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Star Wars Fan Film “Heir of the Unknown World”

Star Wars – Another fan film, this one created for the 2016 Star Wars Fan Film contest. The synopsis for this film is:

A young, fearful girl defends a family heirloom from a Jedi-hating, honor-seeking Imperial Agent.

The film was produced by Zionoth Studios. The acting and props are OK. They have tried with special effects including not just a light saber, but also space craft and a R2 like robot. At least it isn’t another film shot all in the forest.

Star Wars Fam Film “Countdown”

Star Wars – This is another good, short (7:36), but sadly not quite complete, Star Wars Fan film. The film was published on YouTube in February of 2017. The synopsis of the story is:

In a desperate attempt to save the future, Xenia travels back in time to a pivotal moment in history–the untimely assassination of Senator Desera–hoping that by saving the senator, she can change the course of history for the better.

The film was produced by Rogue Zhou Productions. I thought that it was a well done film. Unfortunately, as you will see in the video, one of the actresses was injured preventing completion of the story.

Star Wars Fan Film “Wrath of the Sith”

Star Wars – This short film (11:27) is well done. It has pretty good special effects and reasonable acting. The video debuted in 2016 and was written and directed by Michael Tukes. More of his work can be found at https://www.tukesarts.com/. The synopsis:

The Galactic Empire is pursuing all Jedi and their followers, intent of purging them from the galaxy. Jedi Master Elis Echo and his apprentice Kira Nyon are ambushed by a Star Destroyer commanded by Darth Vader. The Jedi use escape pods to flee Vader, but he has sent a pair of his secret apprentices after them. 

I liked this short and will be adding it to my Fan Film library.

Another Good Star Wars Fan Film “Emergence”

Star Wars – I recently came across this Star Wars Fan Film published in 2016. The story line is:

Alenna, a Jedi Padawan, is blinded in an ambush designed to leave her dead. Facing inner demons and dangerous foes, she must rediscover her purpose and identity as a Jedi Knight.

I continue to be impressed with what fans of the Star Wars Universe have been able to create.