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When we were in Nevada recently we took the time to visit some of the tourist spots on the Vegas Strip. The first place we visited was the M&M’S Store. Fortunately just down the street was the Coca-Cola Store.

This store is located at Coca‑Cola Store Las Vegas, 3785 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

The store has Coca-Cola branded merchandise of all kinds.



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One of the features of the store is the small cafe on the second floor.

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While you can get a variety of Coke products, the first thing we tried was the “Taste of the World” assortment of 16 Coke products from around the world.

You get two trays each with eight glasses of beverage.

Some of these were pretty good. Some were left after a brief taste. The one we liked the least was “Beverly” from Italy.

We ended up buying root beer ice cream floats to clear the taste.

CS-3 MG_4584

Even in the cafe, you had Coca-Cola merchandise around you. While the cafe was busy, they had the tables spread out for social distancing.

CS-2 IMG_5121

I never knew so many things were imprinted with the Coca-Cola logo!

CS-4 IMG_3179

Much of their merchandise was clothing oriented.

CS-5 IMG_3070

if you are a Coke fan you will likely enjoy a visit to this store. On Trip Advisor is it rated at 4.5/5 and on Yelp at 4/5. Even during the COVID-19 outbreak, it was busy. The staff was careful to only let in a few customers at one time. Even with this control we only waited about 10 minutes in a widely dispersed line. I can only imagine how packed it would have been otherwise under normal circumstances.

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