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USA, Nevada, Las Vegas – Magnum Coffee Roastery

(See my other Food and Location related posts) – I have liked Coffee for many years, Recently I have finally converted my wife to appreciate a good brewed cup as well.

While were recently in Nevada we looked for a new coffee roasters to try. We found a gem in Magnum Coffee Roastery. We visited their location at 1335 E. Sunset Rd. Suite A, Las Vegas, NV.  Magnum is a family-owned business with the home-base at 1 Java Blvd.
Nunica, MI 49448.

The Las Vegas location is spacious with a variety of coffee and tea for sale. We have become fond of flavored coffee and Magnum has some good ones. While were were there we purchased four flavors. The local favorite is ‘Vegas Golden Knights’. We also bought ‘Hilanger Grogg’ (butterscotch with a hint of liqueur), ‘Cinnamon Hazelnut’ (Cinnamon & roasted Hazelnut), and ‘Love Potion #9’ (Chocolate, Hazelnut & Cinnamon).

We have enjoyed all four and had ‘Love Potion’ again this morning. If you visit their website you will find a wide variety of both coffee blends and flavored coffee. At the time I am writing this post there are 114 choices of flavored coffee.

if you enjoy coffee and are near a Magnum Coffee location I recommend that you try some of their coffee!