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Book Review of “The Forever Man”

“The Forever Man” was published in 2014 (July) and is the third book written by author Pierre Ouellette. The eBook is available on Amazon.

I was given early access to the book for review through https://www.netgalley.com. This is a Science Fiction, post apocalypse novel set in near future Portland, OR. The writing was well paced, never letting the reader get bogged down.

The primary character in the story is Lane Anslow who is an aging contract police officer for Portland. His younger genius but bipolar brother Johnny contacts him asking for help, then disappears. Lane contacts Rachel Heinz, who is chief of staff to Harlan Green, and a girl friend of his brother’s. Something starts to spark between Lane and Rachel as they work together to find Johnny.

Harlan is the head of a growing political party and has a lot of power. Both Lane and Rachel begin to have doubts about him as they continue to investigate.

Thomas Zed is fabulously wealthy and 127 years old. He is deeply interested in life prolonging technologies, and Johnny was one of his chief scientists.

The deeper Lane digs into his brother’s disappearance, the more dangerous the obstacles he runs into. There is quite a bit of action and intrigue through out the story. There are some parts that verged on the far-fetched, but it is a SciFi thriller.

I enjoyed the story, giving it a 4 out of 5.

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Book Review of “Hybrid”

“Hybrid” was published in 2013 and was written by Justin Anderson and it is his first novel. This book is available on Amazon.

This novel is written in the first person and is set in a future, post apocalyptic San Diego, and I would classify it a Young Adult SciFi novel. The main character is 18 year old Joshua “Josh” Mercer. Most of the population are either “Shells” (humans who have lost their sense of self and are little more than wild animals) and Hybrids (humans who have been genetically modified with animal DNA). The Hybrids eventually turn into Shells usually by the time they have reached age 25. There are a few “Pures”, like Josh’s little sister Chloe.

The Hybrids have special abilities based upon the animal DNA that has been added. This gives them extra strength, extra sensitive senses, etc, which is why many had their children modified to be Hybrids. The side effect of turning into Shells did not occur until long after the modifications had begun. These DNA modifications were developed and performed by a group that has been come to be known as “The Engineers”.

Chloe is taken by by “The Engineers” and they insist that the only way that Josh will get Chloe back. Josh goes through a series obloquy ordeals fighting his way to get Chloe back.

I spent seven hours reading this novel and had to urge myself on to keep reading it instead of just quitting. The plot was a little thin, and I did not relate well to the main character, Josh. At times Josh and colleagues were sneaking around trying to avoid Shells, and in the middle of that they begin yelling at one another. Josh bounces all over the place emotionally, acting irrationally much of the time. I give the novel the benefit of the doubt and give this a 3 out of 5.

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