Run Apple ][ BASIC Programs in your Browser

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As you sit at home ‘sheltering-in-place’ and are old enough, you might get nostalgic for that Apple ][  you used to have. Now you can step back in time 40+ years. You can fulfill your yearning for Apple ][ programming from within your browser.

There is now an Apple ][ BASIC  emulator you can run in your browser. Specifically, the emulator is for Applesoft BASIC, the Microsoft version of BASIC for the Apple ][. This emulator, the Apple ][js, is a creation of Will Scullin.

This is a full Apple ][ emulator written in JavaScript. While the emulator will run in almost any browser, it works best in Google Chrome.

I loaded the emulator in Safari 13.0.5 and it seemed to run well. When the emulator is opened, you will see the image (see above) of an Apple ][. I tried the first simple program in Further Reading #1 and it worked without any problems.

Need to know more about BASIC? The Further Reading #1 article references online resources for you.

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 10.19.06 AM

If you want to try out some games, check out the list in Further Reading #2. If you click on the file name (animal.bas for example) of a game, the BASIC program is shown. You can then enter the program in the emulator. Popular magazines of the time, such as BYTE (See Further Reading #3), often contained BASIC program listings.

If you visit the Will Scullin website you will find that he also has Javascript emulators for the Apple 1 and the Apple //e as well.


Further Reading

  1. How to Write an Apple II BASIC Program in Your Web Browser
  2. Vintage BASIC Games
  3. BYTE Magazine

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