Apple Today at Home brings Apple led classes to you

Updated 4/19/20

(See all of my Shelter-at-Home related posts) – Apple stores all over the world have hosted Today at Apple classes since May of 2017. Today at Apple are in-store programs. They include Photo Walks and Kids Hour at all Apple stores. Many classes have been offered on a wide range of topics.

Sadly with most of the Apple Stores closed we haven’t had access to these classes. Yesterday Apple announced Apple today at Home. Their tagline:

Inspiring creative activities. From our home to yours. Join Creative Pros from Apple Store locations all over the world for quick and fun projects they put together in their homes, so you can get creative in yours.

There are four classes available now:

  1. Draw playful portraits with iPad (05:06) – Harriet from Apple Regent Street in London shows you how to add doodles, color, and your own handwriting to turn a quick photo into a unique portrait.
  2. Capture striking photography with iPhone (03:22) – Follow along with Cameron from Apple Orchard Road in Singapore to learn angles and edits that will help you capture artful photos featuring your home.
  3. Shoot photos full of personality with iPhone (03:49) – Join Adrian from Apple Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica as he shows you how to dig into the Camera app on iPhone to capture your personality in self-portraits.
  4. Turn your home into music with GarageBand (05:03) – Rosie from Apple Regent Street in London demonstrates how to whip together sounds from your kitchen to create a sweet “house” music track using the free GarageBand app.

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