USA, Utah, Springdale – Zion National Park


(See my other 2019 Road Trip and Location-related posts) – On our road trip, we had to spend some time in St. George, Utah on some business before we continued on our vacation. We took the opportunity when leaving St. George to head back East through Zion National Park. This made my second visit to the part.

This 229 square mile park was established in 1919 and is the first National Park established in Utah. We entered the park on Highway 9 out of Hurricane then continued on Highway 9 through the park.

The park was extremely crowded when we were there. We never could find a parking spot at the main visitor center, so we did not get out to walk around.

We were able to pull over at a few different spots to enjoy the scenery and take photos.

I would like to go back sometime when it was less crowded (if there is such a time) and when it is a little cooler to walk some of the trails.

Taking the route through Zion put us a couple of hours behind for the day, but the scenery was well worth it.

These photos are just a small sample of what I was able to capture. They don’t do justice to actually being there.

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