USA, Nevada, Las Vegas – Gama Mexican Bakery & Cakes


(See my other Dessert related posts) – Just by chance, we came across Gama Mexican Bakery and Cakes when visiting Crêpe Expectations next door. Gama is located at 9500 S Eastern Ave, Suite 170, Las Vegas, NV. We thought it was quite the find!




We spoke with one of the pastry chefs and found out that they had been open for less than a month in this location.



We have now visited the bakery twice and are planning on stopping by before we head back to Texas.

We have tried more than half a dozen different items and they have all be wonderful!



As you can see from these photos, many different items are offered. I just wanted to tell them to give me a couple of everything, but I would have been on a sugar high!



Not only are there this large assortment of pastry items, but they also have a variety of cakes. They sounded good too but were simply too much for us right now. Maybe on a special occasion when we return to Nevada.

All of their items are hand made daily. The Gama is a small family-owned business but offers quality professional prepared baked goods. You can check out their full line of food and baked goods on their website. You can also place special orders for custom cakes.

They offer other food items including some very tasty tamales.







They also have refrigerated items like Flan. I am sure we will be visiting the Gama every time we return to Nevada.


In the same strip mall are two other good places: Le Paris Brest Cafe and The Original Rolled Ice Cream.


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