Podcast – The Second World War by Stephen Bedard

(See my other Podcast  related posts) – I listen to a lot of different podcasts. In the past couple of years I have been searching for those that cover the World War II period in history. One of those that I found is The Second World War Podcast by Stephen Bedard.

The length of the podcasts vary widely, though all look to be under an hour. Most are in the 9-15 minute range. I have listened to the first 11 episodes so far and enjoyed them. I’ll be listening to the last four podcasts over the next few weeks.

Sadly he hasn’t recorded any new episodes since September of 2020. There are 15 episodes though that you can download and enjoy.

If you are interested in the WWII era of history, you may find these three pages of interest. 

  • The “World War II Resources” page is a constantly growing collection of more than 510 links to museums, memorials, websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and other sources with information on the World War II-era in history.
  • The “World War II Timeline” page expands almost daily and shows events leading up to WWII, as well as during the war. Events are broken down into the Pacific and European Theaters by date.
  • The About WWII page is a collection of links to posts that I have made over the years that are relevant to WWII.

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