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USA, Arizona, Flagstaff – El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant


(See my other Food related posts) – On our drive out west over the past few days we stopped in Flagstaff, Arizona for dinner. We picked the El Tapatio Mexican restaurant from those listed in the Google search as it was close to the Interstate (2004 E. Historic Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ 86004). It was a great choice! As they say on their website:

We pride ourselves as being an authentic Mexican restaurant with all our delicious entrees, dishes, appetizers and drinks. We have a tradition of excellence in our service as well as in our culinary style. Our plates have special recipes that will make you want to come back. We have six locations to serve you better.


The exterior of the restaurant is rather plain, but the inside is very colorful. Because we are both following the Keto Diet, Fajitas are a good meal for us as long as we stay away from the tortillas.


We were amazed at the platter of fajitas that were brought out. The iron platter was flaming when it was placed on our table. The mix of beef, chicken, onion, green bell pepper, orange bell pepper, and red bell pepper. These were the best fajitas we have ever tasted! Unlike many Mexican restaurants, we each got our own plate of rice, beans, and condiments.

If fajitas are not to your taste, the restaurant has many other items on its menu. El Tapatio was started in 2002 with a mobil food truck in Grand Junction, Colorado. In January of 2003 the first restaurant was opened. They now have six locations in Arizona and Colorado. 

We were so impressed with the food that we are already planning to stop there for lunch on our way home. If you like Mexican food El Tapatio is a great place to eat.

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USA, Arizona, Flagstaff – Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument


(see my other Location related posts) – While on our 2019 Road Trip my wife and I took the time to drive up to the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. This is not in Flagstaff, Arizona but is only about 15 miles or 30 minutes north of the city (take U.S. 89 north for 12 miles (19km), turn right on the Sunset Crater – Wupatki Loop road and continue 2 miles (3km) to the visitor center).

IMG_0902 copy

Sunset Crater is about 900 years old, yet it is still the youngest volcano on the Colorado Plateau. The cinder cone (shown above) of the crater now stands about 1000 feet above what was once just meadows and forest. As you can see in the photo above there is still a great deal of cinder from the volcano strewn about.

As you can see as well, there is still evidence of lava flow that resulted from the volcano.

IMG_0906 copy

While there has been some regrowth in the past 900 years, the soil itself resists in many places. The parking lot at the base of the crater offers a few hiking paths. Some paved, but others wander over the rough terrain offering a closer view of the crater and the existing flora.

The day we visited the crater access to the park was free (National Parks has a few free days per year). Normally there is a $25 per vehicle charge. This was not as impressive as the Meteor Crater, but still worth the time to visit.

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