Nuro Delivery Robot

(See my other Robot related posts) – Automation continues to advance in spite of the coronavirus. The California DMV has issued the company Nuro with a permit for testing. Nuro will be testing its completely self-driving Nuro R2 vehicle. Only specific parts of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties are part of the limited test.

Nuro was founded in 2016. Their purpose:

to harness the power of robotics and artificial intelligence to solve new challenges at a global scale

This is not the first use of Nuro delivery robots. The company already has an agreement in place with Kroger groceries. The robot is delivering in selected areas (77005, 77007, 77025, 77035, 77096, and 77401 zip codes) of Houston already. Order items through the App and the Nuro robot will appear at your curb. The delivery costs only $5.95. See the Nuro website for details.

Unfortunately, California testing will not begin until the state gives final approval. That will likely be after the coronavirus threat has ended.

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