USA, Colorado, Vail – A Look Around Vail


(See my other Road Trip 2019 related posts) – While on our road trip heading east through Colorado we stopped and spent some time in Vail. I have been there a few times now, but always in the summer. I can only imagine what it is like in the winter.


Vail is full of shops and restaurants. We had several places to choose from for lunch.


Vail is relatively a small (4.7 square miles) town having just over 5300 residents in the 2010 census. It is primarily a tourist destination with hiking and cycling popular in the summer and winter sports in the colder months. Setting at an elevation of 8150 feet, it gets plenty of snow. (183 inches on average each year). As you can tell from the vehicle above, they are prepared for it.



The town of Vail is located next to 11,570 foot Vail Mountain which is home to the ski resort that opened in 1962. It is the largest ski mountain in Colorado.  While you walk around the town you can glimpse the mountains around it.









Walking through the town you are treated to many examples of flora from the near Alpine climate.

Vail is a great place to just wander. The shopping opportunities are plentiful with many high-end shops. It is an enjoyable, but not an inexpensive place to visit.

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