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I write articles for my Blog almost every day. Sometimes I write several. These may be only a few sentences or several paragraphs in length. I like to work at improving my writing so I have adopted two tools. These are the Safari extension and the Hemmingway Editor

I posted in March of 2018 about the Grammarly extension for Safari. This is a free option for you. The Safari extension only works on web documents. You do have the option with Grammarly of uploading files for analysis. A benefit of the browser extension is that it analyzes every form I fill out on-line. I enter the text to post on my WordPress Blog through the web portal. The extension performs its check on my writing and I can correct it before publishing the post.

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 12.35.38 PM

The Hemmingway Editor is also either a free web-based tool or a $19.99 App that you can run on your desktop. I have been using the web version of the tool. You can see a screenshot of this document in that tool before I tweaked it from the suggested changes.

The Hemmingway Editor gives you feedback and suggestions for improving your writing.

  1. It provides a measure of the document’s readability.
  2. It gives you a word count
  3. It counts and identifies used adverbs
  4. It counts and identifies uses of passive voice
  5. It counts and identifies phrases that could be simpler
  6. It counts and identifies hard to read sentences

The only complaint I have is that I cannot copy and paste from Hemmingway into the WordPress web portal. Extra HTML formatting is copied over. I find that it is best to do a “Paste and Match Style”.

If you do any writing, I recommend that you try the Hemmingway Editor. I have been using it for a few weeks and I believe that it has helped me improve how I write.


  1. Free to use the web tool
  2. Gives visual feedback
  3. Interactive, you are immediately able to see the effect of changes
  4. Simple to use


  1. Requires an internet connection
  2. Cutting & pasting from Hemmingway pulls extra HTML formating

Further Reading

  1. Hemingway App: Hemingway Editor for Writing Improvement [Review]

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