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USA, Louisiana, New Orleans – Blue Frog Chocolates

USA, Louisiana, New Orleans - Blue Frog Chocolates

My wife and I came across Blue Frog Chocolates when we were in New Orleans last April. This is a small eclectic shop with a wide variety of things chocolate. The shop has been open since 2000 in a old cottage on Magazine Street (5707 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115). The location is in the Garden District and the cottage is nearly 100 years old. The family owned and operated shop takes it’s name from the “Legend of the Blue Frog“.

USA, Louisiana, New Orleans - Blue Frog Chocolates2

The shop carries a wide assortment of chocolate goods – molded chocolates, chocolate covered nuts, bark, pralines, cocoa mix, assorted gift boxes , dipped strawberries, body paint, . . . The list goes on and on. Some of their products are imported, or from other sources in the US, but many are made locally in the shop. Not only do they have great sweets, orders can be made through their on-line catalog for shipment to you anywhere.

USA, Louisiana, New Orleans - Blue Frog Chocolates3

We tried a few of the chocolates and we both had one of their “Icy Hot Chocolate” drinks. Everything that we tried was outstanding!

If you are in New Orleans, this is a stop I highly recommend.

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USA, Nevada, Las Vegas – Freed’s Bakery


Freed’s Bakery (9815 S. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89183) is a full service bakery that we have visited a half dozen times over the past 10 years. They offer everything from high-end specialty cakes (including wedding cakes), to cupcakes and cookies.  Freed’s has been in operation over 50 years, and is under management by the third generation of the Freed family.


Over the years we have bought a couple of birthday cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and their pastries. Everything that we have tried have been wonderful!

This is a great place to stop if you are in Las Vegas and want to get away from the casinos.

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USA, Texas, Austin – Gourdough’ s Donuts


Gourdough’s Donuts (1503 S 1st St., Austin, TX 78704) is one of the popular food trucks around the Austin area.My wife and I visited a few weekends ago and were very impressed. So, what makes these donuts different? The toppings!!!!

On our visit I had a Cherry Bomb (Glazed Cherry-Topped Holes, Cinnamon, Sugar & Cake Mix Topping) while my wife had a Heavenly Hash (Marshmallow With Chocolate Fudge Icing Topped With Brownie Bites). They were both very good. I am looking forward to going back and trying one of the other 23 toppings that Gourdough’s offers.

If you are in the mood for a great desert and are in South Austin, Gordough’s is a great place to stop. If you are out-and-about, then the Roaming Hunger App is a great way of seeing if Gordough’s is open, or to find any Food Truck around Austin.

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USA, Texas, Austin – Cow Tipping Creamery

2015-10-31 13.56.39

My wife and I had heard about the Cow Tipping Creamery on Unique Sweets (Episode CCUQS501H). This isn’t a brick and mortar store, but one of the many food trucks that can be found around the Austin area. This one is located in a small lot with a few other trucks near the campus of the University of Texas in downtown Austin (2512 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas 78705). Parking was a challenge as that area of town is full of apartments primarily occupied by students and most of the available street parking was taken up by those living in the area.

This ice cream vendor offers soft serve with a wide array of interesting toppings on their menu. We chose to share an “At the Ritz” 12 ounce ‘stacker’. The ‘stacker’ is their version of a sundae, but they stack the ingredients to give great flavor throughout the desert. The “At the Ritz” is soft serve vanilla with brown sugar hot fudge peanut butter sauce. To top it off there were crumbled Ritz crackers sprinkled over the top.  This made for a unique creamy, salty, chocolate indulgence.

We won’t be visiting the Cow Tipping Creamery too often, but we can certainly recommend it as a great desert.

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USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis – Salty Tart Bakery


Our last stop on our day of desert exploration was at the Salty Tart Bakery. There are two locations. We visited the one located at the Midtown Global Market, 920 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN. It was a little hard to find as it was near the center of the Market among a variety of restaurants and shops. The Salty Tart Bakery is the establishment of award winning pastry chef Michelle Gayer. We sampled a few items and they were all delicious. We particularly liked the Coconut Macaroons, but that was to be expected since they were featured on the Food Network program Best Thing I Ever Ate.


If you are in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area and looking for something sweet I highly recommend a visit to the Salty Tart Bakery
and the Global Market.

