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IEEE Rock Stars of Cyber security Event

IMG_0179I spent the day yesterday at the IEEE Rock Stars of Cyber Security event held in Austin, TX. It featured 7 notable speakers on Cyber Security, as well as a panel discussion.

I found the presentations to be very thought provoking. Computers are proliferating around us, yet we are having a difficult time protecting the data residing in those systems today. Action must be taken to strengthen the security barriers, and users must behave smarter if the data is to be protected.

Here are a few tidbits from the presentations:

  • All organizations need to pick a security framework and stick to it
  • Currently we are loosing the war on cyber attacks
  • By 2050 there are estimated to be 50 billion new devices making up the Internet of Things which will need to be protected
  • 90% of companies with 250 employees or more had malicious security events in 2012
  • Current security tools #1 job is preventing false positives
  • Biggest threat to cyber security is convenience
  • “You can’t patch stupid” – humans pose the largest vulnerability in computer security
  • Security = defense in depth
  • The top fear of the common man is that he will not be able to buy groceries or make other purchases without exposing his personal data
  • 56% of organizations have been the target of cyber attacks
  • 44% of breaches involved third party mistakes

The complete set of slides from the various presentations will soon be available on the IEEE web site.

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