USA, Arizona, Teec Nos Pos – Four Corners Monument


(See my other 2019 Road Trip and Location posts) – Since we were driving through northern Arizona, we wanted to take the time and visit the Four Corners Monument. It is the only location in the US where four states intersect. As it turned out we barely made it there in time before it closed for the day. Fortunately, we arrived just before it closed and we had a chance to look around.


The large plaza with the actual point where the corners of the four states Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado meet was almost empty. I think if we had arrived earlier and been there on a weekend or in the summer when schools were out, it would have much more crowded. As it turned out we could take photos easily and without intrusions by others. We even were able to get a photo of us standing at the intersection point.

There is a great deal of booth space around the periphery of the plaza, but none were occupied when we were there. We want to visit on a future trip when more is going on at the Monument. As you can see from the flags in the photo above, the wind was blowing strongly while we were there.

As described on the website:

In 1912, when the dust settled and the final lines were drawn, a cement pad was built on-site to officially mark the spot where the states came together. The cement pad has since been upgraded to a brass and granite designation marking the “four corners.”

Located within the Colorado Plateau, the site is near many parks and preserves renowned for their natural beauty, including Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

I wouldn’t make a trip just to visit Four Corners, but if you are close to that part of the US it is a nice side trip. There is a charge of $10 per individual or $20 per vehicle to enter the Monument.

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