Do you read Science Fiction or Fantasy?

Updated 4/17/20

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(See my other Reading related posts) – I have been following Baen Books for a few years. I first posted about them several months back. With the current ‘shelter-in-place’ policy I thought it deserved another look.

Not only does Baen Books offer more than 70 eBooks for free download, but they also have dozens of short stories. And of course, you can buy ebooks through them as well at a low cost. There are more than 2200 books currently available from them. They also offer several different 7-book bundles for only $18 per bundle.

Some of the recent short stories are:

  1. “Waiting for the Talisman” by P.C. Hodgell 
  2. “Voodoo Magic” by Robert Buettner
  3. “Burners” by Matt McHugh 
  4. “Treason Properly” by J.J. Cragun 
  5. “Talk Girl” by Wil McCarthy 
  6. “A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom” by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller 
  7. “Next Giant Leap” by Patrick Chiles 
  8. “The Red Sea” by Mercedes Lackey & Cody Martin 
  9. “Adrift” by Frank Chadwick 
  10. “The Policeman’s Daughter” by Wil McCarthy 
  11. “Peregoy’s Wolves” by Nancy Kress 

If you are looking for more eBooks to help pass the time at home, Baen is a good source!

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