walked west until I was near River Valley Primary School. I left it then and headed back to my apartment.

I am sure we will be headed back to check out some of the restaurants.

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