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Book Review of “Clash of Eagles”



“Clash of Eagles” eBook was published in 2015 and was written by Alan Smale (http://www.alansmale.com). This is Mr. Smale’s first novel.

I obtained a galley of this novel for review through https://www.netgalley.com. I would categorize this novel as ‘R’ as there are instances of Violence and some Mature Language. This Alternate History Thriller is set in North America in the early 1200’s. The Roman Empire is thriving and has sent an army to North America under the command of Praetor Gaius Marcellinus. The 3000+ strong 33rd Roman Legion heads west after landing on the east coast of North America.

They battle the native North Americans along the way, but when they reach the Mississippi, they are defeated and wiped out to a man, except for Marcellinus. Marcellinus gradually recovers from his wounds and begins to assimilate into the Cahokia society. The Cahokia (mound builders along the Mississippi) as well as the Iraquo have developed what we would recognize as hang gliders, as well as the equivalent of ‘Greek Fire’. These technologies helped the Cahokia overcome the steel and might of the Roman Legion.

The Iroqua are enemies of the Cahokia. Marcellinus helps to develop new weapons, technology and military skills so that the Cahokia can survive the Iroqua attacks. He is also trying to prepare them to be recognized as a society to be accepted into Imperial Rome. He is confident that the Emperor will send another Legion in the years ahead.

I thought that this was a good alternative history thriller. I spent around 9 hours with the book and enjoyed it. There was a lot of battle as well as time spent exploring the technologies of the day. I am looking forward to the next installment in the trilogy. I give this novel a 5 out of 5.

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