Good Instant Coffee?


(See my other Coffee related posts) – I have never been a fan of instant coffee, but I came across the article “Waka Coffee: Bringing Instant Back” earlier today and I thought it was worth sharing.

This instant is made by Waka Coffee. The company offers both regular and decaffeinated instant coffee. As they say on their website:

Most products are made from inferior Robusta beans roasted in huge spray-dried batches. This production method – used by traditional instant coffee companies – saves the companies money, but it sacrifices taste. Waka Coffee sources only 100% Arabica beans instant coffee, which are commonly used in coffee shops, to provide the best taste. Our beans are freeze-dried to best preserve the coffee’s aroma and depth of flavor.

Our high-quality instant coffee solution provides a simpler coffee experience to fuel your entire day. No more spending money on coffee equipment that occupies valuable kitchen space and waiting for your coffee to brew.  We engage directly with fellow coffee lovers to continuously improve our product and make the coffee experience more enjoyable.

waka-coffee-best-instant-coffee_1_540xWaka offers single-serving packets as well as bulk instant. Prices vary but the single-serving packets start at about $1.20 each while the 8 oz/ bag (80 cups) goes for $38.99 or around $0.49 per serving.

I’m not sure I would want to forego my fresh ground coffee brewed up every morning for this, but it might be an option for those who are traveling.

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