Music of WWII – Czerwone Maki na Monte Cassino (Red Poppy Flowers on Monte Cassino)

(See my other Music related posts) – Czerwone Maki na Monte Cassino (or in English Red Poppy Flowers on Monte Cassino) was written in 1944 shortly after the Polish Army had captured the German stronghold in Monte Cassino, Italy. The melody was composed during the night of 17–18 May 1944 by Polish soldier Alfred Schütz. Schütz was a composer and actor stationed in Campobasso. The first two stanzas of the song were written by poet and song-writer Feliks Konarski. Konarski was another Polish soldier stationed in Italy.

On May 18 the troops of the Second Polish Corps attacked the German position in Monte Cassino and captured the Monte Cassino monastery. The song was performed for the first time later that day to celebrate their victory. The battle had been very costly for the Polish forces. This is one of the best known Polish military songs of WWII.

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