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“Firebase” a Short Science Fiction Film Set During Vietnam

Short Film – This film was just published in June of 2017 and was produced at Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios. I rate this as ‘R’ as this is a very graphic story due to the violence depicted. The story takes place in 1970 Vietnam. The US military is actively fighting the North Vietnamese. Into this violence and chaos a new force emerges, a force that cannot be killed and who has amazing powers.

I’m not sure whether to classify this as Science Fiction or Fantasy, but in any case it has an element of Horror to it. This is only the first chapter of their story “If you like Volume 1, and want to see Volume 2, then support us by purchasing the FIREBASE DLC through steam

Science Fiction Short “Dédalo”

This is a dark and frightening short. Dédalo is a Horror Science Fiction film from Jerönimo Rocha. The synopsis:

Siena, a trembling survivor of a ruthless space battle, is trying to survive inside her refinery spacecraft. A swarm of slimy, spiked aliens stalk her.

I thought that this was an interesting short (8:25) film. It is certainly not one I would want to show young kids late at night in a dark house.

Trailer for “It Came from the Desert”

Trailers – This movie reminds me of those I used to watch when I was a kid in the early days of Science Fiction movies. I guess that it should make me feel that ways since it was inspired by the films of the 50s.

This is actually a indie movie that was inspired by a video game that was released in 1989 for the Amiga, PC, Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16. It is billed as a ‘Horror Comedy’. I’m not sure if it will have theater release or just DVD, though it is schedule for release sometime in 2017.

Would I spend much to purchase it? Probably not.

Trailer for “Dark Tower”

Trailers – The first trailer for the big screen adaptation of Stephen King‘s eight volume Dark Tower novel series is out. This story is the typical King blend of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The premise (according to Wikipedia) is:

Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) is an 11-year-old adventure seeker who discovers clues about another dimension called Mid-World. Upon following the mystery, he is spirited away to Mid-World where he encounters a Gunslinger, Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), who is on a quest to reach the “Dark Tower” that resides in End-World and reach the nexus point between time and space that he hopes will save all existence from extinction. But with various monsters and a vicious sorcerer named Walter Padick (Matthew McConaughey) hot on their trail, the unlikely duo find that their quest may be difficult to complete.

I have not read much of Steven King as I am not a Horror fan, but this does look interesting. I have read and enjoyed his “The Green Mile” and “The Stand“.

Trailer for “The Recall”

Trailers – This isn’t a movie I had heard of before coming across the trailer. The synopsis is:

The Recall centers on a group of friends vacationing at a remote cabin lake house when aliens attack Earth. Charlie (Jedidah Goodacre) and his friends Brendan (R.J. Mitte), Annie (Laura Bilgeri), Rob (Niko Pepaj), and Kara (Hannah Rose May) are forced to rely on an eccentric and mysterious hunter (Wesley Snipes) with special knowledge of the attack, explaining this day has been prophesied for years.

While definitely Science Fiction, this movie seems to also have a Horror slant to it from the trailer. Not sure about this one. We will see when it opens June 16 at select theaters and via VOD.

Review of “Target Tobruk”


Book reviewsWWII – “Target Tobruk” eBook was published in 2016 (the original paper version was first published in 1979) and was written by Robert Jackson. Mr. Jackson has published over 50 books. This is the third novel in his “Yeoman “ series.

I received an ARC of this novel through in return for a fair and honest review. I categorize this novel as ‘R’ because it contains scenes of Violence. The story is set in North Africa and on Crete during 1941. The primary character is Sergeant Pilot George Yeoman.

The British are desperately fighting the German and Italian forces in North Africa. Yeoman gets assigned to Tobruk, which is essentially under siege by the Germans. He witnesses a lot of combat, though not all in the skies. He is also sent to Crete to help defend against invading Germans. The British are forced out of Crete and hundreds flee on a variety of Royal Navy vessels. Not all of which make it to the relatively safety of Egypt.Yeoman does his extraordinary flying, but finds himself having to bail out of his faltering aircraft yet again.

I enjoyed the not quite 4 hours I spent reading this 160 page WWII novel. I have read a handful of books by Jackson and found them all to be interesting. In this case you get an image of the war as seen by those fighting in North Africa. The cover art is OK, but since this is a book about Hurricanes, I think a combat photo of a fighter would have been better. I give this novel a 4 out of 5.

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Have you heard of “Comet TV”

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.09.01 AM

Comet TV is a new network featuring Science Fiction and Horror. Some shows are good, some are “classic” and are more ‘campy’ than good. Some are so bad that you just can’t stop watching them, but then they are free.

Some cable/satellite networks include Comet TV. The easiest way though for you to watch the channel is either through the App for the 4th generation Apple TV or through the website. The website provides a live stream version of their content. You can check the on-line schedule to see what is playing.

Some of the current movies are “Dead Like Me”, “Night of the Comet, “Android”, “Bubba Ho-Tep”, “Eliminators”,”The Incredible Melting Man” and “The Crow”. Not exactly Academy Award winners, but . . . . interesting selections.

TV series currently on Comet TV include: “Poltergeist: The Legacy” and “Stargate: SG-1 (Starts April 3)”.

This is NOT going to replace the main stream channels you are watching, but it might provide some humorous and nostalgic diversion on occasion.

Review of “The Jekyll Revelation”


Book Review – “The Jekyll Revelation” eBook was published in 2016 and was written by Robert Masello ( Mr. Masello has published 17 books.

I received an ARC of this novel through in return for a fair and honest review. I categorize this novel as ‘R’ because it contains scenes of Violence and Mature Situations. The story is set in the 1880s and present day. The primary character in the 1880’s portion is the well known author Robert Louis Stevenson. The modern portion of the story centers on environmental scientist Rafael Salazar.

For Stevenson, the story begins with his journey to a Swiss clinic for treatment of his tuberculosis. The doctor is a bit odd and the treatment strange, though effective. Stevenson discovers that the medication he is being given comes from an astonishing and sickening source. He also finds himself altered when he takes the medication.

Salazar is studying coyotes in California. His efforts at both his research and love life are hampered by a local gang and their followers. While trying to track his coyotes, he discovers an old trunk that had been submerged in a pond until the drought hit. Inside the trunk he discovers an old journal. The journal proves to be Sevenson’s.

Stevenson is able to publish several works after his hospital stay, including ’The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. As a play based on the book opens in London, Jack the Ripper begins his terror. The similarity to Stevenson’s Hyde draws the attention of Scotland Yard. Stevenson must evade several dangerous situations and eventually discovers the identity of The Ripper.

Salazar must evade one dangerous situation after another. Though his work is under scrutiny and his grant may be cancelled at any moment, he continues to follow his coyotes. He also reads, and is astonished by, the tale Stevenson has recorded.

I thought that the 10.5 hours I spent with this 493 page novel were interesting. There was some action, but for the most part this was a book on the slow side. I guess that Mystery categorizes this better than any other tag, with a bit of Horror and Science Fiction thrown in. I liked the way Stevenson and Salazar were presented, though I think more could have been done with the Salazar character. The cover art is OK, but doesn’t really give any insight to the story. I give this novel a 3.5 (rounded up to a 4) out of 5.

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