Adding Salt to Your Coffee May Help


coffee(See my other Coffee related posts) – Do you add salt to your coffee? Well, if you brew a good cup of coffee you shouldn’t need to. In the video above James Hoffmann explains when and how you should add salt to your coffee. He uploaded the video to YouTube in May of 2020.

When should you add salt to your coffee? The time to add salt is when you are drinking a particularly bitter cup of coffee. Think that coffee you bought at the convenience store when you are getting gas. You take a sip and figure it has been cooking for hours. For some people, adding a little salt will improve that bitter taste.

How much should you add? Not very much! You will have to carefully add salt until the taste is better for you. The recommendation is to have a prepared saline solution. That is a solution with 20% salt – 80% water by weight. Just mix a little table salt with water. You can then add drops of this to your cup of coffee to reach the taste you are looking for. In his example, he added about 0.2g of salt to a 200g cup of coffee. So don’t pour salt into your cup. That will likely make the cup undrinkable.

Why does adding salt improve the taste? The salt can mitigate the bitterness of food.

The next time I am driving across the country I am going to have some saline solution along. If I buy a bitter cup of coffee I am going to give this a try. Nothing is worse than having a cup of coffee you have to force yourself to drink.


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