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USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis – Angel Food

USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis - Angel Food

The third food establishment my wife and I visited in the Twin Cities area was Angel Food located at 86 S. 9th Street, Minneapolis, Mn 55402. We had a little difficulty finding Angel food as it does not have an external door. We drove by the site without seeing it and had to find a nearby place to park, then come back on foot. At walking speed we discovered that Angel Food lay within the first floor corridors of the building and we soon arrived at our destination.

USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis - Angel Food-2

There were several items available and we selected a few to have with coffee at the small counter side bar inside. Seating space was very limited. Most of their business seemed to be take out and deliveries. The items Angel Food had were good, but I think our earlier stops in the day (Nadia Cakes and Mojo Monkey) had over whelmed our taste buds and we were left a little disappointed. Had we made Angel Food our first stop of the day our opinions would likely have been higher.

That said, Angel Food did have some nice treats, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to someone in the area.

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USA, Minnesota, St. Paul – Mojo Monkey

USA, Minnesota, St. Paul - Mojo Monkey

My wife had business in St. Paul and I tagged along as she had to stay over the weekend. We made a day of searching out interesting places and appetizing food.

Our second stop was at Mojo Monkey. A bakery specializing in donuts which we had found recommended by one of the Cable Food programs. They had a nice and very tasty selection of donuts, and good coffee. This small bakery is located at 1169 7th Street West, St. Paul, MN 55102.

If you are in the St. Paul, Minnesota area and looking for something sweet I highly recommend a visit to Mojo Monkey.

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USA, Minnesota, Woodbury – Nadia Cakes

My wife had business in St. Paul a week and I tagged along as she had to stay over the weekend. We made a day of searching out interesting places and appetizing food.


The first stop we made was at Nadia Cakes which had been recommended to us by a co-worker of my wife. The bakery is located at 429, Commerce Dr, Suite #900, Woodbury, Minnesota 55125. This bakery has earned multiple awards and they are well deserved.

IMG_0245 IMG_0244

We picked out a few of the items Nadia’s had on display, and all were delicious. We regretted that we would not be in the area longer as it would take days or more likely  weeks to sample all 162 cupcakes on their menu. Then again on second thought, perhaps our waistlines are better off with us living over 1000 miles to the south.

If you are in the St. Paul, Minnesota area and looking for something sweet I highly recommend a visit to Nadia Cakes.

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Canada, British Columbia, Victoria – Rogers’ Chocolates

When my wife and I were on our Alaska cruise in the fall of 2013 one of the stops our ship made was Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. As we walked around in Victoria, we came across Rogers’
. Now this isn’t a single shop, but a large concern with 9 stores not only in Victoria, but also in Vancouver and Whistler. The company has been around more than a hundred years, starting back in 1885.

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria, Rogers' ChocolatesRogers’ offered a wide range of chocolates, and we sampled quite a few. Fortunately for us, the nearest store is now thousands of miles away and no longer tempting us. The stores carry a wide variety of products: baking products, gourmet chocolate bars, nut & fruit, truffles and candies. It was a great treat to look through the selection on display and pick out those that we wanted to try. We particularly like the Victoria creams.

If you like chocolate, you will find something you like at Rogers’! If you are in British Columbia I encourage you to find a Rogers’ and stop by. If you can’t make it to Canada, then Rogers’ does offer shipping world wide and you can request one of their catalogs
or download a PDF.

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Germany, Regensburg, Dampfnudel-Uli

IMG_1410 - Version 2While on our Danube river cruise last year we stopped at Regensburg, Germany and had an opportunity to walk around the old town. Regensburg lies on the edge of the Bavarian Forrest and dates back to around 90 AD when a fort was built near the current site by the Romans. It was interesting to walk around the narrow cobbled streets and see the old buildings. One of the recommended stops was the Dampfnudel-Uli restaurant (Watmarkt 4, 93047 Regensburg). Image 2-15-15 at 5.55 PM

This is really a tiny place, it probably doesn’t have room for more than 25 people. On the day we stopped, the early December weather was cold and it was lunch time. The wait staff did not speak much English, but they were prepared with English versions of their menu. I had a plate of sausages with potatoes, which was good. The restaurant is most known for their dumplings, which we ordered for desert.

IMG_1095These dumplings are more like light dinner rolls you might find in the US with a thick vanilla sauce poured over them. It was sweet, but was not a heavy desert. I would not hesitate to return to
Dampfnudel-Uli just for the dumplings if I ever get a chance to visit Regensburg again. If you have a chance to visit Regensburg, the Dampfnudel-Uli restaurant is certainly a place you want to make
time for.

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