Today is National Medal of Honor Day


This morning I saw this and wanted to share it. The Medal of Honor is the highest award for the US military. This medal was introduced in the first year of the Civil War, 1861. Medal of Honor Day was begun in 1990.

There is not a law or military regulation requiring members of the military to render salutes to recipients of the Medal of Honor. However, salutes are regularly rendered as a matter of respect and courtesy. Salutes are given regardless of rank or status. A Medal of Honor winner will receive salutes from members of a higher rank. They are also rendered whether or not the medal winner is in uniform.

This is a good time to thank all of those you know who have served.

Per the National Day Calendar website, you can observe by:

Some federal, state, local, and military organizations may hold events recognizing Medal of Honor recipients. These events may be public or private. Other ways to participate include:

    • Volunteering for your local veteran organization
    • Donate to a veteran service organization
    • Adopt a Medal of Honor gravesite
    • Fly the U.S. flag at your home or business
    • Visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
    • Visit local memorial sites

Most of those suggestions will be difficult this year. Many public places are shut down and people in self-quarantine this year.

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